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  1. Mine is up against a wall and I left a service loop in all my wiring. This way if I need to redo a connector or something I can cut and go. Also my rack is on wheels, and having this service loop allows me to pull it away from the wall and turn it if I need to get into the back of the setup. Works out pretty good for me.
  2. Thanks. All the IRs being controlled with custom cables are just for TVs. All Input sources are centrally located in the cabinet have non custom IR cables.
  3. All, Cant remember if I have asked this before, but is there a downside to using the LU1E for getting IR to remote locations vs a direct line from an EA-3 or Extender? I have a 8x8 Matrix, and my installer ran separate CAT5 runs for the IR vs using the 6 - LU1Es that are in use. The way they did it is kind of messy in my cabinet, so if there is no real downside I may try to switch it up vs their custom IR cables that are part emitter part CAT5.
  4. For what it’s worth, I have an 8x8 Matrix as well and I have 4 Fios quantum boxes (smaller ones) hooked up to mine and am not having any issues.
  5. Hey everyone. Playing audio through my matrix over HDMI to none amplified speakers is horrible. FIOS TV box, Fire TV Box, I have to turn the volume all the way up unless the TV has a sound bar or is hooked to a receiver. Although even with those I noticeable have to change the volume level between those and say Airplay running from the EA3 to the RCAs of the Leaf Matrix. Am I missing something here? Is there a way to modify this volume control? Example I have a SunbriteTV and if I map my FIOS box or Fire Box to the TV, I can turn the volume to 100% on the TV and it still doesn’t sound loud. If I take a tv I have inside with a sound bar I can map the same sources and not have a volume problem.
  6. I hope that’s not the case. A one button press to swap my center tv source with then tv on the left source or the tv on the right source is a lot better than swiping favorite rooms and having extra selections to remember which TV is currently on which cable box. I don’t want to have to think.
  7. Definitely missing this driver being functional. Hopefully/Really hope....they are able to fix it in whenever there ends up being another update.
  8. Hey everyone, Does anyone know what the image resolution settings are for the portrait mode version of images for Navigator UI? We saw that it says 1920x1080 16:9, but this is for landscape mode. In portrait is cuts the image vs resizing. Thanks
  9. Hey everyone, Is there any way to re-apply an update to the controller, or is there any indication that a new update is coming sometime in the near future. Ive definitely feel like this latest update has introduced some gremlins into my setup. One of the more annoying ones is I have devices that timeout their connection to my system, then when I try to connect again it tells me I have to authenticate again and forces me back to the logon screen. Thanks
  10. Does anyone know what the latest firmware is for the Leaf Matrix switches?
  11. I have a different NVR than you do. I have a Lilin, so I probably wouldn’t be much help on an exact setting within the NVR.
  12. For mine there ended up being another setting I needed to change in the NVR settings. In the end though I’m not recording on motion. I found the cameras no matter what sensitivity setting I set it to picked up motion basically all the time. So no I’m tagging motion events but recording 24/7. Think my NVR makes it 3 weeks in this mode before it starts erasing. Then I can just search on motion tags when I do playback. Because of the sensitivity, notifications also became pointless
  13. Thanks M. What is the normal turn around from c4 on these things? Should I expect a new driver at some point, or maybe it will be fixed in the next os increment. I know it’s kind of a loaded question, so best guess on your years of experience.
  14. Ok this driver not working is getting super annoying. Does anyone know if c4 is trying to fix it?
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