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  2. Same issue, 3 Denons and 1 Marantz. All switch to CD once video is changed to say Media Player. It is a bug. Easy to program around it but a pain in the ass...any idea if a fix is coming?
  3. Not sure what that other driver did exactly, but I wrote something a bit ago that may do what you need if you're just trying to share a serial connection: https://github.com/annex4-inc/control4-serial-shim You should be able to download the .c4z file in the release section.
  4. RIght now I have it setup that if the dog walker unlocks the yale front door then the alarm is disarmed. I'm trying to figure out a way when they leave to rearm the alarm. Cavets - our house is big enough in that they might not know we are home and don't want the system rearming. I was thinking about a true/false variables when Alarm disarmed set alarm to false When Alarm arm stay set alarm to true When Alarm arm away set alarm to true #dog unlocks front door and alarm armed# yale front door unlock equals dog if alarm = true disarm alarm (which will set alarm variable to false - temporarily see below) set dog to true set alarm to true (as we wanted to save the previous state before the door was unlocked) if alarm = false (we are home or house was not armed) end #dog presses exit button on keypad# if dog is true and alarm is true arm alarm away set dog to false (ie dog walker has left) This is reliant on the dog walker pressing the exit button when leaving after picking up the dog and pressing it again when dropping off the dog Anyone see an issue with this (I recognize the issue of saving an alarm disarm code in composer)
  5. Does the mockupancy driver respect time? Planning to turn on playback when house armed to away. If we leave at midnight for a flight - will it starting turning on the lights in the middle of the night or will it respect the recording and only start at 7am?
  6. There's a driver in the driver database for that exact model: https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?q=QN75LS03BAFXZA
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  8. I had the issue again last night. The way I solved it was to reboot my primary C4 controller. It then started to work again.
  9. She’s at it again. What a pain in the ass. Hit or miss when asking for lights. Disabled the skill………… now wont enable …. so what else is new. Control4 makes a big deal on site “ Voice Control”. yea right !
  10. It was not available with os3.0 initially. They have added more to the OSD and continue as they update the experiences.
  11. I think the channel up or down button will get into the app. not elegant but when the tv is selected press the channel up or down button. Might be one of the default options as well just check the driver. There may be a driver already for it as well.
  12. sounds like a power supply failure on the matrix. Sounds like you need to replace the matrix again or at a minimum the power supply.
  13. Anyone know of a way to call the Samsung "TV Plus" app programmatically? I'd like to tie an experience button or a physical button to this. I don't see a mini driver for it, so I'm wondering if there's another way. It's the free streaming tv that comes with Samsung TVs these days... I know we can call a specific mini app (map it to a remote button or something), but without having the universal driver for it you can't tie it to something like "mini app 6" so not sure if there's a way to make this work...
  14. I have a Samsung TV with the model code: QN75LS03BAFXZA The TV doesn't appear through SDDP. Is there a way to download the driver ?
  15. ok, thanks Mitch. I haven’t used the system since the last update. I remember that going away at some point on my TVs and I was curious if I needed a cheap t3 touchscreen or something to accomplish my goal.
  16. Hey y’all, In my rent house I’ve had problems with renters unplugging my network gear so I’d like to lock the closet. The issue is my c4 thermostat is in that closet and has a remote temp sensor. If I lock the room is there a way to add the t-stat to the TV’s OSD so the guests can change the temperature, yet not have access to my media cabinet? Thanks! Luke
  17. Yes - significantly quicker! I went from MyQ to exactly what Ari is recommending and very glad I did. Ari supplied my Z2IO’s as well. I highly recommend taking him up on his offer - I think you will be very glad you did.
  18. G'day all, Selling an EA1 V2 here in Melbourne, Australia, for AUD400 (excluding shipping). It still has the original box. The reason I'm selling it is because I now own a CORE-5. This controller can run the latest OS 3.4.0. Keep in mind, you will require an installer for configuration (no support is provided on my end). This is a V2 model, NOT the V1. It has never been installed at any customers property (only at my own)
  19. I hadn't, but that is a good thought. The Chowmain driver looks cool, as usual.
  20. Have you thought about just using something like Wiz or TPLink?
  21. I'm decommisioning my C4 install. I'll have a bunch of items, running Before I trash them all, is anyone here supporting a legacy install and could use them? I'm located in Canada, price will be something nominal + shipping. Switches, dimmers, some 6 button devices. The controller I may need to keep for now as a music player, I don't have another sol'n for that yet. Absolutely NO guarantee other than "it worked when I removed it".
  22. I'm looking to buy a wireless outlet switch to run our Xmas tree lights! Thanks
  23. The Version 2 drivers contains an Auto-Setup Outlet Light Devices Action. However, you really want to be running a non HCxxx processor, and OS3.3.3 or OS3.4.0 (which HC series doesn't support). The minimum required is OS 3.3.0, but the enhancements since then were absolutely massive, and there are a lot of very valid reasons to be upgrading from even a HC800 these days if you're still running one Also, not sure if HE lets you move drivers around? Version 1 of the driver however doesn't have this action, because the development libraries didn't really exist at the time to do it nicely (and you needed a separate outlet light driver too).
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