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  1. The TV is inside a pavilion covered, but Ive given it a shot. So far it seems to be working. A resolution is a resolution. So far Im claiming success. Time will tell.
  2. Just found a post on a different forum where someone was having IR issues with a Sunbrite TV. Their resolution was blocking the IR window on the front of the TV when using the one in the rear. Seems simple enough to try, although seems odd that could fix it.
  3. All, Has any seen issues with Sunbrite Veranda series tvs and the IR in the rear of the TV. Mine will work fine and then after a period of time will just stop working while Im watching the TV. If I unplugged the TV or manually turn it off, it basically resets it and then the commands start working for awhile again. I think the issue is limited to the rear IR, as when this occurs I can still use the Sunbrite remote control without issue. However that is leveraging the front IR. Just curious if folks have sunbrite tvs or have installed them, and if you have experienced the same thing. I do know of at least one other person who is having the same problem as me and has the same TV. If there is any known resolution let me know. Pretty sure the issue is with the TV itself vs C4.
  4. FireTv with IRUSB. The controls using that device are maybe even better than my firetv remote itself.
  5. Although unsupported..my whole network is Ubiquiti and I have zero issues. Im not using Andriod anything, all IOS though.
  6. Nevermind on the below. I found it in the larger 3.0 thread. Currently doesn't work with IOS according to that thread when using 3.0. In a different thread? Ill do some searches. The solution from this thread for a previous version doesn't seem to be an option anymore in 3.0. It doesn't let you modify the IP in the IOS app, it pulls it from your account directly....or so it seems.
  7. Anyone else tried this with 3.0? Can't seem to get VPN to work on 3.0, although I can resolve the IP from a browser over the VPN.
  8. As others state, Ari is the man. Not only for programming, but also got me a great deal on some cameras and a NVR. He definitely went above and beyond when adding my cameras to my system.
  9. Lilin cut me off once they determined I wasn't a dealer. However I figured out a way to fix mine, so mine works now. I did a hail mary, and just went into my NVR and did a full reset back to factory defaults. I left the driver in C4, version 1.1.4 untouched. I then re-added my cameras and changed the admin password. All the C4 controls are working now.
  10. Ok. I opened a ticket with Lilin. They told me I needed to be on driver 1.1.4 and said they have my series of NVR working in their office. I updated my driver, but yeah for me it didnt change anything. I can get video from the NVR on the TV screen, but all controls from C4 dont work. If they figure something out Ill let you know.
  11. Did you eve get this working? I have a brand new NVR5208E and have the exact same problem. I get video on the screen, but I can't control anything through C4.
  12. I think I might have the same issue with my Lilin NVR setup. Still playing around with it though.
  13. Thanks everyone. I ended up going with the Pakedge autofocus bullets and the Lilin POE NVR.
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