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  1. Scenario: Have 9 ceiling fans with lights, and they all have remotes. Some are original manufacturer, some are generic on/off universal. All the them only have a single light switch, so from the switch you don’t have control over the fan vs the light. I had thought there really wasn’t anything I could do to integrate these into my system other than overall on/off by swapping the light switch, then having to use the remote to control if I wanted the fan and light on, etc. Forum to the rescue: I browse the forum pretty often for new ideas. Saw an older thread talking about Bond, and fi
  2. My whole setup runs on Ubiquiti. I have zero issues.
  3. They did not. I read some reviews post event and there seemed to be a lot of folks who had similar issues. I assume it was a common issue to since they immediately said they would send me the sound bar for free when I opened a support call. The other Sunbrite I have was the exact same model, just 1 generation older. It didn’t have this issue at all. For that one I do also have ceiling speakers I can map it to, but most of the time I just use the TV speakers. The location I had the newer TV can’t accommodate a similar speaker setup, so I’m stuck with what the TV can offer. I tried to
  4. Did you get the downmixing version of the LU642? I had a similar problem with FIOS cable boxes, and I had to get audio converters until I swapped my matrix to am the down mixing version.
  5. I have Seura and Sunbrite. I tried to do two Sunbrite as my first Sunbrite for the most part has been a good experience and the newer ones have IP control. Got the new Sunbrite and the volume is so poor on the new ones, but everything else worked as expected. I complained to Sunbrite and they sent me a sound bar that was specifically made for the TV. I was hopeful, but it made zero difference. I ended up returning the TV and getting a Seura. The volume on the Seura (it comes with a sounds bar) isn’t great, but noticeably better that the newer Sunbrite. I have two compliant a for the
  6. I have something like 28 coax drops in my house. All terminated/patched even though I only have 6 fios boxes in action. I used a Tough Jack’s patch plate in my networking cabinet and underneath of it I have a wood board that I mounted all the splitters to in a hub spoke fashion. I actually measured out each split to ensure I was still within signal spec for Verizon. Worked out great. I even had a FIOS guy tell me there was no way I was in spec and he would prove it to me. He put his tester on multiple ports and they all passed, he couldn’t believe it. You can see the splitters in thi
  7. Thanks. Yeah I unfortunately use IPads as my controllers around the house vs the official C4 tablets. Definitely understand I can just use the Sense app, but I do like everything being consolidated into a single experience. Otherwise I’m opening multiple apps to access my stuff, which is one of the reasons I went with C4 vs having things spread out all over the place with different experiences. Sacrifices I guess for not going with the C4 tablets. Thanks for the response!
  8. Does it actually show data in the phone app too or just C4 tablets.
  9. Yeah, I accidentally hijacked the thread. 😕 Ill go back in my hole
  10. Isn’t that only on the RCA/digital connections and not if you are using HDMI for the audio? Or am I miss understanding, and you are talking about one of there Triad components. In my setup I don’t have everything else, just the Video Matrix to my tv.
  11. I have the same issue. I’ve tried everything I can think of with no luck. If you happen to figure something out definitely let me know
  12. Sounds good. Yeah my initial assumption was it wouldn’t work, so I was thinking either I would split the floors by matrix switch. All these new TVs are on the top floor, or just start grabbing EA-1s for the other rooms. Would just mean getting more cable boxes and such.
  13. I currently have a LU862D that is full. Sources and TVs. I currently have 2 other TVs in the house, and 3 bedrooms I will probably add TVs to in the future. There are two sources each (FireTV and FIOS box) on the non Matrix’d TVs. My existing sources on the 8x8. EA-3, 4 fios, 1 NVR, 1 FireTV, 1 Xbox. I’d say at most there may be 6 TVs on at the same time. ( I have a sports bar setup). Of the 6, 4 would be off one Matrix and 2 would be off a secondary matrix if I were to add one. Im not doing anything special for audio on the LU862D. It’s just doing distributed video and utilizing the TV
  14. Pretty sure I already know the answer to this one, but figured I’d ask anyway. Can you link the Leaf Matrix switches together and use the same input sources across both switches? Example if I have a 10 way matrix, but have 12 TVs. Could I pick up a 6 way matrix and some how combine them together or would they be discreet entities in that the TVs would only be able to see the sources of the switch they are connected to.....which is my assumption.
  15. Have you tried testing output 5 or 6 directly to the TV and not through the balun or the receiver? Or have you tried output 5 or 6 directly from the matrix to the balun to the TV? I wonder if the receiver being in the middle is your issue.
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