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  2. You need to troubleshoot this, disconnect the security panel and see if it’s the source of this noise, then consult the manual of the security panel to see if you can disable sound!
  3. I hear you and I understand your frustration but they toke the decision of EOSL for the HC series and they will not touch it, yes they could have made a driver to keep it at 3.3 and use it as IO but there is an IO device already and they will not repurpose it just because a couple of hundred people wants this, so there is no point in debating and discussing something that will never be done by C4 no matter how long or how loud some voices are
  4. I have the following used in perfect working order: 1 - MMS-3e 2 - MMS -5a Message me with interest. Also an Autonomics Dealer for anyone in a bind.
  5. To clarify: BlueSound cannot send audio direct to a C4 controller over the network (though it of course does to other BluSound/BluOS devices) - Amr above has the two most common ways of doing this. To add, if the vault is no-where near the controller or matrix, you can either add a controller near to the vault to feed it into ... or add a BluSound node of some sort close to where the matrix (or controller) is.
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  7. Josh AI video ".....available at launch" https://www.ravepubs.com/rave-video/cedia-expo-22-josh-ai-exhibits-line-of-josh-tv-remotes-integrated-with-crestron-control4-or-ava/
  8. Yes. The app is quite good but not the same as linking it to C4!
  9. I used to have a tylo helo. Do you have the app for yours ?
  10. Have used this antenna with a 20 ft cable extension to get it away from the C4 Cabinet. Pleased with the results.
  11. Ok I will eat some crow here... Just got on my IO extender (v1) and looked around since no one would say what processor was in there. Looks like its an ARM based processor as opposed to the intel based processors that the HC800 uses. I assumed that the IO extender used the intel processor as well (I assume the v2 IO extender has an ARM processor as well). With that being the case, it makes more sense to go ahead and EOL that line of intel processors. Could it technically be kept alive for IO only? Of course, but it doesnt make sense to keep that intel based systems around just for that (even though the EA controllers are all Intel Atom based as well). Edit: it looks like the HC-250 is ARM based and not Intel. The HC-250 is probably very similar in architecture as the IO extender. Go figure.
  12. Just a suggestion - how about Tylö saunas and steam rooms next
  13. Back to questions about the update that don't involve hardware -- My light icons seem to not poll correctly -- they get stuck on a color and don't change when I change the color. I'm using Ketra. Any ideas?
  14. What processor and OS is the IO extender running (v1 and v2)?
  15. Again, you can't compare the i/o extender to a system controller. If you're talking about the old speaker point... same thing. If you're talking about the old screens still working for some time...well that was never supported and a back door that is no longer working either. If you're talking about a controller being able to run as a secondary unit... then we're back to the part that the architecture of the HC series is completely different, and the relative level of effort/cost to support a 'weaker' controller (HC300/500) as a sub controller within the same basic architecture is much different than trying to do so under a new and dufferent architecture.
  16. If anyone is interested I am presently working on finishing a driver for those with Bullfrog Hot tubs or other tubs using gecko controls. Your tub would need to have the cloud control module known as InTouch2 to be compatible. More info on the module is available here: https://geckointouch.com https://www.bullfrogspas.com/cloudcontrol-2/
  17. Not reverse engineered. Yes its via cloud as local control is via bluetooth only. Working to get it up on driver central. Updated version supports the following now: Supports Multiple Sleep Number beds Setting Base Left / Right to Presets Setting Left / Right Sleep Number Setting Position of Left/Right for Head / Foot Setting Sleep Number for Left/Right Sleeper Driver is 2 way supporting the following properties: Left/Right Sleep Number Left/Right Occupancy Sensor Left/Right Head/Foot Position The driver also raises events when occupancy of left / right change. Still to come is management of foot heater and lighting for the bed.
