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Is there a known problem with 8 zone amps?

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ive just had the control4 system installed in my house (tv and music in rooms)

I have the 8 zone amp which unfortunately doesn’t work. Music comes on for 5 mins and then goes off, with red lights appearing on all 8 zones on the amp. 
The company that installed the amp have replaced it for a new one assuming it was faulty but the issue is exactly the same, 

2 amps installed and both with exactly the same issue - is this a known issue or a bad batch? 

can anyone give any advice on what the issue might be?

Many thanks!


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IMO there have been issues with the C4-AMP 108, but not with the older matrix amp, the C4-16AMP3.  I have one that has a similar issue to what you describe although it kicks off after only 10 seconds or so.

Here are a few threads I cite as evidence.



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40 minutes ago, msgreenf said:

But no one should be using those on a new install any longer ..

Very true.  Hopefully he knew that he was getting used equipment.  But you don't appear to get these issues with the older matrix amps.

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if its going into protection mode it could be a few things, and since the amp was already replaced the amp can be ruled out.

1 i would check the wire for a short

2 make sure proper polarity on the speakers

3 speaker itself

so what i would do is disconnect all pairs of speakers, test the line and make sure there is no short then reconnect  1 speaker at a time play for a while at a nice loud level and see what happens, if it doesnt shut down then  connect another speaker until all speakers are reconnected or the amp faults. yes its tedious but really the easiest way to find the issue 

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There is a HUGE issue with AMP 108s.  The early batches have a nearly 100% failure rate eventually.  There is a defective part inside them.  If you have your dealer call C4 about the bad amp, they will give you a new Triad PAMP 8 zone amp for the cost of the repair and return of the AMP108.

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Hi All,

Whilst the dealer has taken away the control4 8 zone amp he has left a different amp to test with / temp fix.

the test amp is a sonance 1230 (12 zone)

this is working fine.

in total we have 5 zones, biggest zone has 4 speakers (in kitchen)

The speakers are Klipsch in ceiling (don’t know model)

he’s said the control4 amp Is working perfectly fine when tested In his office.

does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi - my Rotel amp is having issues again after a prior repair. I was considering the Triad 8 zone amp to replace it, but the above comment questioning its reliability makes me nervous. What is the preferred 8 zone amp that people are using these day?



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