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  2. I don't like the Neeo because there aren't enough physical buttons, but I do like the Halo and plan to purchase one. This may very well be the solution. I still don't understand what the capabilities are with the experience/custom buttons and where I could place them, nor do I understand exactly what you've been able to customize with the Neeo. If you could share some examples and/or screenshots, I'd really appreciate it. I'm still not clear as to what I can and can't do, using a combo of Serial and IP drivers. Thanks.
  3. Using the Mini apps would certainly make that much more difficult. another dedicated player in the distribution system is an option if you need the audio. You can also do a lot of Fancy programming using experience buttons that would take place of the mini apps. It possible albeit with a quite a bit of programming.
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  5. Does anyone know if the DSC Power Series Pro can be integrated into C4?
  6. But there’s no stopping anyone from hitting Watch-Roku, Netflix, etc. the action will still happen whether you have announcements or whatever Better off getting another Roku or other streamer
  7. Can also just program each room that is the that roku is in use in the GYM then switch it to another input. if you have a c4 navigator you can switch it to that and display a pop up message that its in use. If you c4 audio zone could play announcement as well.
  8. Both. The last c4 os to allow embernet upgrades is 2.5.3
  9. your programming is at the device level. I program at the room which would look like Room x If current selected device = media player > If play ..... > then mute on, delay, mute off either way works just keep consistent and organized
  10. That fixed it. Thanks! Guess I assumed the selected device was known to the system, since the command was to play the Zappiti, but glad to learn something new! Thanks again!
  11. I have and sell many Clare panels. You 100% can use door and motion sensors to program against in control4. I have every motion and every door sensor working to turn on lights etc. I love the integration. It’s now owned by snap which is even better. And a very good price for what you can do. It has a hardwire add on too that can take your old wired sensors and integrate. jeff
  12. Extra Roku might be a good idea. We use the ceiling speakers as the default audio tho so would need to extract audio and send to matrix. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Do you mean they won't automatically update or do you mean I'm unable to physically flash new firmware as well?
  14. What is Embernet exactly and how would I know if I have that? A little off topic, but does anyone have any inexpensive recommendations for a motion sensor compatible with C4? I tried the new Shelly 2 motion sensors and that was a nightmare and never did work right, so I'm looking for an inexpensive alternative if one exists. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the ideas, guys. I've decided to just make it super simple and I ordered a Sonos Roam, which is a small 2.5" x 2.5" x 6" powered speaker. I'll hide that behind the decorative doorbell wall chime box (removing the guts of the wall chime box) and if it works the way I'm hoping, nobody will ever know it's not a true doorbell chime box. It will be in today and I'll report back my test results. I purchased it used for $109 on eBay and am hoping it will be pretty much plug n play, but we'll see. Wish me luck!
  16. Zwave 700 is built into the Core3 and the Core5 only, and uses the new generic drivers. The Control4 Zwave Plus module could be used with EA and in a chip for the CA1 processors, and it's drivers works with a limited list of devices.
