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I have a heck of a time logging into this forum. Whenever I login, it always says that I have used the wrong password. I end up having to use the "forget password" option, then clicking on the link I get sent to login. Even when I try to use the password that the forgot password emails me, it doesn't work. And when I am logged in, and try to change my password, using the old password set out in the forgot password email, it says WRONG OLD PASSWORD.

Any ideas?

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Do you have the caps lock key on ? Or the num lock if you're using the keyboard on a laptop ?

Not trying to be funny ... happens to everyone once and a while.

Yeah, no caps lock issues and I've tried on two computers. Tried typing in the new password and copying and pasting, a well.

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I have the same problem:

Tried on:

Firefox 3.x and New beta 4.x

IE 6.0, 7.x, 8.x and New 9.x Beta

OS - Windows 7 (and XP Virtual Machine for older browsers).


Try username and password (checked 3 times the combination is right so no num key or caps lock) - Wrong Password: _>

Reset password new password sent to my mailbox _>

Try login with new password = WRONG PASSWORD ->

Check the password is what was sent to me = Checked and am using the latest password sent to me ->


Go to change password = use password just sent to me as the "Old password" _> WRONG PASSWORD - So I cant change the password either.....

What is going on can one of the mods please fix this?

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