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hdmi matrix - combine video and audio outputs

Kaas Mayer

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i made a c4i driver for a hdmi 8x8 video matrix.

the matrix has 8 hdmi outputs combined with 8 coax audio outputs.

the video is working fine, but the audio did not start switching. Do i need to link the coax output channel to the hdmi output channel?


(The driver is for a no hassle av 8x8 hdmi matrix. feel free to use it.)

avswitch_No Hassle AV_8X8HDMIHDR-ADV.c4i

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Do you have commands in your driver which can switch the coax outputs separately from the HDMI outputs? If the two are not switching together automatically, this means that your HDMI matrix has the ability to matrix audio and video separately, and you'll need to tell Control4 that you want them to switch together.

I'm not familiar with this HDMI matrix, but some have the option to lock a given audio and video output together. If this is an option in your matrix and you don't want to use separate matrixing, it may be a quicker way to solve your issue. 

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