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  2. Has anyone started having this issue again? Roku not working with C4 remote.
  3. Which models and what are the prices?
  4. Hi, i have the same problem in all installations with TuneIn Premium Driver. This is very annoying... Please give me some solutions! Thank you.
  5. Have a new Core 5 and used Triad gear available; will follow up with pictures and details upon request. Sold to alot of you over the years, thanks as always.
  6. I'd concur with all the above overall. Controllers as such can easily last a decade and more - generally they live longer than they are supported in current software. Of course exact moment you buy it can influence that 'software' life cycle. But no longer being updated doesn't equal stop working - your system just can't get the latest secondary devices/software. I was just at a system that is running 1.7.4 just fine (only doing lighting and hvac) - and the system was installed at 1.6, and yes original controller, albeit power supply was changed once. 1.7.4 is 15 years ago... Lighting devices are still supported back to original release hardware, so 20 years including full software support. Amps and matrices same software wise, though some of the in between models had a much smaller 'physical' lifespan (literally today rebuilt a system on a current Core5 using the second gen amp and matrix though, that's an easy 12 years running) It's screens that have the shortest lifespan for upgrading software for sure (of Control4 'direct' devices)
  7. There are various drivers for IntelliTouch and IntelliCenter. However, I am not aware of any driver specifically for the IntelliConnect. These drivers communicate locally (either IP or RS232) with the Pentair system so don’t need the Pentair Home credentials. The Pentair communication protocol is fairly standard so it is possible that one of the existing Pentair drivers (IntelliTouch or IntelliCenter) may work with IntelliConnect. If I was to take a guess at which one is most likely to work, I would go for the bNet Solutions bPentair driver. But please note this is an IntelliTouch driver and there is no guarantee that it will work. AFAIK it was originally intended as a universal driver and if you reach out to the developer he may well help you get IntelliConnect integrated.
  8. Correct, that is what I was advised to do since the leads go to the same spot on the battery and not worry. Which they do. I have done this on a few with no issues.
  9. Which driver and version are you using with successful connect to intelliconnect? Will driver allow for integration simply using pentair home login credentials?
  10. mine worked fine... I since have hardwired it but wifi worked also.
  11. Any luck integrating Intelliconnect controller over wifi? Uses Pentair Home mobile app.
  12. Yesterday
  13. PM me your email address and I can send you a price list.
  14. ok I got the battery you posted arrived, opened the case and the OEM battery has 2 reds and 2 blacks the replacement has only one red and a black. Did you wire the reds and blacks together???
  15. To answer my own question: Kwikset has a thick door kit that their customer service will mail out on request. Fingers crossed that it works!
  16. It turns out the Kwikset lock won't fit our new front door, because the door is 2 1/4" thick and the Kwikset supports a maximum door width of 2". Does anyone have ideas for how to find a lock that would fit a door this thick but still be capable of integration with C4?
  17. Does anyone have a hardware sheet with prices? I did a quick search on this site and google but didn’t find anything published recently. I’m particularly looking for the lighting products. Thanks, Glenn
  18. I used the Binary baluns, they work great and allow you to control the volume of the Sonos with the TV remote (optical does not). Also the problem with optical (and Sonos) is that Sonos AMPs dont' have an optical or coax audio input...only HDMI ARC and analog.
  19. Sorry, that was a typo. What Drivers, What type of Signals, etc. I can’t tell you what you should do hardware wise without spending time looking at your project and understanding your objectives and long term desires…
  20. Is there a class video about this topic, as I’m a subscriber. Thank you.
  21. My former dealing told me I did not require a Core5, as it was “overkill” and told me a Core3 would be fine for my project. HC800 project was mitigated to new Core3 this week prior to installing and was informed of all the devices by my new remote dealer which I didn’t know the number of devices. I don’t think it’s fair to publicly post why I changed dealers nor didn’t stay with a local dealer—but responsive communication is a key. What do you mean by signee? @Cyknight I was informed that the project was successfully implemented on the new Core 3, as my Control 4 account shows my current OS 3.4. At first it was recommended of a CA-1 for a mesh support, but now leaning towards two Core 1’s, as I have other media rooms that could use these controllers. My touch screens, doorbell (original DS), touch tablet, and C4 app, all seemed to lag when on the HC800, thus why I’m considering a CA-10 in the future just for the responsive ‘’speed’ boost.
  22. This is an accurate summary. I have 18 or 20 Controllers across 2 homes. One home has had Control4 for 13 years and I have changed all of the Controllers in this home once (due to software enhancements that the old controllers could not handle). I don’t expect to change my controllers in this home for the next 4 or 5 years… so I am anticipating getting 9 or 10 years out of a controller for 2 consecutive periods. My second home is newer (6 years old) and none of my Controllers have been replaced although I added a CA10 when they came out 5 years ago and I added a Core5 more recently to give me extra audio capacity. Again, I don’t expect to replace any of my Controllers there for a good few years so I would expect to make 9 or 10 years on my first batch of controllers at this house. I have never had a controller failure at either home. Touchscreens I have changed more frequently and am on my third set of Touchscreens at my main residence (due to enhancements from V2 to T3 and then T3 to T4) in 13 years. I would hope there will be a T5 sometime in the next few years and I would probably upgrade again. At my beach house, half my Touchscreens are the original T3s and the other half are T4s where I opted to upgrade. In summary, touchscreens seem to last me around 5 or 6 years.
  23. If you only have two speakers optical is fine. You don’t need a driver. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. @chopedogg88 How did this work out in your project?. Did you use SPDIF optical or HDMI ARC for audio output? @Topspin14m I previously posted about the J-Tech Digital (JTD-3081) in this forum and was advised to use SPDIF optical rather than HDMI ARC. Is a driver required for the AV Binary B-260-ARC, as I didn’t see one in the C4 driver database? I’m just using for 2.0 in-ceiling speaker set up.
  25. I have had very positive past dealings with a company called Engineering Solutions Inc. These are the developers of the DMX Quad Engine RS232 to DMX device which is used by a Domaudeo Advanced DMX driver. Of late, I have not been able to reach them at all -- even with an order pending. Most importantly I hope all is well. Does anyone have any info or alternate contact info? Thank you
  26. thank you. The TV is on a slider and running another cable to the set is not an option. But I appreciate your suggestion.
  27. stupid composer. I was trying to use "update driver". I tried removing the driver and re-adding and it worked. go figure.
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