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  1. While I wait for my EA-5 to arrive, something that just crossed my mind. I want to use the 2 digital outputs and 2 stereo outputs as inputs to my Russound system that has 6 Stereo inputs. Currently my Russound system is controlled through a Serial driver. I know I can use a physical convertor to change Digital signal to Stereo, but are you able to connect a Digital Output to a Stereo Input in the Connections UI? If not, is there someway to work around that?
  2. ....damn. I didn’t even look at the HC800. That would of save me about 1k. Sigh. I guess I’ll at least be semi future proof maybe?
  3. CAA66 and CAS44 They have been working pretty good with the direct RS232 connections.
  4. All, Some background, sorry a little bit lengthy. Currently have a single rack that contains like 90% of my gear. (EA3, IO Extender, 2 receivers, Video Matrix, 4 cable boxes, 2 firetvs, 2 xboxes, NVR that supports 8 cameras). I have about 15 or so C4 light switches, 1 relay additionally in the house. I’m using all the IR ports on the EA-3, HDMI output for OSD, audio out into the Video matrix (I wouldn’t need this audio out in the config I’m moving to). Unfortunately the original builder of my home did not centrally locate the house audio system (8 rooms run off two different Russound controllers). I have two Ethernet drops near these controllers and am currently controlling the Russound controllers through RS232 over those Ethernet drops to 2 RS232 ports on the IO Extender. The negative here is I didn’t think ahead when I first got started with C4, and only ran a single set of RCA cables from the central rack location to this Russound location, so I’m limited to one audio path from C4. Running these cables was extremely difficult and required a lot of drywall repair once done. Where the Russound system is I also have a TV that I currently don’t have integrated into C4. I’m at the point now where I want additional audio sources through C4, so I’m looking at adding a EA-5 to get 4 audio paths, and so I can reclaim the two Ethernet ports that I’m running RS232 over. With the EA-5 there is two RS232 ports on it, so figure I can control the Russound with those ports, and then get the EA-5 on the network with the Ethernet I free up. Additional benefit is I can then add this TV to the C4 experience. Here is my question. Would you switch the new EA-5 to be the director, or would you leave the EA-3 as the director since it is centralized to the majority of the equipment and have the EA-5 as the slave? With the current EA-3 I haven’t noticed anything I would perceive to be a performance issue due to the EA-3.
  5. Looks like my dealer was able to get another sub, but not a new underground kit. So now I need to figure out how to get the adapter plate off. Unfortunately removing the 8 or so screws didn’t do the trick. I see from the manual the adapter has a gasket, so I wonder TDC the gasket had a glue to it.
  6. My dealer is saying he will talk to Triad, but he doesn’t believe they will honor the warranty for the sub if there is water in the enclosure. Which perplexes me as the GA10 sub is rated as IP57, which the “7” means waterproof. So if I’m still within the warranty period, which I am based on the Limited Warranty terms and a dated invoice proving I can meet those terms (at least till 9/25), how could Triad deny a warranty claim when clearly their Waterproof sub is not waterproof? Has anyone had any negative dealings with with Triad like this before? Again I’ll note we haven’t received a rejection from Triad, but he is saying he is confident once we return the sub and they see water we will.
  7. Dug up the sub. The subwoofer enclosure is filled with water, so my guess is the coil fried itself. I get no ohm reading between positive and negative. No clue how to even get into the enclosure as it seems sealed, but with that no clue how water could even get in it. Can’t imagine Triad built and underground sub that isn’t waterproof. Something here seems fishy. Hopefully Triad will address this..if I can get my dealer to call me back.
  8. Got this initial warranty question answered
  9. Can anyone tell me what the warranty is on the Triad Garden Array Underground sub? I’ve had mine for 3 years and it appears to no longer work much to my dismay. I tested all the wires to the sub and the amp output. All seem to be good, just appears to be an issue with the sub itself.
  10. Got all the images. In the Connections each room maps to a different ZoneOut of the Russound. When we click execute it only turns on 1 room vs all of them.
  11. Hey everyone, I’ve been using the Echo Ring skill to know when someone has pressed the button on a Ring Elite doorbell I have installed at my front gate. The Ring skill works great...when it works. So I decided to try switch it to C4. What I’d like to happen in all rooms I have ceiling speakers in to play the announcement. I created a new announcement with a wave file then added all rooms that have speakers to the announcement. However, when the announcement plays only one room turns on and plays the announcement. I have two Russound controllers that control the speakers in the rooms (was already in the house when I bought it). These two controllers are controlled through two RS232 connections between an IO Extender, and are linked as the Audio Input and Volume for the rooms with the specific selection. Outside of announcements these speakers work fine being managed by C4. Im on the latest version of OS3 which I have seen others say is unreliable in regard to announcements. Does this sound like one of those potential bugs or do you think I’ve possibly got something else going on? This would be the first time I’ve used announcements on my site system.
  12. I do the same. Have a dot hidden behind my outdoor TV. Figure if it dies after a couple of years it’s pretty cheap to just get a replacement one.
  13. https://www.benq.com/en-us/projector/cinepro-pro-cinema/ht8060.html Im using IP Control. It’s not a native driver though. Plink is the driver I’m using for it.
  14. I have a BenQ that is pretty rock solid as well.
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