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Built-In Patio Misters


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Not the most complex from a C4 integration perspective, but thought I'd share my built-in patio mister project.

Basically, I combined a solenoid with a C4 switch, hid all the tubing/works (sucked) and dressed up the nozzles with repurposed stainless trim parts.

Pretty happy with it -- and so is my wife, which is key given my DIY obsession, ha -- hope ya'll like!

(Edited to include pics instead of video, below.)


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On 11/21/2021 at 12:22 AM, ERDrPC said:

Any hardware/install details?

We are going to renovate our backyard and want to do exactly what you did 


Happy (and flattered) to help. Can answer more specific questions, but as a start, below are the parts I used (from memory):

  • 0.4mm low pressure misting nozzles
  • 1/4" polyethylene tubing
  • 3/8" polyethylene tubing
  • SharkBite PTC couplers/splitters (multiple per design)
  • U.S. Solid 3/8" NC 110V solenoid valve
  • Control4 plug-in wireless switch
  • Delta Vero 2" stainless flanges/escutcheons
  • Rubber washers with 1/2" OD (fits in above)

The hardest part was running the tubing through my existing patio roof/beams, which shouldn't be an issue in a reno.

Good luck!

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10 hours ago, ERDrPC said:

Thanks. I have to plan it out. Did you use a holding tank or straight hook up to a water line? Is the valve just for on/off? Which pump did you use? It seems the misting nozzles do the actual work

  • Straight hook up to a water line, though the one for my steam shower, so I figured a drop from concurrent use would be rare
  • No pump -- mine are at supply level/low pressure. I may try one in the future but, honestly, for 6 nozzles, it seems pretty good
  • And yeah, the valve is just for on and off -- placed it in my conditioned crawl so I could winterize the outdoor segment
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