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  2. The idea and hope of the Home Screen and favoriting is to expose the devices you use the most to the top level so that you don't have to dig quite as deep each time you use the app. Then those same devices would get carried over to the Apple Watch for even quicker action and shorter time periods in the app. For those that like the Home Screen of each room to only contain experience menus, I have seen some take the approach of creating a "Watch" or "Apple Watch" room, favoriting all of your quick action devices there, and favoriting that room over to the watch.
  3. Looks like they are updating a sr260 a bit too. Notice the buttons specifically the watch and listen buttons are now icons and the page up and down etc are different too
  4. Quick question. I have not worked with a Blusound Vault server before. Will this send audio over the network so I can play back through an EA1? Or will I have to connect the Audio out from the Blusound to an amp.... Thank you in advance.
  5. Very enlightening. Thank you. This does of course make the menu/sub menu system configured by my installer somewhat problematical. I must now replicate favourites from within sub menus as top level room favourites to make them appear in the watch menu for each room. I have to also add every playlist from my Sonos system into every room menu, and every camera as a separate entry etc. The Intercom doesn't appear to be capable of being accessed as you can't make a particular intercom location (eg Entry) a favourite That's extremely clunky! Is there a suggested method for configuring a system that links to an Apple Watch?
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  7. Are you meaning a C4 scene as opposed to a Hue scene? I don't believe C4 can call Hue scenes even with 3.3+ (though I would love to be proven wrong).
  8. Yes, $500 for the non-touch version, and $900 for the Touch version. The $500 remote (November) is replacing the SR260 and the touch Halo remote (March?) is replacing the Neeo.
  9. Be specific on what hardware in the HC800 controller cant be supported. The original IO extender is older than the HC800 and is still supported. i need to just stop. The answer is they dont see value extending the life of those controllers anymore. Technical wise, it can be done.
  10. New Unopened Boxes Qty 1 - Ubiquiti Networks EdgeSwitch 24 Port 250W Managed PoE+ Gigabit Switch with SFP - 26Gbps Non-Blocking Throughput (ES-24-250W) Qty 1 - Access Point WiFi 6 Long-Range Total is $430.00 shipped to the US
  11. and not sure how to features you are requesting are related to hardware LCM?
  12. Do we have an idea of the price of the touch one? Looks like availability in Q1.
  13. You're focused on the software side only. The hardware is limited in terms of supported network security. Can't rewrite that with software.
  14. The apple watch can only execute favorite items that result in a direct action. A light or a light scene, but not the lighting menu. A favorite station, channel, album, playlist. A basic experience button. There is one exception to the above, the old school custom buttons which in OS2 would appear in the corners. In OS3 they appear as a folder button. Favorite that folder button will cause the watch app to open the folder and show the up to 6 items inside. Imagine if it was tied to a wall keypad button. Would the favorite execute with just one tap? If there are no qualifying favorites in a favorited room, the room will not show up in the watch. The watch is not intended to be a replacement for the phone app. It's a quick simple keypad like device. Turn on lights, start music, turn off the house.
  15. So if C4 is upgrading their controllers, why can't they alphabetize the macros, Voice Scenes, etc.... ? It seems odd that if everything is such a big change as to EOL a controller, the least that could be done then is allow alphabetizing of some of these items in programming. I don't think that is asking too much if I'm going to be spending several thousand dollars on a new controller. I don't think that would be asking too much. If they do a significant enough revamp that makes something as complex as audio streaming I would think alphabetizing should be something in the capability of the engineers involved. Every firmware update I'm always waiting to see this fix but for some reason it hasn't materialized.
  16. Looking for a Kwikset C4 lock. Looking for model kwikset C4-KSDB-Z-SN or C4-KSDB-Z-PB Let me know if you have one! Thanks! kwikset-doorlock-brochure-rev-b (7).pdf
  17. These are valid arguments. I would disagree on how much time and effort it would take to support the controllers once they are downgraded and stuck on a old version but it still work with new controllers. as the question to supporting old hardware I wonder if control4 views themselves more in line with Apple, Samsung, google, etc or Siemens, ABB, Honeywell or Allen Bradley? Or maybe somewhere in between.
  18. Echo calibration. also could be alarm panel chime if that’s integrated. Muj
  19. No one is forced to do anything with control4 so why is the response of “if you don’t want to upgrade don’t” an actual argument to make on why control4 would or would not decide to repurpose hardware so it doesn’t have to be trashed? There is precedence for them leaving hardware on an old revision and it still functioning in new systems. I have said I think the hc800 has been supported as a main controller for plenty of time but if there is a way to help customers/dealers and not have something end up in a landfill when it can be repurposed it might be worth Control4 doing everyone a favor.
  20. Hello. You can create account and download Thermostat driver for free (http://www.yatundev.eu/). It is not difficult. But you should remember that driver is usefull only with Yatun modbus tcp/rtu driver.
  21. Hi to all, I have this annoying sound coming from the touchscreen all day long. The C4 technician came twice to our house but they can't fix the problem. Can someone help me out to stop this annoying sound? Thanks! Ian IMG_0380.mov
  22. Perhaps, I just noticed that the room off button is missing from the front side. Also, does anyone know the MSRP of these yet?
  23. Still looking for one of these? I have one. $75 jeff
  24. I'm looking (badly) for Zigbee Module for Yale lock - ZYA-MOD-C4-S - I'm based in the UK. Anyone? Anything? TIA!
  25. Thanks! Yes, this has been a "must" from a long long time...
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