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  2. Secondary Controllers shouldn't really use any CPU.. So, it comes down to what you want to use them for.. But, the Core Series are the newest ones. That being said, we come across this a lot, where people under power their system, and later want to improve it. The question should be, what problem are you trying to solve? At this point of time, it only makes sense to install CA1 or Core though. EA1 v2 was released 4 years ago I think, and the V1 was substantially longer (maybe 7 or 8). EA Series is no longer a current model, but is still good if you want a cheap solution, expanding a current solution, for insurance purposes, or other basic requirements.
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  4. We agree, the more pressure dealers and users can put on C4 the more likely we are to get it resolved.
  5. Still working on the driver. The main hold up has been we've not had access to a Tesla account for testing as understandably dealers were nervous about providing their Tesla login details, so the driver stalled for a good few months. We do now have access to an account so it's progressing again now and we hope to be able to announce the release of our new official integration soon. If you'd like to help with testing please submit a ticket on our website at www.intrinsicdev.com/support or reply to an existing ticket if you have one.
  6. I had an EA5 lying around and was trying to reuse as much as possible (and AFAIK, EA5 still supports all current C4 OS/composer versions). Also considering that the zigbee mesh is going to be split anyways (due to the 70 device limit), and I am also not running audio/video through C4 - I don't know exactly what advantage the Core5 would offer. And similarly for the CA10 - that would simply make the Navigators more responsive (touchscreen/phones/remotes) and director itself - right? Any other advantages? Even if I went with a new Core 5 for primary controller, what would you suggest for the secondary controllers - Core 1, EA1 or CA1? And its too late for any centralized wiring...
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  8. My recommendation is a CA-10, Core 5 for audio and the main zigbee mesh controlled and then Core 1's for the additional meshes. That's not inexpensive, but I'd consider the scale of this project to be worthy of a CA-10. I believe you will ultimately derive far more benefits from the Core platform controllers with the new zigbee protocol and some upcoming additional features that will not work with the EA controllers. Now that said, you could get by with a Core 5 running director, audio and the main zigbee mesh, but you'll still need a secondary Core 1 zigbee mesh for the excessive zigbee devices. but the CA-10 will be remarkably better and snappier. Especially with the touchscreens. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Id probably recommend centralized wiring if it's still an option
  10. $35.00 plus USPS shipping. Excellent Condition and works perfectly. Uses Wifi connectivity. Comes with Mid-Power Box.
  11. I thought I was going crazy! Glad I’m not the only one watching Https turn right back to checked right after I unchecked it!
  12. Used Triad One in White. Excellent condition $400 Shipped to a CUSA address.
  13. Why are you using old generation hardware on a new and such a large install? I would use a core controller as the main controller and potentially use EAS for your other ZB meshes. But I would highly recommend keeping it all current generation
  14. Hi all I am in the process of doing a new installation for my family- its a large basement + 2 floor house (totaling about ~6,000 - 7,000 sqft). I am going with Sonos for audio distribution (15 zones) and AVPro for video distribution (5 or so 4K TVs with Neeo remotes, and a couple of video sources). I will have a DSC alarm system integrated, along with a few Z2IO based garage doors and ~3 C4 chime doorbells (along with 2 Yale Assure Touch electronic door locks). HVAC will be on 4 Ecobee zones. The network is all Ubiquiti and am also using UniFi video cameras. I am not sure, but I think there is going to be Rachio based irrigation system integrated into C4. We will have about 180 or so Zigbee devices (mostly lights) and about 4 wall touchscreens. I am going to use an EA5 for the main controller that will send the on-screen navigator HDMI feed as a source for my video matrix. I generally prefer Zigbee / IP based drivers, and don't anticipate needing any serial or IR based drivers. I don't think there is going to be a lot of automation / programming within the system. I have a couple of questions: 1. Since I have a large number of devices, and need additional Zigbee meshes (thinking an additional 2), what additional Zigbee controller hardware should I go for (CA1, Core Lite, EA1, etc.)? My instinct is CA1 would suffice as all I need is a Zigbee mesh from it. 2. How should I break down the Zigbee mesh? I was going to do one mesh per floor or should I doing 1 mesh per side of the house (and one in the middle)? 3. Considering that audio and video is externalized from C4, and I am already splitting the Zigbee mesh, I don't think I need a CA10, but would love to hear other's rationale. Since the renovation project is significantly over budget, I am trying to figure what will be critically needed for the system to be decently usable while avoiding any splurges (or implementing them at a later date). Thanks
  15. I don't think one bad egg should make you close the for sale section. It's not your fault. As you said, some folks just suck. You should probably ban this guy.
