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Looking to start fresh c4 installer/automation programmer and much more

Nick Wanerka

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Good afternoon,

My name is Nick Wanerka.  Are you still looking for someone? I just turned 42 years old 2 weeks ago, my wife, daughter and myself are looking to make a major change. I have worked for my family business all my life in NY. I started and have been running the florida branch since right after 9/11. We closed the NY branch down when my father got sick 3 years and now that he passed 2 months ago, I am contemplating closing the florida branch. To much family politics. Evwn though I started the FL branch from nothing but my father's license and money,, the rest of the family thinks they should have a cut of the business and wants to be put on weekly payroll but not do anything to earn the money. ( obviously that will kill the business in weeks).
So it is time to shut it down and start over.
I have been an electrician since I was 13 years old. After my father passed (the license holder) I went and took the Florida unlimited electrical contractor's exam and passed. So I now have an unlimited FL electrical contracting license which is one of the hardest in the country to obtain and is congruent in many other states. Which relates in that I can also install the control4 switches and dimmers. Don't need an outside Contractor to do it (saves money) .
I am also certified in all 4 control4 groups. Control 4 associate installer, automation programmer, centralized lighting and also I am PCNA certified (professional Certified networking Administrator). All 4 groups that control4 offer.
I am also certified in clare controls (alarm systems and home automation) . I hold certification in Lutron RadioRa 2 and also the new RadioRa 3 that just came out, Lutrons commercial automation vive, for small to medium office spaces, I am a Lutron certified Residential contractor and also certified I'm ra2 select and caseta.
I am certified in URC Total control 2.0 and 3.0 too.
I know I am missing a couple there, but I think you get the point that I absolutely love home automation, surround sound systems and custom home theater rooms. I also have been installed wired and wireless alarm systems, programming them and setting them up with our monitoring company (we use COPS monitoring). 
The only thing I would keep going down here in Florida if I was to relocate to a job, is the alarm and networking side. I have about 25 customers with the alarm side and about 18 customers that have full home network and wifi systems that we sold, installed and keep up the maintenance (only started the alarm side 8-9 months ago). I have a good friend that would be able to dona service call here and there if needed and everything else I can do remotely through OvrC for the networks and fusionpro for the alarm systems.  Even my control4 customers i can program remotely.  The service contracts with my control4 customers I would be willing to hand them over to my next employer after there contracts are up and ready for renewal.
Basically I have the experience of a business owner and the knowledge of a very seasoned home automator and throw in my vast electrical knowledge and unlimited FL ec license and you have the perfect employee.
I am not looking to own my own business anymore so there is no threat of me ever stealing customers, but on the flip side you would be hiring someone that will work your business like it is his own. I know what and what not to do already.
My company is doing well here in Florida. I started with just me and a truck and built it up to 6 guys, 5 trucks an office and showroom, but it is just not worth the family drama anymore.
My wife agrees with me, if I don't walk away now, then it will kill me. I will die of a heart attack or stroke. It is just hard to find work in my town or even in a 100 mile radius because people know my name and would always be worried that I was just trying to steal work or something along those lines. Plus with my experience and knowledge, people don't want to hire me because they think it's made up. I have a lot of credentials, so they don't even give me the chance to prove it. I can email copies of every certificate, license and training that I have gone through. People ask how do I have all of those credentials, I tell them it is very easy when you absolutely love what you do.
So I only ask for a chance for you to look at my resume and talk to me on the phone. I promise to not disappoint.
Thank you



Nick Wanerka 


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Keep and active eye on the CEDIA careers channel…I would also look around on LinkedIn. Those will get you to people looking for some of your experiences specifically…Lutron/URC experience is prevalent with electricians handling the typical basic LV and techs with the (4) Control4 “certs” looking for better jobs are pretty common. Smart energy management and storage is a booming part of our market so your electrical and management background may help you stand out. If you want to move to NC… Snap is always posting careers on their site. Good Luck. 



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