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Chowmain - Gude Expert Power Control Switched PDU driver (FREE)


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Chowmain Logo


GUDE manufactures the most reliable and intelligent power solutions for demanding AV experts since 30 years. The company's products aim at optimizing and enhancing ICT, AV and industrial infrastructure that is typically encountered in network, server or media racks. Application scenarios for customers range from enterprise networks and media technologies to data centers and industrial environments.

GUDE power distribution unit / switched PDUs distinguish themselves by their high level of quality and optimal value for money. All devices of the family-run company are developed and manufactured in Germany in order to meet the customers' quality expectations towards reliable IT infrastructure. Flexible handling and economical operations complete the attractive product assets.

This driver provides integrators with the ability to integrate Gude's range of Expert Power Control Series into Control4.  This switched PDU and driver integration into Control4 is a good and reliable alternative to Pakedge PowerPak 8I (PE-08i).

The FREE Gude Control4 driver provides the following functionality.


  • Sponsored driver so it is FREE.
  • Integration of Gude Expert Power Control series switched PDU / power distribution unit via IP
  • Two way relay control of all available power ports
  • All internal and external sensor measurements exposed as Control4 Variables to be programmed against
  • Dynamic bindings reflect available power ports
  • Individually set/toggle/reset ports programmatically


What example use cases are there?

  • This driver allows you to programmatically switch the state of any power port on the device
  • You can utilise the reset feature of any power port that supports it
  • You can set the state of any power port
  • You can toggle the state of any power port
  • You can program against any internal or external sensor reading including temperature sensors

Where can i find out more about the product?

The driver is compatible with the expert power control series of PDUs. The following hardware is most suitable for residential integration.

How much does this driver cost?

This driver is sponsored by Gude and is FREE of charge

How do I find out more information about the driver?

Please see the links below for more information about the driver.

Driver Link



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