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Composer HE - Read Only access to connections


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  1. One annoying thing is that in Composer HE I can't see connections so if I am trying to troubleshoot a problem on my own I can't tell if my cable box is connected to HDMI1 or HDMI2 on my TV in Control4.
  2. It would also be nice to see bindings of lights to keypads.  If a dealer binds dimmers to a keypad then you can't reprogram that keypad yourself.  And you can't even tell where in the house that bindings are being used other than trial and error on keypads
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On 11/9/2021 at 7:59 PM, Cyknight said:

Mhh. Is the summary option available in HE (it won't show you bindings, just asking it it's there....)

no summary option in composer home.


as far as tell what each is supposed to be control4 should be setting the correct inputs on each device. so when you select a AV device it should switch to the correct ones. 

for keypad binds you can check the properties page and if it set to use the connected device that will let you know that a device is connected.

if its a keypad dimmer you can change those properties and it will lose its connection so that you can program however you like.

if you are using configurable keypads it would be wise to make sure that your dealer programs all of the lights controls if you want to change it your self at a later date.


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