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UK Dealers--Looking for Yale Zigbee Module

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I am a dealer in the US. We have a project where we need to use four Yale Conexis L1 locks.  Getting the locks from the UK is no issue, but I am looking for a UK dealer who would be willing to help source the Zigbee modules from Control4.  The part number should be ZYA-MOD-C4-S.  If anyone can help, please PM me.  Thanks (mods please delete if not allowed).

Yale module.jpg

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6 hours ago, Neo1738 said:

Just curious if a dealer why can't you get the modules from C4? Do they only ship those to outside US?

Correct. This is a European Zigbee module and it doesn’t show up on the US Control4 dealer portal.

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23 hours ago, paulbirkin said:

That Module doesn’t work in the L1 - we have tried no driver and fails



I have a working L1 in C4. Took me ages as both Yale and C4 claim they are not supported and do not work. That is not the case and will integrate. 

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13 hours ago, paulbirkin said:

Hi - Do you have details on how you got it to work?

Greatly appreciated


It was very easy in the end. Install the module, load the Yale driver and then three button presses (not 4) on the lock to discover it. That was it done. 

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Struggling to get it to identify. this lock was setup originally with the zwave module. Now has the c4 zigbee installed.

do you have to factory restore first? and is the the small button next to the module you press three times to ID?


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