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ELK / NESS M1 integration


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I'm currently getting a quote for security systems and have been made aware there are two M1 models in my research

Namely :-

ELK M1 and ELK M1EZ8 which is a cut down version. (http://www.elkproducts.com/products/m1/M1_Control_Family.htm)

The main differences I can see are the M1EZ8 has:-

less on board inputs (8 instead of 16), no voice control over the phone and requires a M1EZ8MSI optional card to get Serial or Ethernet connection.

Oh yes; and the reason I'm looking at it is that it is less expensive.

Has anyone used this less expensive version with control4 - does it intergrate with the M1 driver and any other pitfalls with either model I should have my eyes open to?


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