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  1. A friend of mine is newish to C4 and after being at my house he is trying to figure else what else in his house he can integrated into C4. He currently has a home security system that is basically managed by Xfinity that consists of a bunch of home security sensors and some security cameras. Does anyone know if you can pull that stuff into C4 so he doesn’t have to have two separate systems? I looked at the cameras to see if they had at least IPs, but the Xfinity application didn’t seem to expose much information.
  2. Would love an IP driver as well, but with that said. The IR driver does work fine with the Series X device.
  3. Yes it is the same driver. However, I tried that work around as well and it didn’t work for me. Agreed on the timing. To resolve for me we had to remove the affected drivers, and re-add them again. Not sure if this action will be a temporary fix or a long lasting fix. Hope they can get it fixed. Adding a manual action to force a resync without modifying anything would be nice too.
  4. I have about 14 WeMo smart plugs. Using the WeMo app they all work fine and maintain status, but C4 seems to lose the current status. So sometimes C4 thinks they are on when they are actual off. Has anyone had an issues like this with the driver.
  5. Have you tried unplugging your linked echo and plugging it back in. The one time I had an issue with that driver I did that and it fixed it.
  6. So I have added an IRUSB to each TV. I can successful wake the TV from sleep and that portion is working great. However, if I try to "turn off" the TV which is really just putting it to sleep, it doesn't seem to work. I set the setting in the IRUSB drive to put the FireTV into sleep mode when the Room is Turned Off. I haven't seen another way to enable Sleep mode through the IRUSB driver, but it doesn't see to work. If I hit the sleep button in the FireTV Remote Control app on my IOS device it does turn off the TV. Any ideas?
  7. Got my new sub. Whew. Thanks for those who reached out anyway. Glad my dealer was able to finally work this out.
  8. Hmm. I have the epic driver, am running 3.1.3 and have all Gen 2 dots. Everything is working great for me. I had an issue one time with the epic driver where echo wouldn’t discover , but all I had to do was unplug the Gen 2 dot and plug it back it. Hasn’t happened since.
  9. I didn't even think of that. I just realized I can control these tvs with the Fire TV app for IOS. I think they don't really power off and just do sleep which IRUSB says they can control sleep/wake. Maybe Ill take one off an existing device I have and test it out real quick.
  10. IRUSB support told me they don't support on o Reading over the FLIRC stuff, and Im a little confused. Does it still require to receive an IR signal from a remote? Or can I send the signal over IP to FLIRC like with IRUSB?
  11. My dealer finally responded and is saying delivery today. Fingers crossed. I saw a new one on eBay a few weeks ago for 699 without underground 799 with underground. Thought about picking it up, but then was told dealer would be giving me a new one.
  12. Well my dealer said they would get me a replacement sub a few weeks ago and now they are ghosting me (so much for being highly rated on C4 site of dealers) Of course I reported the issue to the dealer on Sept 9th and my limited warranty from Triad ended Sept 25th. I’m still trying to track him down, but wanted to get an idea on how much a replacement sub would cost me as I’d like to fill the big hole in the ground in my backyard.
  13. Does anyone know if IRUSB works with FireTV Edition TVs? I picked up two TVs on the cheap to build digital movie posters but they are FireTV Edition TVs. Trying to figure out how I can turn them on and off. I’m putting them in locations I can’t get IR or Ethernet to, I actually don’t even know of IRUSB has Power functions.
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