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Chowmain - Shelly Driver Suite for Control4!

Shelly is an IoT manufacturer who creates a range of affordable retrofit Wifi based devices that include relays, contact inputs, buttons, smart plugs, rgb controllers, smart bulbs, motion sensors, flood sensors, smoke detectors, gas sensors, energy management and more.

Chowmain has integrated the range of Shelly wifi products into Control4 with two way control and feedback. The hardware is extremely affordable with relays starting at 9.08€ (14.95 USD / $25.99 AUD). It definately adds value to any Control4 installation.

Driver Features

  • Supports Huge Range of Shelly module functionality
  • Color Wheel support via module web interface
  • Optional Integration with Shelly Cloud via the Shelly Cloud Agent for improved compatibility with
    sleepy devices, Self-Healing Capability and Auto-Detection of devices (Modules can still be set up
  • Bulk Auto-Setup of devices (requires devices to be associated with cloud)
  • Huge range of Events, Variables and Button Links to control devices
  • Blind and Lighting Support, with Advanced Lighting Capabilities
  • Control Relays via Lights
  • Easy Push Notifications and Email Notifications for Common Events (Requires 4Sight)
  • Easy Announcements
  • Smart Calibration of White Temperatures on Lighting for Maximum compatibility

Shelly Feature Supported

  • Inputs / Switches via CONTACT SENSORS, Button Links and wide variety of events
  • Relays via RELAY Bindings and events
  • Temperature and Humidity Integration
  • Lighting Control (includes Advanced Lighting Scenes)
  • Blind Control. UP/DOWN/STOP
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Open/Close Reed States
  • AC/DC Voltage Monitoring
  • GAS Monitoring
  • Flood Sensor Support
  • Light Level Monitoring
  • Battery Monitoring
  • And More


Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver?

  • All Shelly products are wifi based so installation is easy.
  • Shelly products provide 1 or more relay outputs or contact closure inputs.
  • The Shelly1 product is perfect for lighting if you have to utilise the existing switches. Utilise the input for a momentary or a toggle state button to control the relay output. Connect the input to the existing switch and the output to the lighting circuit. Simple
  • Shelly provides a range of smart plugs and smart plugs designed for EU and US based plugs and 110-240v bulbs with E27 and GU10 fittings.
  • Webview interfaces provide an extended user interface on T3/T4 touchscreens for color temperature, color wheel support, etc.
  • A Shelly 2.5 can control blind motors for up, down and stop control.
  • Control your garage door using a Shelly1 with Wifi based control and feedback (note requires a reed switch for feedback).
  • Monitor your home for gas and flood with Shelly Gas and Shelly Flood products. Have it notify you via Chowmain's easy push notification and email notifications (requires 4sight).
  • Easy announcement integration means the battery based Shelly Button can be used as a doorbell or can be used to playback 'come to dinner' and other announcements.
  • The battery operated Shelly Humidity and Temperature product provides humidity and temperature bindings. Use it with the temperature display driver for feedback. Works upto 50m outdoors and 30m indoors.
  • The battery operated Shelly Door & Window Sensor to provide feedback when doors and windows open.
  • The battery operated Shelly Motion provides easy to install occupancy sensing with 1-3 years of battery life
  • Push and email notifications on low battery levels for all battery devices.

What hardware will this work on?
The following Shelly Devices are supported. Other models may work but are untested.

  • Shelly 1
  • Shelly 1PM
  • Shelly 1L
  • Shelly 2.5
  • Shelly RGBW2
  • Shelly Dimmer 2
  • Shelly i3
  • Shelly EM
  • Shelly 3EM
  • Shelly UNI
  • Shelly Plug
  • Shelly Plug S
  • Shelly Bulb
  • Shelly Vintage
  • Shelly Duo
  • Shelly Button1
  • Shelly Motion
  • Shelly H&T
  • Shelly Flood
  • Shelly Door/Window 2
  • Shelly Gas

NOTE: It may also work with other models however it is untested.

Where can i purchase Shelly Hardware from?
Shelly is distributed worldwide through a number of resellers.

You can purchase Shelly hardware directly from Shelly. If you are in the US we recommend Ameridroid or Blackwire Designs. if you are in Australia we recommend that you support our partners at OzSmartThings

How do I find out more information about the driver?
Please see the links below for more information about the driver.

Chowmain Website

How do I buy the driver?
This driver can be purchased from our distributor driverCentral.

