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  2. Does anyone know where I can find a driver for a pentiar intellitouch?
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  4. Yes, the fan controller buttons are fully programmable - unlike the KC120277 the layout just can't be changed. For the record: KC = configurable keypad. Doesn't control a load itself KD = is a keypad and dimmer in one, so controls a load as a dimmer (and yes not what you want here at all) KA = something else entirely in that it's a special device to act as a multi-way switch for cheap (think top and bottom of stairs), no programming involved (or possible) and looks like a C4 regular switch or dimmer but no leds.
  5. anyone know if there is a way to map the 4 color buttons to the color buttons on the actual remote? (in this case its a Droidlogic Sword+ box) Control is working but the client needs to be able to use the color buttons to switch between different views in the app they are using (OnAir). I only see the ability to map the color buttons to app shortcuts.
  6. I don’t want to turn off the protection, just add an exception to run a program. However, my issue may be entirely unrelated to rebinding. And if doing an exception opens up significant vulnerability, I won’t do it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Thats exactly how it works. There are literally settings on camera UIs not included in the more general NVR config options. It’s also specifically talked about in many brands knowledge base. Otherwise you risk mismatched settings.
  8. Pretty sure DNS rebinding is a way for hackers to hack your PC. Why do you need this protection removed??
  9. This is the current C4 fan switch in my master bedroom (AC fan) I didn't want to confuse the pictures, thus the 2nd follow-up post. You're saying I could reprogram this switch when I have the DC fan installed and add scene keys such as Music (on/off), TV (on/off). Just not the volume rockers, which I'm OK with as there is a touch panel nearby and remote.
  10. Would a C4-KC120277 work? Sorry as I'm not an electrician by trade trying to understand KC, KD (which is a dimmable programable switch and not appropriate for a fan) and KA . Trying to understand the types of C4 light switches that were installed, as I update from AC to DC fans. Yes, I would like to change the layout of the programmable keys and why I don't want a 'dummy non-control 4 switch' Is the attached photo an example of a KC120277, as the top button controls two AC fans on my porch and the reminder keys are for scenes. I assume I can re-use this light switch (attached photo).
  11. Like i said, that is not how it works. I've never come across anyone choosing to configure 50+ cameras individually on systems like these when they are purposely designed to be managed via the NVR.
  12. I dont know what you are talking about. There is nothing special about HIK. You should set up IP cameras individually and check to make sure NVR settings match. Batch setting cameras via the NVR is the improper way to do it.
  13. That's not how it works within Hikvision. The NVR must have access to the camera to manage them. Is there something precautionary in your mind?
  14. "Mitch fixed it"? haha, well i didn't fix it, I just clicked upgrade! Happy to help anyone else upgrade to 3.4.2
  15. @msgreenf fixed it for me with bindings - thank you! As an aside: I recently purchased Text Expander and I think I'm going to add the phrase "Mitch fixed it" to Text Expander given how often that happens
  16. I was able to test 3.4.2's fix for remote connection of Composer HE to both properties with C4 and can confirm that it is working again which is a great fix! Note that you need to have separate licenses for HE for each property. Thanks to @msgreenf for upgrading me and helping me work through this over the last few weeks!
  17. Hello, I am hoping someone can help. I am running an Araknis 220 router. Long story short, although it is way over my head, the working theory is that the router is blocking “DNS rebinding” and I need to setup an exception in the router. I cannot find anywhere to do it. Does anyone know if such an exception is possible with the router and if so, where do I do it? Thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Who ever said programming was supposed to be fun? RyanE
  19. They only way I known to use Aqara is to setup home assistant and connect to C4
  20. You'd bypass it's control wire and do a passthrough power to the ceiling fan location, at which point you could still use the existing fan controller as a keypad (but you can't change the layout so you're stuck with that. Alternatively you'd put a wireless keypad in place so you can configure it to you heart's content)
  21. For notification on not playback: that's just Idle. Idle is neither record nor play - so yes it would notify you if it stops recording if used barebones, but if that is an issue, you can just add an IF statement for IF it is recording - stop, then do the notification. As for your programming, why bother having the IF/Else statement to stop? If it's not playing, a stop command simply won't do anything to begin with: you're just over complicating things there. The not always disarming, and the programming not triggering when disarming from the panel are most likely not an issue with the mockupancy: it's likely an issue with the alarm panel or it's driver: networx however is so outdated at this point, that I doubt you'd be able to find much support except on here - provided someone here is familiar with the product. I fear your best answer will be getting a current alarm panel to replace the networkx. GE/interlogix has been gone for nearly 5 years, with end of support nearing 3 years....
  22. I still use their products, yes, no recently but they make great products
  23. Those companies have a history of going out of business or have shitty support. I'm a fan of paid support models. I hate lifetime passes as they always tend to go away. I'm a fan of 4sight to keep c4 in business.
  24. Who can I ask about the intricacy of mockupancy if no answers in the forums? My installer doesn't know.
  25. I would 100% take an heavily active community like Unifi or Home assistant for my technical support over paid staffer reading from outdated workflows who half of the time have no idea what im talking about.
  26. Control 4 when hitting the volume +/- on the Ipad app and/or the remote is showing the volume in Absolute which doesn’t match the number on the Receiver that is using Relative. Can C4 be changed to display Relative volume? This is important because with this setup using a JVC Projector we are using Masking which cuts off the OSD at the bottom of the screen and being able to see the volume in the App or the Remote is what the client wants. Of course I can change the Sony to use Absolute but that isn't what the client wants and Relative is used for calibration as well. If anyone knows how to do this I would appreciate your help. Thanks
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