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Zigbee / Zigbee Pro versions of switches and dimmers


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Purchased 10 pack version of a LDZ-101 wall dimmer and LSZ-102 wall switch. The wires where unstripped and yellow stickered on the rear, so I expected them to be unused regular Zigbee (Not Zigbee Pro 1.8). In attempt to connect them to my controller they will not identify. Can I assume they are Zigbee Pro and will require 1.8 firmware? My understanding was the model numbers changed to C4-Dim1-Z and C4-SW1-Z and shipped with Zigbee Pro 1.8. Any way of confirming the switches firmware version or downgrading the dimmer/switches firmware?

What will people do who wish to use old Zigbee (1.7 or earlier) buying new dimmers / switches etc.?



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Ok, thanks. One other question. Can a zigbee device join a zigbee pro mesh? So if a project was 1.8 and you buy a 1.7 device, such as a dimmer it could join the mesh and then be upgraded to 1.8 with composer pro?

There is a process for adding non-ZigBee Pro (Embernet) devices to a ZigBee Pro system. It is documented in the release and upgrade note which I do not have in front of me at this time and therefore can't provide a specific page reference.

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