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I just got HE and have used the monitor and advanced lighting agents and scheduling agent. I have searched for a "How To" guide on several subjects and wondered if it is not possible with HE or if I have not searched correctly.

I have 3 controllers (each with SR260 remotes, and one with a touch screen C4 navigator. I have 3 TV sets, 2 sonos amps and 2 somos connects. The connects feed sonos content to 2 AVRs in 2 separate entertainments areas.  Here is some items I want to learn to program:

1. How to program the custom buttons on the remotes and touchscreen, especially the colored buttons. The dealer programmed the three dotted buttons as "Stereo"; "Extended Stereo"; and "Surrond ATMOS." They work great. But I want to assign actions to the collored buttons and do not know how to do that in HE.

2. I want to edit my UI at each controller to add/remove choices that appear on the OSD. E.g., add "Sonos in Kitchen;" remove "Guest Pandora"  etc.

I cannot seem to figure out how to do these simple tasks in HE. I have read the instruction manual for the SR260 and the HE software but it does not pop out to me how to do some things


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1. One way to do this in HE is to program these at room level in programming.  Go to the relevant room on the left hand side and there should be a drop down menu with all of the commands (including red, blue, green etc.).  Of course, if these buttons already do something via a driver installed, this will not override this but rather add to it.

2. Assuming you are on OS3, you do this by holding down the icon you want to remove on a Touchscreen (or tablet) and then deleting it.  You add new favourites by finding them in the sub menu and holding them down and choosing to add them to the room.  Everything happens at room level so if you make this change it will flow through to the OSD.  There is probably a button press to do this on an OSD but I don’t know what it is.

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Under programming, in "Living Room" I selected the SR260, selected the button I want to assign an action to,

and it displays the following:


I am new to HE, so what do I do next? E.g., I want to assign a lighting scene to the red button called "TV Time" and that scene is set up and works fine.


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This one's a bit awkward.

For remote control buttons you do them room by room, and the programming is under the ROOM not the remote.


So you select the room, select commands and in the drop down find the one you want.

Note that you'l have to copy the programming to each room you want it in

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On question 2 if you want to change what shows up in what selected room (ie hide guest item in kitchen) that is done under monitoring, select the room, select navigator and edit.


Note htat again you control the ROOM, you cannot set one REMOTE to only have certain options available

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