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Ok folks, I plan on being around these parts for a long time now! Just wanted to share my initial setup w/ pics to come soon hopefully.

TV- 52" samsung

Rec- Denon 1909

Kef speakers w def tech supercube sub 5.1

Gaming - PS2/3 Wii

DVR Cable box


HC300 with music uploaded

Next is to add lighting. my total vision includes Therm, 4 audio zones, (garage, patio, sitting room, and kitchen) aprox 35 dimmers, 6 button and 3 button, in wall touch, a 200 controller, and contacts for doors and garage.

Not much right now, but the vision is there for our home we just bought. Thoughts? Input on anything else yinz could think of or better way of doing anything?

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My 2 cents...

TV- 52" samsung - Sure

Rec- Denon 1909 - Think about # of input limitations. With what you list, you are already eating up 5 inputs (PS2/3, Wii, HC300, DVR, Old VCR). What about a blue ray/DVD player, what about a media player? Some of the higher end receiver models will include more inputs, and future proof you more. This can save you from having to upgrade in the future, or add in a switch to handle many inputs.

Kef speakers w def tech supercube sub 5.1 - Not familiar

Gaming - PS2/3 Wii - for PS3 you will need a Bluetooth to IR convertor if you wish to stay with the idea of one C4 remote. I have an audio authority model, and am very happy. Here is some reference material for your options:


As for the Wii, I haven't hooked one up with C4. I thnk the best/only option is to hook is up the standard way, and have C4 just switch your TV inputs and rely on the Wii remote entirely. I haven't seen a C4 Wii driver, but your dealer could create an IR one pretty easily. It's probably not worth it though. It could replicate the up, down, left, right, and selection buttons, but obviously won't handle the motion of the wii remote.

DVR Cable box - OK

Old VCR - why? you are not going to buy VHS media any longer. Have home movies? Have them ripped to digital media. Costco does it. Hardware need to do it is relatively cheap if you have a ton of tapes to convert.

HC300 with music uploaded - HC300 has no hard drive, old HC500 did, but is not sold any longer. None of the current models have included drive. Most people buy a network harddrive, and the netgear readynas is a popular one. All music, videos, etc reside on there.

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TV- 52" samsung

Thoughts? Input on anything else yinz could think of or better way of doing anything?

I personally would pass on the Samsung, unless you have a means to control it other than IR.

Depending on the model you have or may purchase, almost all newer Samsung displays lack an RS-232 port and are not capable of being controlled via IP. You are stuck with those ugly IR bugs on the front of the TV but most important thing is that unless your model has discrete PON & POF commands there is no way to confirm or verify PON or POF.

My 2 cents.

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So far I have had no problems with IR control of my Samsung LN46A650. The IR emitter bud is barely visible against the black frame until it flashes. The set does have discrete power on and off codes. Most times the OEM remote has only just a power toggle but a quick trip to RemoteCentral usually dredges up the needed codes. Except for the JUST SCAN screen aspect, can't find that one .. so far :)

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I have kind of pieced this together through the past 2 years. I am running out of inputs on the reciever and will be upgrading sometime in the future but for now it works fine. I have the 52" A650. My blu ray is my ps3. I know I need to get the bt to ir. I meant music uploaded on a flash drive and pluged into the 300. I keep the old vcr just because I can. Sometimes it's fun to go back and actually watch the unaltered original star wars :P

Right now I'm just using the C4 to switch inputs for the gaming and movies on PS3 until I get the toothfairy or whatever.

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