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Dimmer testing


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I don't think the dimmer needs the programming to control the light....i.e. if the zigbee mesh is down, it will still control the load directly from the switch.

I took the dimmer out and tried it at a different spot. It powers up, and the light goes on, but the dimmer function does not seem to work.....

With regular switches you can do a continuity test, but since these switches do not stay in one position, I am unsure if that works.

Also, I don't think you can test the switch with it powered to the hot and neutral because the red wire specifically says not to "short this wire to the ground".

What do you all think?

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I would throw it on the work bench hooked up to a light socket. Otherwise, pull the dimmer out of the wall and leave everything hooked up except for the load to the light.

Turn the dimmer on, and see if power is being passed through.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an electrician. This is just what I would do.

Also, do as tebery suggested and cut the power to it for a couple of hours. The switch in my garage quits controlling the load once or twice each year, and flipping the breaker off for a couple of hours solves the problem...it starts working great afterword.

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Try pulling the air gap tab for a couple of minutes. It will kill the power to the dimmer so they can reboot and it's easier than searching breakers. It fixed a problem I had one time when the power went out.

I didn't see post #4 where you tried it in another location. You can test with a voltage meter with it in the ON position (red wire and neutral)

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