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Best Practices and Safety for Outdoor Firepit


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Hey ya'll, I got my integrator to wire up a Lutron switch to the electric starter for our outdoor fire pit. Makes it really simple for basic on/off control via keypads, apps, etc. Question though, has any integrator developed any best safety practices around fire pit integration? We have a kiddo that is just tall enough to now reach the wall mounted keypads and I'm concerned about accidentally triggering the firepit, especially while the cover is on. Was thinking about adding a manual switch near the firepit which has to be turned on before the smart switches work. Anyone with any tips or tricks?

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I had a fire pit with electric igniter in my first C4 house. I had a button inside my house that needed to be ON in order for the fire pit button on my patio to work. The button in the house was programmed to turn on with 3 presses and it was not labeled, so no one knew what it was for. This prevented someone from accidentally turning on the outdoor fit pit. 

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For app usage, add a Custom Button Set, use letters, and then you need to enter the password in a time limit

Example Custom Folder

Per button, when pressed
---if timer not running
-----Set code = 0
-----Start 5 second timer
-----Set code = code + x (based on chart below)
-----Set code = code + x (based on chart below)

ABCD - code = code +1
EFGH - code = code +10
IJKL - code = code +100
MNOP - code = code +1000
QRST - code = code +10000
UVWY - code = code +100000

Desired Code : FLAME (10+100+1+1000+10)
When timer ends - If code = 1121 - turn on pit, set code = 0, else Send Notification 'wrong code' (optional)

It's not a safe, so no it's not ultra secure, add things like unused buttons to set code back to 0, double at least one button, things like that for added protection from guessing.


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