  18. UPDATE: New user interface icons added: Projector Screen projector Media devices: Cable TV, Apple TV, Bluray, Game consoles (PS5, xbox, Nintendo Switch) And more! This allows you to use the driver also in the Watch/Listen menu with better icons! Do you want to block the use of the console? Easy: Hide the console driver, add the Pincod Driver and make it visible in the Watch menu of the room you desire. Only the person with the pincode can turn on the source!
  19. This is something I would kind of like to start a new thread on but I wonder what you all think the biggest thing that has happened in the past 14 years for HA? For me its easy; the introduction of the smartphone. Streaming audio is probably 2nd but by a wide margin to the smartphone. The smartphone gave way to better and more standard UI's than the previous "roll your own" custom UI's that were built for every project and were only accessible on custom touchscreens. Control4 really made a name for itself when it was able to roll out a smartphone app better than the rest because they didnt rely on the custom UIs that others had. Their proxy design was ahead of its time. This gave them a huge advantage that others have now finally been able to equal (not top). I know that HA controllers are doing some more advanced integrations than they used to but in a way they are still doing the same thing they were 14-15 years ago. Still turning on/off TV's and AV equipment (streaming audio control is newish though), controlling lights/alarms/thermostats/relays/sensors. This was being done back then as well and probably with the same technology for the most part (definitely more 2 way integrations and feedback than there was back then). Yes I know I am over simplifying it but being able to pull out your smartphone and control your HA system from anywhere has been the biggest evolution of HA by far.
  20. And for the cautious, it would be push to talk, not always listening.
  21. 14 years ago, I had the HC1000 which I paid a ton for at the time. The HC800 blew it away when it came out, followed by the EA5 and now the CORE. HA technology and equipment have evolved to a whole new world over the past 14 years and the C4 organization, hardware and software has evolved from essentially a startup. While I do expect device EOL will always be a risk in technology, my guess is we will begin to see longer equipment life as C4 continues to mature. At the same time, I expect we will see an acceleration in system capabilities that will require equipment updates if we as users chose to adopt. That said, there is a price to be paid if you want to keep any product platform up to date on latest technology - whether that is the latest cell phone, latest smart watch, latest car, latest tv, or you name it. Heck, I now have to pay an annual fee to keep features in my car up to date.
  22. Yes, it is super lame that there is no better way to find what’s been programmed for your own house. In general, it’s crazy that they continue to evolve the hardware side but composer is basically windows 98.
  23. I am an HC800 system owner. I like to chase the new technology as much as the next guy. However being a "senior" and on a pension one has to limit the chase. When the EA5 came out I was so tempted but I saw an opportunity, a cheap one; to buy a used HC800 as a backup. Started to realize that the EA5 would not add much to my project except to eliminate some audio work arounds. Now the new controllers are out and here I am thinking I might get a good buy on that EA5. Then saying to self what for just so I can say I have a newish controller ! I write this just to add to the conversation as an owner that might represent an unknown portion of the Control 4 owners. This forum has been a great source of information to me but is quickly moving out of my league as it should. Cheers
  24. just to be transparent though, industrial control systems have also known to kill of products as well. I remember years ago when siemens bought Moore controls and at their user conference gave some presentation where they were going to "merge" the moore apacs system into siemens pcs. well that "merge" was to replace everything with siemens hardware. people were ready to riot. look, i get the reasons for them to EOL the HC line. they are past due to stop being a main controller (i wouldnt have put the HC800 on 3.3). my only point was that i thought it made sense to repurpose those controllers as dumb IO only devices. for one, it is a way to keep users in the control4 ecosystem. if someone has an HC800 and it needs replaced then they might be thinking its time to look at Savant, Crestron, etc. If a dealer could keep that HC800 in there and just add a CORE 1 on top then they can keep them locked in. But as someone said earlier, it is probably just as easy to pay 100 bucks for a used IO extender and get rid of the HC800. and i dont even have a HC800. I have an EA-1 and IO extender. The IO extender is only controlling 1 TV and alarm panel via serial and 3 garage doors. used to control 3 TV's. so it is getting less and less use.
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