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I know they say no questions are dumb questions, but these might be

Here is my system:

(1) HC300C

(1) HC1000v3

(3) thermostats

(7) wireless switches/dimmers

(1) wireless outlet dimmer

(1) wireless outlet switch

(2) 7" Infinity Edge screens

(1) 5" Infinity Edge Screen

(6) Control4 3 button keypads

(1) Sonos Player

(3) Speakercraft Amplifiers

(24) in celing speakers



1. Where are the programs like director, etc. downloaded from? Are they downloaded from Composer Pro. And in this system, what programs would I put on the HC1000 and the HC300C?

2. I want to use the latest version of 2.0. Can I upgrade all my keypads, switches, dimmers, thermos, etc to this version through Composer pro?

3. Does anyone know if I load the Speakercraft and Sonos Extra Vegetable drivers to the composer pro program or do I load them directly onto the HC300C or the HC1000??


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1) your dealer programs the system. the main controller is the HC1000.

2) everything on that list will work fine in 2.1

3) Your dealer will know how to do that. If you are a dealer, the dealer forums and tech training can help you better understand. If not, then you should find one to work with you. It's a lot easier in the end.

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Extra Vegetables' Control4 driver for the MZC-66 and MZC-88 multiroom amplifier/controllers allows these popular products to be used as the amplification heart of a Control4 system. This allows dealers to upgrade existing Speakercraft MZC installations to the power of Control4 without needing to replace the existing keypads and central amplifier. This represents a considerable cost saving to the customer.

The driver also allows dealers to use the MZC multiroom amplifier/controllers as their amplifier of choice. It is aggressively priced and the availability of simple keypads with the system allow flexibility in the design of the system; whilst keeping costs under control.

In either case a standard program is uploaded to the MZC controller - central control passes to the Control4 system.


Completely integrate a Sonos system with Control4. Use this driver to extend the capabilities of a Sonos system to provide a single control for both music and other audio sources.

Alternatively use a Sonos player as a music and internet radio source in a Control4 system. Simply use an un-amplified Sonos ZonePlayer at the head end.

The driver provides cover art on the Control4 now playing screens (C4 flash enabled devices running 2.0). It fully supports all music library choices. Music listings are retrieved from the Sonos system in real time - no synchronization is required.

Now version 3 works with our new Pandonos 4Store app. This provides a full graphical interface to Pandora allowing you to search and add new stations. This is a $25 add-on purchased directly from the Control4 4Store. Find more details on Pandonos here >>


It also supports Internet Radio Favorites, Napster, iheartradio, Sirius internet radio, Last.FM, Wolfgang's Vault, Pandora, Spotify and now Rhapsody too.


These are drivers that are loaded onto the HC1000 by your dealer after being purchased from ExtraVegetables. Only authorized Control4 dealers can purchase from ExtraVegetables. In the case of the Speakercraft driver, a custom program is loaded on the MZC controller as well to allow Control4 to control it.

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Hey all,

New to Control4, IT was my gig. If anyone has tips to help newbies through their first few small installations/programming projects please let me know. I have been following the tech and dealer support pages, but I'm more "hands-on" type.

Thanks in advance,


Have you gone to Tech 1?

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