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About Security systems And Video Intercom

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Hello everyone!

First of all I would like to wish Happy Eastern!

If you do not mind I would like to ask about third party security systems and video Intercom. I don't know if my topiic is in the right place, because  I am new here and also I new with Control4 products. Currently I am working on a project where I am been asked to integrate HIK Vision products to build a smart home. I have looked in driver database in Composer and I couldn't integrate them . Could someone explain  how  can add or is it possible to add  HIK Vision products for video intercom and security system ? Do I need drivers and where can I found them ?


Thank you in advance!


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If I purchase "Generic Security System" from drivercentral.io, could I intgrate third party security systems like Highwatch, EZVIZ? And if it possible to integrate also  fire alarm system ?

Sorry for the lots of question I am doing, but because I just started learning and using control4 products, I finding some difficulty .


Thank you in advance!

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For video intercom you should be looking at the C4 "Chime" and some Touchscreens. 

Intercom is a very tricky beast and it even took Control4 years to get it sort of working right, and they're still working on things. I wouldn't expect too much out of a 3rd party system. If you want to use the Hikvision intercom with the Hikvision app than go ahead, but don't bother trying to use the Hik device with C4 intercom unless you really know what your doing. You would likely need to even develop your own driver which will be very complicated for a device like that.


And unless I am mistaken.... Hik does not make security alarm systems? They make video surveillance systems. Maybe I'm wrong.

The only thing you can do by integrating Control4 with just about any camera system is Live Viewing, Push Notifications, and maybe Motion events to program off of. You cannot rewind or save the footage with Control4 you will need to use the hikvision app for that. Long story short integration with IP Cameras and C4 is pretty weak to be honest. But it is nice for live viewing and other creature comforts.

For security systems just go with what is proven. The simplest system out there right now is DSC Qolsys with a free driver. An amateur could prob install that system without too much effort.

If you want to do a nice hardwired traditional alarm system then I recommend Paradox with the paid Cinegration driver. This involves having wiring through your entire house for every device.


The "generic" security system driver doesnt work to integrate any system in the world. It works by tieing in motions/door/windows/contacts into control4 and simulating a real alarm system.

Once again just go with something thats proven and has drivers. There are quite a bit of options for alarm systems, DSC, Honeywell, Paradox, Interlogix (gone now) and more

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