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  1. Hey everyone, Does anyone have any experience with this sub? I had a certified calibration person from AVSForums come out to my house and do some tuning. He said everything with my audio turned out great, except the subwoofer. He said it is performing very poorly, and is distorting at bass around 30hz. Its being powered by the Rackamp 300. We did double check to make sure it wasn't punctured, or flexing in the wall mount. Everything seems tight and good, so not sure what the deal is with it. He said he is used to in walls not performing as well as in room, but he said he was surprised to see how poor it was behaving. Thanks
  2. Thanks. I have the IR attached to the IR in the closed rear compartment. I covered the front IRs as well, as I read if light goes into the front ones it could also affect the rear IR function. It’s weird that it only affects Power Off function, and only after the TV has been in awhile.
  3. I have a Sunbrite first gen Veranda (pre ip control for the series) and a second outdoor brand Seura. The Sunbrite works good, but yes there is a glare. The biggest issue I have is after the TV is running for awhile the IR won’t turn off the TV and I have to hit the power button. It will do everything else but power off. Tried a bunch of things and finally just gave up. I had bought the 2nd Gen Veranda (Ip control) for another outdoor location, but the volume output was horrible. I’d have to put it on 100% to hear it. Called Sunbrite and they sent me a free soundbar, which made zero difference, so I returned the whole thing and bought the Seura. Seura basically has the same interface as the Sunbrite, but just feels cheapier in comparison. The interface is also much slower on the Seura, but their sound bar is more powerful although only slightly. In hind site I wish I would of just bought one of those outdoor cases and put a regular TV in it that I just replace every few years. Although if I could have still purchased a first gen Sunbrite for my second location, I’d probably be a little happier overall than what I have now or the second gen Sunbrite I tried.
  4. Im currently using up a source for my NVR, so figured I could switch that source to the EA and still see my cameras and still get the on screen navigator.
  5. Should be an easy question. How do I do the equivalent of pressing the red C4 button from within the IOS App? Ive never had my EA as a source on my setup before, and am pretty much playing with that interface for the first time. I only have 1 remote as I mostly use the IOS App for all my interactions with the system.
  6. There have been some other threads with the same complaints of load times from IOS. They have stated Android runs pretty well however, as well as the dedicated Control4 screens. All my devices are either iPads or iPhones, so I feel the pain as well.
  7. I have all Gen 2 dots, running the 2.0 driver and am running 3.1.2. Everything is working fine. However, don’t know if this was necessary or not. Prior to 3.1.2, I was on 3.1.0. Before upgrading we just removed the epic driver. Then did the upgrade, then added back the driver and recreate all the triggers and such.
  8. Ive ran into this issue recently, however all I needed to do to fix it was boot the FIOS box up directly wired to a TV over the HDMI. Then I reconnect it to a the matrix switch while it is still plugged in, and then I power the Matrix switch back up. Ive found I need to do this 1 at a time. There is definitely some timing, handshake issue going on here. Its popped up to be a few times over the last two months, usually after a hard power outage.
  9. verified audio and video endpoints look correct. Added a Power Off to the Room Off routine. Will see if this continues to work for me. First test it worked, so guess this is fine for a workaround.
  10. Are these the Fios main box or the smaller boxes that link to it? I have 4 of the “satellite” boxes and I didn’t have to change anything with the driver in C4 for them to work either.
  11. I’ll check. Pretty sure the Audio End Point is the Receiver and the Video is the Projector, but will definitely check. Should note the projector is connected off a HDMI output port from a Leaf 4k matrix switch. Correct. Turning on works fine, no CEC or Auto On in use.
  12. Thanks for the input. It’s a BenQ projector. When I do my programming for the voice command I don’t have to do a double off press to get it to turn off, a single works. Additionally if stay in the room I don’t see any indication on the screen it is wait for a second button press, but I have seen that with projectors I’ve owned in the past.
  13. Hey everyone, I have a projector that I am using the PJLink driver with on OS 3.1. The projector is using IP control. I’m having an issue where if I turn the room off, it turns off everything but the projector. If I open the control of the projector in HE, I can hit the off button on the projector and it works every time. Using the Epic Systems Echo driver, I created a voice command to turn off the projector which also works every time. Any idea why room off through navigator would not turn off the projector?
  14. This is what I have, the Pentair lights. Just created buttons that flip a Control4 on/off switch on/off the correct amount of times to reach the color state desired. Pretty sure even in Pentairs app, it’s actually doing basically the same thing. My neighbor has the Pentair WiFI enabled equipment, and when he selects colors we can here the clicking coming from the system.
  15. Not sure the last time you looked at using your own hardware with FIOS, but you may want to try it again if you are still interested. I do this today with a Ubiquiti USG. On Demand, FIOS Apps, DVR, everything still works. I had to setup some port forwarding rules, but other than that there wasn’t any major work that needed to be done.
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