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Problem with Volume and volume slider on ios app


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Additionally, I have noticed another anomaly that appears to be miner at this point. When I first power my system up and adjust the volume up several steps about a second or two later it will jump up one step. It has done this quite a bit. Just about every time I ve powered my system up. It will do it several times in a row and then stop. After the first couple times it seems to become random. It’s even occurred when adjusting the volume down. Ive not been able to operate my music or audio system since the app update earlier this week but will tonight. So my observations have been based a several brief tests of the app for a few minutes at a time. Don’t know if anyone else has noticed this or not..

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The behavior is still erratic and not working as it should.. However, the slider, when I use that exclusively, longer jumps around. However, I cannot use both the slider or the up/down buttons. I can only use one or the other.

Some times the up/down buttons work adjusting the volume. Some times it doesn't.

The slider always works.

However, if I attenuate the the volume with the slider, then if I adjust it with the up/down buttons by say 4-5 steps, the adjustment is made on the receiver but  the slider number value on the app does not change. Then, if i move the slider just one step in either direction the reciver will spring back several steps to whatever the slider was. EXAMPLE:  If I set the slider to 50. Then using the up/down buttons lower it to 45, then move the slider down just one step the receiver will jump up to 49.


I'm using the most recent app version on my ios 12 Pro.

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Not a beta tester. But I did get a c4 app update that rolled out this morning. With this update both the slider and buttons and the position on the processor are all working and syncing as they should. The slider and buttons are working together now and I see no anomalies. I only spent about 5 minutes testing it but looked good to me. I did not test the mute button.,....

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