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  1. Thanks for all the answers guys, but any thoughts on whether the loop example I made would work? Also, I've never ran into the Control4 announcement agent defect talked about here. We usually use the 16x16 audio matrix and a different brand of amplifier though, might have something to do with using the Control4 amp.
  2. haha I didn't sell it, was just asked to integrate it. Would the loop idea work? I thought about putting volume adjustments for each zone into it as well. I attached an updated screenshot of it.
  3. Just thought of how to do this with a loop possibly. Not sure if audio would return to the previous state it was in when the contact on the HC800, connected to the Elan's relay output, goes open again though? All I did in the screenshot was add an audio source connected to the matrix labeled "Elan Audio," as well as a doorbell contact that's bound to one of the contacts on the HC800. Would this work the way I want it to with the programming shown in the screen shot? I'm not on site, this was done in virtual director.
  4. Hello, I've searched everywhere for someone who's tried to do this but couldn't find anything. I've got an Elan C2 in a system with an HC800 and the 16x16 audio matrix. For anyone not familiar with the Elan product, it simply sits between the home owner's phone line and home phones and allows them to page the front door doorbell station or output paging audio to an outboard amplifier to page through speakers around the house. What I'm trying to do is temporarily interrupt the audio source playing in any of the 8 whole house audio zones with the paging output from the Elan C2, when a relay closes on the Elan C2 interface. And when the relay opens back up, have the audio zones go back to the source they were previously playing. The home owner wants to be able to pick up any of the phones in the house and page over the speakers in each of the zones. I know this is exactly what the Control4 announcement agent does, but it only plays back an audio file, and doesn't give you the option to temporarily play a separate audio source. The only way I can think of doing what I want is with a mess of variables, and even then I'm not sure what the best way to go about it would be. Any help is greatly appreciated!