Download Driver / Purchase Licence

Do you provide trial licences?
All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 90 day trial.

Who do i contact for technical support?
We have two support desks. One in Australia and one in the US. Click on the link below for details.



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6 hours ago, OceanDad said:

Looks interesting for sure.  How does this compare, say, to the Berto IOT solution for Shelly ?  Looks like it doesn't require an RPi as a gateway, so that's one advantage.  Any significant differences in performance on 'sleepy' devices like sensors ?

G'day OceanDad.

 I haven't had a chance to use the Berto drivers myself (although, I have heard of them). The best thing to do is to probably give the driver a try, and let us know how you go (we had really good feedback during the beta period), and if you do have any recommendations, we'd be certainly willing to listen. All of our drivers offer a 90 day trial, and if you're already using Shelly cloud, can be completely set up without additional configuration within 5 minutes (just jump into the Shelly Cloud Driver Agent, add the API key, Refresh Information, wait 30s, click Auto-Add and the drivers will be ready shortly after). 


Without comparing directly, some of the main advantages over competing drivers (and possibly the Berto drivers) are:   

  1. Shelly Cloud Integration - Greatly facilitates self-healing during network changes (particularly for Sleepy devices).
    1. I believe berto uses MQTT, which is more efficient, however, cloud connection must be disabled. Cloud access to all modules can also facilitate remote troubleshooting.
  2. Auto-Adding of drivers on the cloud, including Thermostat/humidity.
    1. We include a Light driver to control relays, which can be added to the project in 2 clicks  
  3. 2 -click easy setup of Announcements binding to events (for features like using the Shelly Button as a doorbell to play announcements).
    1. Alan's magic worked this out. 
  4. 1 click Notifications for event support .
    1. Again, Alan worked this out, and it's already in a few of our drivers)
  5. Very large list of Events (in fact, I believe all of them).Not sure how we compare to other drivers, but Beta testers gave me the impression other drivers had less events
  6. Button_link bindings for events, which is perfect for treating Shelly Buttons like normal keypads for instance.  
  7. Huge list of properties and variables. Battery life remaining is an example some drivers apparently don't support .

In regards to sleepy devices specifically, our driver react to all possible events sent by the drivers, but will also pull as much info as possible directly from the module when it wakes up too, so will respond to feedback efficiently


Also, if you have any specific questions, feel free to message me directly, or email me on andrew@chowmainsoft.com  


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I have a Shelly flood sensor sitting here.  Might give this a spin later.

EDIT : Just set it up.  Took all of 10 minutes, notifications worked perfectly.  Very impressive.  Set up some test programming to turn on a light as well.  Light came on and notifications came to my phone within 2 seconds of putting the flood sensor into a saucer of water as a test.

Count me in.  Great work.

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G'day guys, just thought I'd post about a problem we have uncovered (firmware related).

If you're planning to use the included webview (in the module driver), Webview's seem to break for some people during an upgrade to 1.10.4 on the lights (you'll notice the top right hand corner of the screen says Time, but has no time). To fix: 

  • Upgrade to Chowmain Shelly Module driver 20210505 (Available later today online) 
  • Try upgrading the firmware on the device first, and use the "Wipe Touchscreen Webview Cache" Action after completion, in the Module driver or Cloud Driver to wipe the touchscreen caches.
  • If the problem is not rectified after removing the cache, rollback the firmware using http://archive.shelly-tools.de/ to 1.10.2 (if using lights) and use the "Wipe Touchscreen Webview Cache" Action afterwards in the Module driver or Cloud Driver to wipe the touchscreen caches
  • If neither fixes the problem, try to Factory Reset the Touchscreen.



We have uncovered an issue with Upgrades between some firmware versions, where the Time becomes 
hidden from the top right corner of the screen, and some features, such as the Color-wheel on the 
Touchscreen Webviews ceases operation (but the webpage operates correctly on computer).

* Upgrade to Chowmain Shelly Module driver 20210505 (Available later today online) 
* Try upgrading the firmware on the device first, and use the "Wipe Touchscreen Webview Cache" Action after completion, in the Module driver or Cloud Driver to wipe the touchscreen caches.
* If the problem is not rectified, rollback the firmware using http://archive.shelly-tools.de/ and use the "Wipe Touchscreen Webview Cache" Action afterwards in the Module driver or Cloud Driver to wipe the touchscreen caches
* If neither fixes the problem, try to Factory Reset the Touchscreen.



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