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  2. Who by? It seems a big step, and not one I have ever known them to take in the 13 years I have been an installer
  3. There are no issues with the driver or our relationship with Chamberlain. If Control4 forcibly block the driver we will issue refunds to those that have purchased it as a good will gesture and seek legal means to recover our losses. This is completely beyond our control, and beyond the control of Control4 dealers alike. This concerns us, and should concern all users, dealers and third party developers. As mentioned above, there are significant legal implications should Snap block a driver (the way the driver works would mean they'd have to push software on every users controller without their consent = not legal and support call headache for dealers). Which other brand/manufactuer will they choose to forcibly block next? It is a very slippery slope, will competing audio brands be next? Other brands that have publicly changed their API or have hardware that is flakey? Perhaps they are only singling out Chamberlain for now, but given Control4 in April 2021 stated "Good luck working with Chamberlain... I hope it works out for you" it seems unlikely Chamberlain will be the last victim.
  4. Jesse Smith's post on Facebook sums up this situation. There are significant legal implications should Snap block a driver (the way the driver works would mean they'd have to push software on every users controller without their consent = not legal and support call headache for dealers). Snap are fully aware that this contract with Chamberlain includes long terms support for the CI market, so we can only speculate there is something else behind the announcement.
  5. @IntrinsicGroup I assume will be issuing refunds if thats the case.
  6. I read it as being written by SNAP ONE’s counsel, nothing more, nothing less. And i don’t blame Snap One. In time, we will all know if this latest driver is a good solution. For me, I just wish it was available on DC. Ultimately, if not DC, I wish SnapOne would take over the driver store for C4. Just my HO - so don't shoot!
  7. I was going to chime in that I don't loose Ecobee connection when I reboot my controller, but having rebooted the controller a few days ago, I went and checked and yep, the account was no longer linked! This is good to know for when I do the rare reboot.
  8. Amen brother, as I also got screwed with the Liftmaster driver. Do local control and don't get shafted by these cloud clowns again!
  9. I know it’s definitely slowed my roll on planning to buy it. Having previously spent money on a Liftmaster driver that after a few years got shutdown I’d be pissed if I spent money again on another one for it to just get shutdown too.
  10. Control4 tone appears annoyed after all their efforts, and the forever changing terms. Summary, …at your own risk, and we’ll probably get to tell you we told you so. Maybe Chamberlain is finally on the straight and narrow….. time will tell. They’re getting their tribute so who knows.
  11. Is it true that if you integrate Lutron with Josh.ai you really have to disconnect Lutron from C4? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I would have said the same thing two days ago, but I have had the driver require re-pairing with C4 3 times in the last 24 hours. Hopefully it's just a temporary hiccup.
  13. the ipads I use instead seem to not have trouble…
  14. I know lutron keypads have that large bezel for wireless communication which is why we don’t see the bezel on the wired keypads.
  15. Yesterday
  16. You can't do edgeless and embed microphone
  17. Yep, been there as I have 7 ecobees in my house with zone controlled unit. It will disconnect with a reboot so make sure you are on a UPS as the slightest glitch with kick you off. Make sure that you you don't have any other binding in the ecobee account. AS why it has to connect to the cloud server is stupid as much more reliable to just connect locally. Other than that don't have any other ideas. My end has been stable for a few months now.
  18. I care much more about intercom broadcasting than video intercom. we all have phones. Most people don’t want to be seen on a touch screen answering a doorbell
  19. It's a lot easier to do a display this way and also have front facing mic and prox sensor. Tell me why it doesn't have a camera. I mean, it's about a 2 dollar upcharge per device to have a front camera. No option for facial recognition or video intercom. I guess they went with the privacy minded approach.
  20. What does that notice from C4 mean? Is this driver from Intrinsic certified by both C4 and Chamberlain? I am confused by the C4/ Snap One announcement which seems to be inconsistent with the Intrinsic Dev post at the start of this thread.
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