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Domosapiens keypad audio control question on capture rooms

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I'm playing around with the driver, adn I found that the "Number of Capture Selectors Used" has a "1 with prioritized rooms (this will be selector C)" setting, and I can't find any documentation about it. Does anyone know how that choice works?

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This setting for Capture Selector (prioritized rooms) was added not long ago and exposes three new properties allowing you to specify up to three different rooms for capturing: the first one which is ON will be captured, starting with Room 1, then Room 2 and Room 3.  If none of the three rooms is ON, then of course capture will not occur.

This allows you some flexibility in capturing rooms, as the user may not always know which one of his/her favorite rooms is ON at a given time.

The documentation will be updated.

I hope this helps.



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One question though @pbir: When I select that Number of Capture Selectors, It still allows me to configure A and B as well as the three rooms for C. Is that expected? The functionality it sounds above is more about having just C, as it says "1 (prioritized rooms)" 

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