  16. (Hoping the Shelly driver gets updated for the new Bluetooth add ons. Stuck the temp sensor in the fridge and links great to their relay.)
  17. Well there is the Control4 battery powered wireless contact sensor that does temp and humidity. Just a general thought.
  18. Shelly H&T will monitor temperature and humidity and the Chowmain driver is great. https://www.shelly.com/en-us/products/shop/shelly-h-and-t-white-us?gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAjw7NmzBhBLEiwAxrHQ-UkdYs_KHPHkH-gtEtH0zAUXlwHssi7P7lA9JZGvRRk469DPS-hQ4hoCyMIQAvD_BwE
  19. Hi all, what’s my best option for a battery operated temp sensor that integrates with c4? I just want to be able to read temp from my wine cellar and trigger notifications/monitor temp remotely from the c4 app (no need to actually control the wine cooler). I don’t have access to power so it needs to be battery operated. thanks!
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  21. Sorry to hear that @Time2Jet, we do have some folks from time to time that suck around here. It's challenging but IDK how to police it without closing the for sale section
  22. @txc4tech I see you logged in on 06/06/24. I take it you don't care enough about yourself to understand that by taking $500 from me and running, you committed a crime? In Texas that's grand larceny and the penalties are stiff. It's coming. I offered you a way out. @msgreenf people like this cannot remain on the forum. I have all of the backup you'll need to ban him. I am filing criminal charges against him. He doesn't realize that I purchased from him in the past. Have his name, address etc for the authorities. They asked me to try to work it out first and get back to them if he didn't make things right. He didn't ever respond. Was worried maybe something happened to him, so I was patient. But he's logging in, so he's fine... just a criminal (or about to be). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. I have several Pakedge PDU’s and another brand, Netbooster. All have static IP. All are set outside DHCP range. Recently, I’ve ran into an issue where I can’t access the Pakedge units without rebooting them. They don’t show up in any network scans. I can access the Netbooster. Any ideas? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. New DS2 firmware also broke my previously working system: EA3/T3 3.4.2, iOS 324.21.0 - all latest of this writing. My findings are a bit different than already posted (with use HTTPS ON): 1. On T3 I get working live camera but NO snapshot 2. On iOS App (on home Wifi) I get working snapshot but NO live camera With use HTTPS OFF: 1. On T3 I get working live camera but NO snapshot 2. On iOS App (on home Wifi) I get working live camera but NO snapshot (struck-out camera icon) Intercom seems to work variably - sometimes it works normally, sometimes it wont answer, sometimes it wont answer and also wont hang up a call Oh and to make it that bit harder to figure out - use HTTPS gets automatically toggled back on at some point every time (after 5+ min or so).
  25. I have a Control4 Halo Touch (C4-HALO-TS-BL) that connects to a Control4 Core 1 Hub & Controller (C4-CORE1) I also have a Control4 Halo Touch (C4-HALO-TS-BL) that connects to a Control4 Core Hub & Controller (C4-EA1). The Halo connecting to EA1 works without issue. The Halo connecting to the C4-CORE1 disconnects every 24 hours. Rebooting the Halo does not help. I need to reboot the C4-CORE1. I am almost certain the C4-CORE1 is dropping the Halo connection when idle for N hours. The Halo thinks is still has a connection to the C4-CORE1 is what I suspect.
  26. Have no issue at our end ~video works on iPads and iPhones 3.41 - using a core 3
  27. Also available on Bluesound Node. Don't believe everything you read on the internet!
  28. I understand that a setting changed on my driver (presumably during the update). I am out of the country at present so have not had the opportunity to change and test this. FWIW, the problematic setting is apparently the “Use HTTPS” setting which should be set to false.
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