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"How Do I" set my dimmers to ramp to a lower level at night?

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I have a scheduled event that runs 30 minutes after sunset to change the "PRESET_LEVEL" variable on certain lights. Then at sunrise I reset the "PRESET_LEVEL" variables on these same lights. Works like a charm and it keeps all my light level settings in one place. Okay, two places... one for the daytime levels and one for nighttime levels. =)

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Here's an alternative method I wrote to "dim lights at night" last year that may be a little more complex, but I actually find it's easier to program and/or maintain:

* puts all of the dimmer programming under a variable, instead of under each dimmer

* allows you to change the level of all dimmer levels, with one programming line change

* utilizes the schedulers


Actually, sounds similar to what MarkD suggests...

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