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FS: EA5, AMS24, 2 PAMP8-100, 10 Inch Panel


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I just moved into a new house with C4 installed. I already have a big investment in other automation and audio (Sonos) so I'm looking at selling what I have and just getting Sonos Amps. 

Currently I have

1 - EA5-V2 - $1100.00 USD  - Sold

1 - AMS24 - $1700.00 USD - Sold

1 - PAMP8-100 - $1000.00 USD 

1 - Touchpanel, not sure on size or version, need to remove from wall. Spec from home said 10 inch but I believe this may be wrong now. 

1 - Araknis AN-500-I-AC

1 - Araknis AN-210-SW-R-POE 

1 - Araknis AN-300-RT-4L2W

All Akarnis components are $150.00

1 - Toughdog NVR https://www.tdsecuritysystems.com/tdnvr16p16ks (need to verify part number, but I believe this is correct, it is 16 Channel POE) $150.00

I can't remove the panel, so I can't get more information right now. If someone could give me some direction on how to remove it that would help a bunch. I removed everything from the rack already, I can power up the screen once I remove it. All these components are coming from a model home and were not really used very much at all. 

You can pick it up near Austin, TX or can be shipped. 

I would like $5000.00 USD for everything plus shipping. Make me an offer!




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