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Transferring an old IPad or iPhone Navigator licence to myHome PC


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I currently have one iPad and another iPhone Navigator licence, both bought back in 2010, where I probably paid 299 for the iPad and 149 for the iPhone.

Since I switched to Blackberry, I'm not using the iPhone licence anymore.

Will I be able to use/transfer this iPhone licence or the iPad license to activate the newer myHome app that I have just downloaded into my MacBook Air?


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Unfortunately no. The older licenses were device specific. You can transfer from iPhone to iPhone or ipad to ipad, but not iPhone to another device type. The new license that is out now, can be transferred to a different device.

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what a shame!

I´m currently on 1.7.4.

Will I be able to use myHome PC on my Macbook Air if I purchase the new license or do I also need to upgrade do 2.0?


Control4® MyHome—PC/Tablet

Turn desktop, laptop or tablet PCs into Control4 interfaces by downloading the free app

from control4.com.

System Requirements: Control4 system running software OS 2.0 or later, Control4 MyHome

app, and PC or tablet device capable of running Adobe Flash. Control4 MyHome device or site

license required for activation.

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