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Keypad programming Q's


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1) How do I make a keypad button toggle as an 'on/off' switch when pressed? I currently have many keypads programmed to turn something on, but I want to press again to shut that selected source off

-E.g. make the middle button on my kitchen 3-button keypad be a power on and off for the t.v., and when it turns on to go straight to the Cable box.

2) Make a keypad button LED illuminate, when the activity has been selected -- and vice versa when the media has been turned off

-E.g. in my office I have a 6-button with six different activities. I want button two to illuminate when the T.V. is on, or button 5 to illuminate/shut off when the office is playing music from my HTPC feed

-6-button keypad by the garage -- buttons 3&6 control Garage doors 1 & 2, and I want the LED's for each respective button to illuminate when the corresponding garage door is open (so I can quickly glance in the hallway to see if they are open, without having to open the door)

3) I have a 3 button keypad in main t.v. room with 3 different lighting scenes (Kitchen/Family/Movie Mode), I want the corresponding keypad button to illuminate when that zone has been turned on

-The tricky part is that I have a lighting scene called Family All ON -- which turns the Kitchen and Family lighting scenes on, along with the hallway light -- with a simple 2-button keypad (easier for the wife to flip one switch to turn all the lights on). But how do I make the corresponding LED's illuminate for the Family / Kitchen zones? They are turned on, so I want the LED to illuminate. That way if I want to just turn off the Family zone, I press the button and it turns the lights and LED off.

Some of my programming requests is to make it so things illuminate if they are on. This way I can quickly glance at keypads and see what is on. It gets complicated for my brain when keypads control many lighting scenes, etc.

Help! and thanks :)

P.S. I can do screen shots if necessary

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Setting up a button to toggle something is easy, it just depends on what the device is...just select the device, then select toggle.

To change the color or LED's is real easy, just have the particular events change the color of the LED. When I have some more time I can look into your specific applications but this is pretty straightforward stuff.

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Couple ways to do #1

a/ create a new Boolean Variable so the keypad button can be programmed to use a true/false state to execute the push variables

b/ I use a single tap, double tap variable. Normally you only have to set the cable box as a video source in the room and the system knows to turn on the

TV, Cable Box, and to set inputs on the TV.

#2 use programming to set the LED state or color.

#3 same as #2 but program button color based on Lighting scenes.

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