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I want to get dummy devices into my system for controlling my gate and TVs though assistant. I don't want to use a voice scene as the command is always "turn on" so it doesn't seem natural for the gate. Also, I want to be able to place the TVs in specific rooms in the Google Home app so that they are "room aware". This way you can just say "turn off the TV" instead of having to specify the TV room or name.

What drivers should I use that will be pulled into the Google Home app? For the TV's I could just use a dummy light driver... but is there anything better?

For the gate, what device could I pull in so the command is "open/close" instead of "turn on". (I originally did a C4 voice scene for this, then setup a home routine, but the routine doesn't work for everyone, so I'd prefer to pull a device into the system)

Any ideas would be much appreciated as I can't find much info about this topic anywhere. 

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For the gate I ended up using a voice scene and a google home routine to use the command and response I want. For this to work for everyone, I created a dummy email for the house and added it to the home. I made sure there is no voice match or any voice settings saved onto this email and the routines created from this email work for everyone in the house.

Although, I read through the documentation and I'm starting to think a blind driver might be the best for the gate as the command would be "open" or "close". Can anyone confirm that blinds get pulled into google home?

For the TV's I'm thinking a Fan driver might be best so they don't conflict with the lights (ex. Hey Google, turn off the lights. TV's stay on as they are Fans in the system and not lights). And this will allow me to have a Fan driver in each room with a TV so they can be controlled without having to specify what TV.

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