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What's the best way and best practice to shut off all audio in entire house. I'm new to this and attempting to create a macro to shut off all audio regardless of source (Pandora, Sirius, Amazon music, digital, etc....) I have 2 receivers and an 8 zone amp.  Thanks in advance

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Use a room control driver and set it to all the rooms and just use the off command on that. That won't be popcorny like a macro will be. That will all happen at the same time

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Drivers need to be added by a dealer, if you are happy to get a dealer to add the driver for you then go ahead and request the driver msgreenf suggests, as this should be pretty useful for other stuff you want to do.

If you just want a solution to try now without dealer input, then you want to use the room off command. This will ensure C4 knows the current status of each room.
Avoid using the specific codes available for your equipment in the 'Commands' list, as you need C4 to follow the action you take so the room status is correct.

ie: use 'Turn the Room Off' as opposed to send command 'Power_Off' to device XYZ

1. Create a Macro called 'AVOff'
2. Add commands to 'Turn Off room X'
3. trigger your macro from a button somewhere. - I have my macro run as part of a sequence when I ask Alexa to turn on security/I use my 'away' method at the door.





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we use a room control driver in every room it is a nice driver, then we put a room control driver in a say rack room, we hide that room and set all rooms to be controlled by room control driver. ez-pz one click will turn off all rooms. its a dealer added free driver

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