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  1. Thanks. Hope it gets fixed, or if maybe someone knows of a different driver that does the same thing let me know. The one button swapping was perfect for my setup.
  2. Im convinced this driver just doesn't work anymore. Let me know if anyone else is using it with success. I went through the instructions multiple times and just can't figure out what Im missing with it.
  3. Hey Everyone, Im using the video wall driver in my setup. Ever since going to v3+ the driver seems to have become extremely flakey. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Right now it is completely not working. Is anyone else using this driver and having a similar experience on v3?
  4. It was painful, but finally just deleted everything in Composer, and Alexa I’m relation to the driver/confit and redid it all. Luckily for me most of the stuff I never used anyways (could never remember what I named everything) so ended up being a forcing clean up function. But alas I’m up and running again.
  5. My whole setup is a mess now. For the amazon stuff I loaded in the new driver and did the trigger discovery and it only found one. My multi screen driver is no longer doing screen swaps. And now FIOS gave me this TV One Minis that I can only get two devices to actually register. Wtf.
  6. I set up the new driver, connected to the echo dot I was connected to before, created my triggers, but now they aren’t being discovered during discovery. Any thoughts?
  7. I’m pretty sure i upgraded to the v2 driver and it didn’t change anything.
  8. All my triggers are showing and the device it is tagged to shows as being online with the IP I assigned it. However if I go into the Alexa app it shows all my triggers as a state of Server Not Responding. Any ideas?
  9. Ok. So I have multiple scenes that once invoked it runs through the appropriate on/off routine for selecting the programmed color. Example: I have a scene labeled Blue and a scene labeled Green. Blue flips the switch 8 times, Green flips the switch 9 times. That all appears to be working good. My question is in relation to status of the scene in navigator. The probably I have is if I select Blue for example the status icon for all my scenes will show on in the UI. Is there any way to prevent this so the only scene that shows on is the one I selected? Each scene is the same single light switch, so I can understand why this would happen, it being basically a single load. Just wondering if I missed a way around this.
  10. Actually I think I got it. Thanks!
  11. So Im a total noob when it comes to scenes, and more specific guidance you can provide on the Scene creation piece?
  12. All, Hooked a switch up to my pool lights. The pool lights will change colors based on how many times you turn the switch on/off/on. Example: If I turn the switch on/off 8 times the light will shine blue, if I do it 9 times it will be green, and on and on... Trying to figure out how to configure this in HE so I can have a scene for each color....assuming scenes is the best option to use for this use case. Can anyone explain it to me real quick or give me an example of what I configuration should look like? Thanks!
  13. The TV is inside a pavilion covered, but Ive given it a shot. So far it seems to be working. A resolution is a resolution. So far Im claiming success. Time will tell.
  14. Just found a post on a different forum where someone was having IR issues with a Sunbrite TV. Their resolution was blocking the IR window on the front of the TV when using the one in the rear. Seems simple enough to try, although seems odd that could fix it.
  15. All, Has any seen issues with Sunbrite Veranda series tvs and the IR in the rear of the TV. Mine will work fine and then after a period of time will just stop working while Im watching the TV. If I unplugged the TV or manually turn it off, it basically resets it and then the commands start working for awhile again. I think the issue is limited to the rear IR, as when this occurs I can still use the Sunbrite remote control without issue. However that is leveraging the front IR. Just curious if folks have sunbrite tvs or have installed them, and if you have experienced the same thing. I do know of at least one other person who is having the same problem as me and has the same TV. If there is any known resolution let me know. Pretty sure the issue is with the TV itself vs C4.
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