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  2. Do you know if I can use the C4 zigbee module and at the same time pair a Yale wifi bridge to the built in bluetooth of the lock? That way there would be both C4 zigbee integration as well as Yale app connectivity even when not in bluetooth range.
  3. Super interested in this driver. The Sleep Number remote is way too complicated for my mom, and the driver would open up a whole set of possibilities for easier ways to control the bed.
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  5. I did it. repeatedly but still the same result.
  6. this happened with 3.3.3. then I downloaded 3.4.0 with the hope that everything would be ok. but unfortunately no. The controller is powered via a 230 V socket. It is connected to a network without POE. but before that it was connected to the network from a router with POE and 230V was connected too. could this have an impact?
  7. Do any of these drivers work with the devices, like the POWR3 that show power consumption so that you can trigger events in C4 based off of the load?
  8. just go to Agents tab, then Custom Buttons agent, then add a Custom Button menu with some items, then go to programming and to Custom Buttons and program the menu options that you created. Apple TV doesn't have color buttons on its remote, therefore they don't show up when you select apple tv.
  9. How are you powering the WAPs. Looks like UDM-Pro doesn't have POE ports. Are they connected to another switch or multi-port injector? I once had an issue where some CCTVs and UniFi WAPs were connected to a switch with insufficient POE power budget and the WAPs would go offline based on what the cameras were doing. Just a thought. I don't think DHCP would ever cause a WAP to go offline-- perhaps unless you have more than one device handing out IP addresses. If you turned off auto-configure, did you manually set them to use different channels? Still shouldn't matter in terms of there ability to talk to your UDM (hardwired). Maybe plug you POE injector(s) into a UPS battery just to rule out a power delivery glitch? Good luck!
  10. That worked perfectly. The "." and "#" commands were successfully copied to the Record and Stop buttons. Thank you!! I also do see now that the color buttons appear after I select a source. EXCEPT, they don't appear when I select the Apple TV as my source. Is there some particular reason why this is the case? How difficult is it to use the Custom Buttons agent to program things to be on the touchscreen? Can you nudge me in the right direction to get started? Or, would it be better for me to schedule a tutorial session? Thanks!1
  11. Recently added a few lighting scenes for some LIFX strips to light my kitchen cabinetry using Chowmain driver updated to 3.0. Can anyone tell me why there are up/down arrows on one of these scenes in the mobile app?
  12. Interested in Sleep Number integration here as well
  13. Yessir, one of the first things I checked. I can manually execute it no problem. Connected to the generic window or door sensors on the populated Zone partition. Thing is, you can see the sensor change state in List View under System design, or from the UI, so the driver(s) are definitely reading the correct state.
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  15. Button needs to be setup as Toggle Load (or Load On or Load Off but I cant say I've ever used either of those) Once it's set to Keypad then it relies on a controller to function.
  16. It can be setup that way in Composer HE, as long as the button behavior is to toggle the load, rather than setup as a keypad button type.
  17. Awesome, thank you, I'll ask my dealer to do this. Just to clarify, if it's not setup that way in Composer Pro, the keypad dimmers, would just cease to function (even with a button set to toggle load in HE)? Thank you!
  18. In Composer Pro you can setup one of the buttons to directly control the load that's wired to the KD, only that button so set will function without an online controller.
  19. Awesome, thanks for posting that.
  20. How do keypad dimmers behave when the controller is down or if they somehow drop off ZB? Do they just revert to all buttons controlling the load, like when you install a new keypad before you ID it in? I feel silly for even asking, but am trying to determine if I need to keep a button assigned to the load for CYA on a few that are "critical". Happy Monday, and thank y'all!
  21. I have not stopped on it and presently have. it in my home. I need to integrate licensing and then it will be released.
  22. Did the 6170 end up working with the 12v relay?
  23. I think he stopped developing it. It was working in my home when I tried it at the time
  24. I would imagine by giant they are meaning lots of installations. Same could be said for ADT probably. While not much is going on with Matter, it seems Zigbee is getting more and more support. I believe Control4 is even going to have support for Zigbee Pro soon (i think that is why they changed systems to not have more than 1 ZAP server).
  25. Did this driver ever get completed? Would really like to leverage as well.
  26. Hi, I just replaced my UPD-Pro after it had been down for a few months. After installing the new one, resetting the switches and access points, re-adopting everything, and updating all the firmware, I am experiencing the APs disconnecting and reconnecting. I have two APs, and both are UAP-nanoHD. The weird thing is they both drop and reconnect at the same time. This is happening multiple times a day. I have turned off messing, turned off managed by Global AP Settings, turned off band steering, and turned off nightly channel optimization. The only thing I can think of is they are set to DHCP and not static. (I had everything set to static prior to the UDM Pro switch out). Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone have any ideas?
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