  17. If it Matters, they'll have to. There have been so many "new standards" over the years, I suspect many will take a wait and see approach, if this one's fully baked and fully backed. Even if Control4 hasn't planned for it built in, it's an open enough standard that a third party driver will certainly be developed. The scare with Matter, is the 'bulb guys' will only produce Matter enabled devices, and we'll see over time a reduction in devices for platforms like zwave. Not so concerned with Control4 Zigbee as there are only 3 companies building products now anyways, it's already a niche market. (Nyce, Axxess and Control4)
  18. I have had 5 Lutron QS blinds on my system for a few years working fine. Last week We added 4 new roller blinds that run along our sliding doors to the back garden. They are connected to the same 10 way Lutron PSU unit as the other 5, and I cannot get C4 to communicate with them for some reason. They operate fine from the 10 slot smart panel override button. I have changed the integration ID's , just as I did before and programmed exactly the same If I telnet a Details all devices command to the QS standalone unit (QSE-CI-NWK-E) this is what I get ?DETAILS, ALL_DEVICES ~DETAILS,SN:0x0179eef4,INTEGRATIONID:QS Interface,FAMILY:CONTROL_INTERFACE(6),PRODUCT:QSE(1),CODE:8.60,BOOT:2.13,HW:1.0 ~DETAILS,SN:0x02354998,INTEGRATIONID:QS Smart Panel_,FAMILY:SHADES(3),PRODUCT:SHADE_PANEL(2),CODE:0.47,BOOT:2.6,HW:2.1 ~DETAILS,SN:0x03c34733,INTEGRATIONID:Guest Room 1_,FAMILY:SHADES(3),PRODUCT:ROLLER(1),CODE:2.35,BOOT:3.0,HW:11.6 ~DETAILS,SN:0x03c34734,INTEGRATIONID:Jacks Room_,FAMILY:SHADES(3),PRODUCT:ROLLER(1),CODE:2.35,BOOT:3.0,HW:11.6 ~DETAILS,SN:0x03c34735,INTEGRATIONID:Gabys Room_,FAMILY:SHADES(3),PRODUCT:ROLLER(1),CODE:2.35,BOOT:3.0,HW:11.6 ~DETAILS,SN:0x03c34736,INTEGRATIONID:Guest Room 2_,FAMILY:SHADES(3),PRODUCT:ROLLER(1),CODE:2.35,BOOT:3.0,HW:11.6 ~DETAILS,SN:0x03c34737,INTEGRATIONID:Master Bedroom_,FAMILY:SHADES(3),PRODUCT:ROLLER(1),CODE:2.35,BOOT:3.0,HW:11.6 ~DETAILS,SN:0x076c0162,INTEGRATIONID:Sliding Doors 1,FAMILY:SHADES(3),PRODUCT:ROLLER(1),CODE:3.7,BOOT:2.4,HW:83.14 ~DETAILS,SN:0x076c0163,INTEGRATIONID:Sliding Doors 2,FAMILY:SHADES(3),PRODUCT:ROLLER(1),CODE:3.7,BOOT:2.4,HW:83.14 ~DETAILS,SN:0x076c0164,INTEGRATIONID:Sliding Doors 3,FAMILY:SHADES(3),PRODUCT:ROLLER(1),CODE:3.7,BOOT:2.4,HW:83.14 ~DETAILS,SN:0x076c016a,INTEGRATIONID:Sliding Doors 4,FAMILY:SHADES(3),PRODUCT:ROLLER(1),CODE:3.7,BOOT:2.4,HW:83.14 I note my previous naming scheme appears to have an underscore at the end for some reason, however duplicating that has not helped. Also unsure what the codes after ROLLER(1) refer to but they do not match and wonder if that has something to do with it? thanks in advance
  19. Is there a new Z-Wave module, C4-ZWU, that I need to order to use on the CA-1?
  20. I just learned about Matter, the new protocol launched in October by the Connectivity Standard Alliance (formerly the Zigbee Alliance) and backed by 190 companies including majors such as Apple, Amazon and Google. Does anyone know if C4 will participate/play with Matter?
  21. Terrible if you want to do anything other than security. Can't use motions to program off of like lights etc. Can't program off anything ready can just arm and disarm. Do a favor get a decent dcs or other system w full capability.
  22. I ordered a Sonos Roam, which is a very small speaker (about 6" long and 2.5" wide and deep), and will be hiding it in the decorative cover of the old doorbell. It's supposed to be here today. I'll reply back when I have it working or if I have any issues. It's the perfect size for use as a doorbell.
  23. Got any light switches? Can change backlighting to a color if roku is in use or do what I did 1 get a cheap roku and attach it to the gym tv and use the peloton app there. My gym tv is 98% peloton so that’s what I do and when I’m in the gym and press watch peloton it’s taking it from the stick locally - not the shared roku that is distributed
  24. Someone always tries to watch the Roku in our Gym when someone is working out. My wife uses the Roku for the Peloton Channel. So I've been thinking is there a way notify the user who is now selecting the roku that it is already in use? Would love to hear ideas on this also, is there a way to change the room on an sr250 or 260 programmatically?
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