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  1. True. lol. All the screws on the panel was probably the only bad part. It also surprising weighed more than the Sunbrite and the Seura. But man yeah it is nice.
  2. Had a Sunbrite Veranda series tv for about 6 years mounted to a fireplace in a cover pavilion. Over the weekend notice something on the screen that I thought was water spots. Tried to scrub them off and it turns out whatever film the sunbrite TVs have on them was starting to delaminate and flaked off in an area around the size of a quarter. Although the TV still works fine, my OCD wouldn’t allow it. Decided to roll the dice on a 55in Samsung Terrace Partial Sun. Wow! This thing is so much better than that Sunbrite. Extremely bright, IP driver integration that doesn’t lose IP from a power outage. Glare resistance isn’t perfect but 100 times better viewing area when it comes to glare vs the Sunbrite. At first I was pissed this happened, but now I’m so happy it did. I also have a Seura outdoor tv as well, that I’m also liking this Samsung more than. Whenever this one dies looks like Samsimg will be the replacement. Just thought I’d share.
  3. Anyone else notice the Shairbridge Driver is gone? Saw it reported in another forum. Anyone tracking any info on that? The driver hasn’t been updated since 2021.
  4. My uostairs has 3 zones. Trans equipment, Honeywell Zone Controller and Nest thermostats. Works great.
  5. Fixed. Removed the Thermostat associated with the Nest service, and then re-added it and did the whole control4 integration again. Now all 4 thermostats show.
  6. Tried removing access to one of the ones that is showing, it disappeared from the driver but the other one didn’t end up replacing it. So must be something specific to that one thermostat.
  7. Not sure when this started, but I have 4 Nest Thermostats in my house. At some point even though all 4 show as enabled in the Google site, one of the thermostats disappeared from the list of available thermostats in C4. The driver is still there for the 4th, but the driver just dropped the selection from the drop down and therefore it stopped working for managing that 4th thermostat. Does anyone have more than 3 Nest thermostats and is it working for all your thermostats?
  8. 13 hours no Director restarts…assuming my push notification is working. lol. Im definitely not trying to upgrade again. lol.
  9. I’d definitely keep an eye on the used market as well. I got mine for under 3k, and I know someone else who got one for under 2.5k.
  10. Looks like I’m downgrading. Throwing in the towel. Back to 3.4.1. Still lots of errors in the director log, but maybe they are just false errors. Real key will be that Director doesnt restart anymore. So guess I will see what happens throughout the night.
  11. I’m also getting these messages on Director start up, which look concerning to me but maybe they are normal.
  12. I did the upgrade…..and we are back to director restarting every 2 hours. Sigh.
  13. I appear to have everything running smoothly again I think...lol. Downgraded everything to 3.4.1 and then restored a 1 month old back up. Now Im just seeing these kinds of messages in director log, but not seeing any director restarts again so far. Been at least 8 hours. ca10-<mac address> [1348] (1348) ERROR: handleConnect(): Error connecting []: Operation canceled ca10-<mac address> [1348] (1348) ERROR: handleConnect(): Error connecting []: No route to host Trying to decide if I should try the upgrade to 3.4.2 again...lol
  14. Reimaged all my controllers back to 3.4.1 and restored to a backup from a month ago. Added the recommended push notification to capture a director restart. Still seeing a lot of errors in Director log. Wonder if these are normal. Either way, guess will see what happens. Also wonder if this has been an issue for awhile now and to upgrade to 3.4.2 made it more prevalent.
  15. unfortunately I guess it wasn't that, as the problem appears to be worse now. SMH. I think something with the move to 3.4.2 really messed something up. Didn't have these issues before updating. Playing around now with restoring backup and reimaging controllers to see if I can get to a steady state. Director was filled with all kind of errors.
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