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this category also seemed to apply so i crossposted:

for the past week or 2, all of my streaming audio services, in all of my zones experience random drop outs. 

pandora, i♥radio, etc.
the exception is, if i play spotify from my desktop and stream it to any of the zones, it plays fine. this would lead me to believe that it is not a network related issue as any network dropouts would present in the stream between my desktop and the controller.

i have the EA5 connected via ethernet, and my internet is gigabit fiber with no other issues or dropouts noted on any other device or service. just streaming that originates from the EA5
i have run a continuous ping to the internet from my desktop to the internet, and also from the desktop to the EA5 to see if there are any lost packets. there aren't

looking at the IFconfig of the EA5 it shows 0 errors and no lost packets, so i am pretty sure it isn't a network issue.

also the song doesn't continue playing. when the drop out is over it continues from the last spot. almost like it was paused or buffering. again though, it seems unlikely considering the high availability of my network AND internet environment.

any ideas? anyone else having this issue?

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