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  1. As others state, Ari is the man. Not only for programming, but also got me a great deal on some cameras and a NVR. He definitely went above and beyond when adding my cameras to my system.
  2. Lilin cut me off once they determined I wasn't a dealer. However I figured out a way to fix mine, so mine works now. I did a hail mary, and just went into my NVR and did a full reset back to factory defaults. I left the driver in C4, version 1.1.4 untouched. I then re-added my cameras and changed the admin password. All the C4 controls are working now.
  3. Ok. I opened a ticket with Lilin. They told me I needed to be on driver 1.1.4 and said they have my series of NVR working in their office. I updated my driver, but yeah for me it didnt change anything. I can get video from the NVR on the TV screen, but all controls from C4 dont work. If they figure something out Ill let you know.
  4. Did you eve get this working? I have a brand new NVR5208E and have the exact same problem. I get video on the screen, but I can't control anything through C4.
  5. I think I might have the same issue with my Lilin NVR setup. Still playing around with it though.
  6. Thanks everyone. I ended up going with the Pakedge autofocus bullets and the Lilin POE NVR.
  7. All squared away now. Thanks everyone.
  8. Just and update to this, was able to purchase a set of the pakedge cameras. Still need to purchase the NVR. The one im interested in: Lilin NVR5208E the dealer is trying to get a price on.
  9. Hey everyone, Looking for 6 outdoor IP cameras, either Luma 510 series or Pakedge Autofocus Bullet IP Camera 4 MP anda NVR. Figure a 510 series if I got Luma cameras and a Lilin if I got the Pakedge. I would be mounting these under eaves. Local dealer was offering a good price on the Pakedge cameras, but wasn't impressed with the Lilin price or installation price. Another dealer priced out Luma for me, however he was only able to quote the equipment at MSRP pricing and no discounts. Hoping a dealer here might be able to offer up some good pricing. Thanks
  10. Hey everyone, Venturing into adding security cameras to my house. My usual dealer is quoting pakedge cameras, and another vendor is quoting Luma 4mp domes or 8mp domes. Im trying to be a little cost conscious, so Im wondering if the 8mp domes are really worth it or if the 4mp will be just fine. My goal is to basically see the perimeter of my house all the way around and the recreational areas we have in the backyard. All the cameras would be installed around 30ft high from the soffits. Also, is it fairly trival for a C4 dealer to remote program these cameras into my existing C4 setup? The dealer quoting the Luma cams is not a C4 dealer, but Imthinking its not terribly hard to add them to C4 and could easily be done remotely since Luma advertises C4 integration. As we all know its usually a lot cheaper for someone to remote configure than local dealers. Thanks!
  11. The answer to this question is you either bury them deeper in the ground or you cut them to the height you want. That was response I received from Triad.
  12. In my setup the installers had issues with my FIOS STB and my 4k matrix when trying to enable sound through my russound system. When switching to that audio source it would make a crackle sound and no play sound. Switch off of it, then back on to it and it would play. I grew out my system a bit and went from a 6x6 with no down mixing to the 8x8 with down mixing and I no longer have that issue. They think there was something going on with the set top boxes not truly switching to stereo or some along those lines.
  13. Is it possible to swap out the Control 4 logo displayed in the center of the navigator with a custom logo, like a corporate logo? If so, does this also work with the IOS app?
  14. a lot more work, but I was able to get this working using Alexa Routines and a lot more trigger entries in the Alexa Driver
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