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  2. And I'm not convinced the TV will be able to process more data.
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  4. Unfourtunately a little Japanese to me, C4 my living nightmare thanks :(
  5. Again, why? 4K streaming maxes out at about 15-25 Mbps, uncompressed 4K files max out at 50 Mpbs. Blu-Ray quality is still just 1080p Your BACKBONE should be sitting at 1 Gbps ports with a matching internal stranfer similar to 1Gbps times the amount of ports (or, newer, 2.5 and of course using SPF at 10 or more to allow transfer between switches) - but that local device isn't going to need those speeds AT ALL. ENDPOINTS with more than 100 Mbps ports are arguably very overrated. As for getting the new iP in: you can always just enter the info manually (so ID using IP, and set MAC addresses where needed manually in driver properties). That said, I truly don't know if the TV and driver will work that way. Especially things like power on commands if they use WoL are likely to NOT work.
  6. Directly - there are some, but usually you'd have something like C4 to do this with, or have it tied into a security system (most security systems allow basic relay control devices, though the function is often under utilized) - and then you can use your security system, associated app AND still incorporate it into Control4 or other systems. Where the supply is is changeable, but generally you'd do it where all the other automation is, yes As for how they are installed: this is where they are much more versatile than people tend to think (a lot of mag locks are undeniably installed very basic, so you see a huge box) - but depending on application you can use mag locks fully routed into door and frame (shear locks) - or the main unit is in the door frame and an L plate is installed across the top of the door (and can be painted to match the door or even have say a wood veneer that covers the lock AND the door etc). There are also options for electronic strikes and electronic bolts of course. Any of these are simply relay controlled devices, and are extremely simple to integrate into C4 or other automation systems. Even retro is often possible enough, by putting power and a local control piece into a nearby closet for example. But retro is almost always more expensive to finish (nicely).
  7. Primarily the override feature, prevent lock-outs in case of fire or power outages etc, in several ways (ie auto-unlock, lock override switches, battery back-up) as well as optional outputs for state etc All depends on what you're willing to do for it. You might be surprised what some people readily lay down for these sort of things to be included in their home.
  8. Internal streaming of blu-ray quality videos from my NAS. Future proofing as Netflix and other providers start offering higher video quality. So how do I get control4 to recognize the new IP?
  9. But why? What do you get from gig on TVj
  10. Curious, what is the need for a gigabit connection?
  11. So I recently discovered the network card in pretty much every TV (including Sony) is only 100Mbps. I bought a TP-Link USB to Ethernet adapter (UE300), plugged it into the USB port on my Sony TV and voila, I am now getting gigabit connection (verified this through my Ubiquiti portal). Problem is the TV now has a new IP address and it seems Control4 is paired to the TV's old IP address. How do I update or point Control4 to the correct IP address for this TV? FYI I use a Pre Shared Key for the Sony TV and the credentials did not change.
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  13. bump - make me an offer! want to see these things go! $400 each?
  14. What type of safety features? I have done these as well and they are not cheap, but not crazy expensive. Just depends on the hinging mechanism used and how "hidden" you want it to be. I have used this for a locking mechanism in those applications and it has worked well for me: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07X8N9TN2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It also depends on the millwork companies past experience. If they have never done this before, you bet its gonna be costly. I never like to be the "learning curve" for trades.
  15. Always talking new construction. I don't do reno's. I would put one switch in the room and hide another switch somewhere nearby. Do these allow for locking/unlocking via smart phone / app? It's not like front door application where I would be buzzing people in. I take it 24v power supply would get installed in the AV room/rack? Is there a battery backup? Do they require surface mounting, or can everything be buried in the door and door frame (e.g. rout out a box like you would for a mortise lock)?
  16. To be clear: maglocks are not a cheap option: but it comes with several safety features, and are extremely versatile. In the end the cost for a hidden door is in the hidden door and finishing itself much more than the locking mechanism. I know of a cabinet maker that makes custom bookshelf doors (no locking included) that charges more for a single door size unit than we do for a smallish c4 system with lightning including all a/v Then again I made one for myself (though no fancy finish on the 'inside') with leftover material and a single mag lock for...about the 200 for the mag lock and a pair of hinges. Now that one was nothing too fancy, and a half height built-in shelving unit that can be pulled out to provide access for a 'dump' storage area (suitcases, that sort of thing) but it gives an idea of the range this could go to.
  17. lol: I don't get those either, that's for Calgary to deal with.
  18. maglock.com? They'll list any number of options. Cost for mag locks will range extensively. I suggest not overpaying for a branded Schlage , but expect to pay somewhere from $400 to $800 for a double door (double leaf) mag lock at 1200 lbs. You'll likely want to add a beefy 24v powersupply, but that's under 100 Rough in cost are nearly impossible to say really - if we're talking about something along the lines of what you did there, it's going to be full custom. The rough in itself shouldn't be that expensive if full reno/new contruction - you're talking about a low voltage wire from the lock to a switch, then to a second switch if dual override is required, then to where your system is at. Honestly in the scheme of things I'm not sure the sales guys even charge for it on a whole house wiring quote. Retro and finishing - well that is impossible to give a range on beyond anywhere from $1 to $100000.
  19. Ignorance is something that should be cured, not abused. Like I said, I'd love to see the functionality to adjust preset brightness on a schedule BAKED IN to , say an agent as well: but I don't want to see 'daylight' as the name for that function: daylight or circadian lighting naming set aside: it would be a misnomer that should be avoided.
  20. You could potentially use the variables in the chowmain light group driver to do this. And maybe mix with variable manipulator driver.
  21. I completely agree. @alanchow is there any chance Chowmain could create a generic "daylight-to-dimmer-level" driver to fill this void? I'm guessing it would have ~5 different dimmer levels mapped to 5 different "Kelvin color temperatures", with the ability to adjust the default dimmer levels to better match different types of bulbs. When the daytime lighting agent specifies a certain "Kelvin color temperature", the driver translates that to the appropriate dimmer level.
  22. lock drivers have different conditional per drivers. Your light programmimg could be on the command lock/unlock which I believe (with my locks) is trigger when c4 send the command. Option 2 is manual lock which does not trigger the same programming and i think there is a 3rd option like lock proxy. It could be a simple duplication of programming to solve your problem. I have 1 customer with August and I havent messed around with that driver much (cindev) This driver mentions "Activate routines or scenes based on lock events ". https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/security-systems/august-smart-lock/
  23. I don't remember when it happened, but at some point Control4 started saving the shuffle setting with the playlist. So I was able to remove all of the workarounds. Now the playlists shuffle by default. Make sure shuffle is on when you save the playlist, and it should be enabled (and cause a reshuffle) the next time you start it.
  24. He is busy trying to learn the remote and hopefully will get it right
  25. I do have august part of control 4 and works great. There is a feature with august that unlocks door when bluetooth is recieved but that is not recongized by control 4
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