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  1. I modified the YouTube kids driver to at least work on a Amazon device again.
  2. I made one for Fire TV also, but where Id like to see it working is on Samsung Smart TVs. Not sure how to get the serviceID for a Samsung TV to do the call through LUA. Maybe someone knows how to get that?
  3. Looks like they broke YouTube Kids. Previously it worked for Fire TV and prior to 2021 Samsung TVs. Now it works for neither. Wonder if this was a mistake/oversight or on purpose. Id love to see a universal driver for SoPlayer and DS Video.
  4. I doubt it. C4 hasn’t updated these matrixes in years. The firmware has been the same forever. I really wish they would do an update though.
  5. Topfox


    Still for sale. A couple of people showed interest, but not sold yet.
  6. Ended up with a Triad One and a set of Bose 251 environmental speakers. Turns out I get a crazy good discount at Bose, so figured for the price they were worth a shot. I’ve usually avoided Bose since having a Lifestyle system way back in the day. The Bose set was way larger than what I was expecting, but think they will do the trick. Going to test them out some more when I get back in town. Got everything setup right before I had to leave. Loving the style and compactness of the Triad One though.
  7. And I’m stupid. Yes I was thinking about this completely wrong. Long day I guess. I’m good now.
  8. Have a TV hooked to LU1082D through a baluns. From the TV I have an optical cable to a triad one. All works. I want to also have the ability to listen to Pandora, AirPlay, etc from the speakers hooked to the triad one. So I ran a pair of RCA cables from a stereo out on the LU1082D to the Stereo in on the Triad. My assumption is the streaming cant route through the digital audio out of the actual TV. My thought here was the Video Endpoint would be the TV HDMI, Video Endpoint Audio would be TV Room Selection Output, Video Endpoint Volume could be either the TV or Triad One. Then the Audio Endpoint and Audio Endpoint Volume would be the Triad One Apparently my thought was incorrect, as this doesn’t work. Additionally tried setting everything to the Triad One output with the exception of Video Endpoint. The TV functions and TV audio functions, but no Streaming audio. Am I thinking about this all wrong?
  9. Unfortunately all the fans in my house are manual direct reverse.
  10. I’m a big fan of Bond. I’m using it for all the fans and fan lights in my house. It has been working great.
  11. I might have a LU862D with 6 baluns for sale soon. It uses Ethernet for 6 displays and hdmi for 2. A friend is talking to his dealer about it, but I think from what he described to me he needs a larger option than a 8x8. So just waiting for him to tell me he is a go or no go on wanting the LU862D. Should know within a week, possibly even today.
  12. Fixed it. I put all the cable box in a Edid group on the matrix and now it works. This also seems to have fixed some volume issues I was having on other TVs when I was using the cable boxes.
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