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Implications of handing over Control4 account to someone else?

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I'm selling my house with control4 intact, and I am not using control4 at my new house. Originally I planned to unregister the controller from my account so they can go create a new account. But after more thought, I am inclined to just change the email and password on the control4 account and give it to the new owner, so they have something fully functional until they can get a dealer out to customize and set them up with their own account. 

I know that I can't change the account holder name, so they'd be stuck with my name in there. And I will deactivate the 4Sight autorenew on my credit card. But beyond that, are there any pitfalls I'm not thinking of here. I know it's not technically the "right" way to do it, but I really want them to have something functional with minimal headache while they're getting settled.

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How old is the processor? If it is a hc250 or hc800 before the model number had a -1 at the end. Handing over the account with the house would be beneficial to the new owner since the licenses are tied to the account. If not it really doesn't matter much for security once email and password are updated. Are you using Google home or Alexa? That would also be tied to your account too so be aware of that.

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I bought an older 250 like this to keep the licences.  

Likely if you are handing over a working home like this you are doing the buyer a solid favor as everything will continue to just work. 

Then your dealer, or a dealer here can tweak to their liking. 

No frustrating it doesn't work I want to rip it all out. 

But this house with panelized lights and dmx lights would have to have a CA1 or Hc250 or Ea1/3 left behind and properly programmed so the lights work. Just saying. 

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We changed our account information recently.  It originally was setup in my wife's ex husbands name, but everything was changed over to ours.   Account name, users, emails, etc.  All switched over.   You can edit the Account Name yourself in https://customer.control4.com/account.   Account creation date still shows the original date of creation (over 8 years ago).


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