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  1. New version seems to be working without issue. The actual response time of the IRUSB seems to be improved as well. Didn’t even realize there was a new version. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Looks like I was 2 versions behind. I had 17 and the latest is 19.
  3. Thanks everyone. I got the second Covid shot yesterday and am under the weather now. I’ll check out these recommendations when I past these side affects.
  4. So I have the mini apps setup, but am noticing an issue. The apps are running on FireTV boxes. If the TV is off, and everything gets turned on or returned from sleep by me selecting a mini app, it doesn’t seem to be launching the app. It will connect the tv to the right source, but I’ll just be sitting at the FireTV home screen. If I press the mini app again, it does launch the app. It I select any other mini app it will also launch the app on the first try. This only seems to be an issue when I’m launching a mini app when the whole setup is off/asleep. Has anyone seen this
  5. Yep. That’s what I ended up doing over the weekend. I just created mini apps.
  6. Looks like I figured out the QLaunch commands: SoPlayer QLAUNCH android-app://com.sotv.android#Intent;component=com.sotv.android/com.setplex.android.StartActivity;end Youtube QLAUNCH android-app://com.amazon.firetv.youtube#Intent;component=com.amazon.firetv.youtube/dev.cobalt.app.MainActivity;end Youtube Kids QLAUNCH android-app://com.amazon.firetv.youtube.kids#Intent;component=com.amazon.firetv.youtube.kids/dev.cobalt.app.MainActivity;end
  7. Have IRUSB for FireTV. Loaded 3 of the C4 Universal Mini Drivers (Plex, Youtube, Youtube Kids) dated 2021. Unfortunately only the Plex Mini driver appears to be working. Anyone have a working Youtube and Youtube Kids Mini Driver. Also would like to find a SoPlayer mini driver as well if someone has one. Working through trying to understand how to create one with the Custom file on my own, but figured Idf ask first if someone had a working one.
  8. I have firetvs and xboxes. That’s what I use today with DS Video. Was hoping for a more direct integrated feel though, although definitely not looking to buy more hardware. So even with a Plex driver, I wouldn’t be able to direct connect to Plex server running on the NAS from within Navigator? Guess I’m still a little confused there.
  9. Hey everyone, So I’m trying to understand My Movies in C4. Its in my project, but I don’t see it as an option in Navigator. Been doing some searches and think I understand why, My Movies isn’t a player I believe. So in addition to have the Network File Storage Driver, videos indexed in Media, I also need a player driver? Is that correct? I currently use Synologys DS Video when I stream videos with dlna or use the first party DS Video app on devices that has it available. I do have the ability to switch that to a Plex server however. Before I do the work to do that though, I just wa
  10. Its fixed now. Looks like I just needed to reboot everything.
  11. Hey Everyone, There was a recent update to this driver. My setup was working fine for my Honeywell house alarm, but after this driver update it is no longer working. Has anyone else updated and run into similar issues? Basically I cant see any changes in zone status, I can't activate or deactivate the alarm, etc etc since updating the driver.
  12. Scenario: Have 9 ceiling fans with lights, and they all have remotes. Some are original manufacturer, some are generic on/off universal. All the them only have a single light switch, so from the switch you don’t have control over the fan vs the light. I had thought there really wasn’t anything I could do to integrate these into my system other than overall on/off by swapping the light switch, then having to use the remote to control if I wanted the fan and light on, etc. Forum to the rescue: I browse the forum pretty often for new ideas. Saw an older thread talking about Bond, and fi
  13. My whole setup runs on Ubiquiti. I have zero issues.
  14. They did not. I read some reviews post event and there seemed to be a lot of folks who had similar issues. I assume it was a common issue to since they immediately said they would send me the sound bar for free when I opened a support call. The other Sunbrite I have was the exact same model, just 1 generation older. It didn’t have this issue at all. For that one I do also have ceiling speakers I can map it to, but most of the time I just use the TV speakers. The location I had the newer TV can’t accommodate a similar speaker setup, so I’m stuck with what the TV can offer. I tried to
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