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How to program a keypad button to play music


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Does anyone know how to program a Shortcut button on a Mini-Touchscreen to play a song or playlist?

I'm familiar with making the shortcut button play an announcement or control the lights but I'd love it if I could press the button and play my kid's favorite song or even a playlist. I've messed with making a song into an announcement and then playing that announcement when the button is pressed but the problem there is you really have to compress the song to make it fit as an announcement thus losing quality and much of the song.

Thanks in advance,

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If you just want to play a song, play list etc. when you do a button press, you shouldn't have to make the wake up agent.

On left side while in programming tab pick the device and button you wish to program.

(note: I always do programming on the button RELEASE, that way if you want to add a variable for multiple taps later you can)

Then go to right side and select/highlight the room name you want the music to play in.

Go down and put a tick mark in the select media button and another window will open so you can select the album, song, play list, Rhapsody Channel, etc you want to play. Once you have selected that "music" drag the program line to the middle script window.

See screen shot ........

One line of programming should be all you need.

Creating multi-tap pushes for different channels, songs, play lists, etc. can also be done on one button, but requires more programming and creating a Tap Variable agent.

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