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  1. Got it. Thanks for the help. I’ll give it a try and update l later this week.
  2. Thanks Jeff. I will try that when I’m back at the house this weekend. I know you are saying to reboot C4 at the same time but i’m assuming turn both off at the same time, reboot the alarm first, then C4? I’m on
  3. I think so. Here is a screen shot of the properties. I see status says "authenticated" but I don't see where a license would go? In C4 when I'm on the alarm keypad I can see the status and arm and disarm. But when I try and press "Zones" it used to show me all my zones and their state. But then...the state stopped working (saying closed even though open) and now it shows me no zones and just says "No open zones." https://www.dropbox.com/s/jt9qilc12li3m5i/Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 10.18.58 PM.jpg?dl=0
  4. Hi All...looking for some help. I have a Honeywell Alarm with Houselogix Integration. It had been working great. I could arm and disarm...I could see all my zones and the state of the zone (open / closed / motion) For some reason the zone stopped registering. Zone that were open said closed and wouldn't change state. Motion sensors not triggering. No all the zones are not showing up in C4 like they normally did. Now it just says "No Zones Open" which his not accurate. Because of this none of my zone state triggers in C4 are firing off. I'm still connected to the alarm however...I can see the keypad like normal. It will let me arm and disarm as usual. It's just something with the zones. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  5. I had my dealer uninstall and reinstall and now it is working at home location. For the other location I'll bring up a Gen 1 Alexa with me and try that.
  6. Added a video as well to see if it helps you see what's happening? - https://www.dropbox.com/s/lku42rzc0vcqvet/Screen Recording 2021-05-25 at 5.42.30 PM.mov?dl=0 I was also updated to Director Version
  7. Still shows activated. Screen shot here - https://www.dropbox.com/s/0cd8j86ylf2q91n/Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 5.35.23 PM.jpg?dl=0 This is the error I got when I tried to add the 2nd trigger. - LUA_ERROR [id: 644][name: Amazon Echo][file: amazon_echo.c4z][method: OnPropertyChanged]: [string "local j10f={[1]="\102\97\108\115\101",[2]=1..."]:1: attempt to index local 'cjbGws' (a nil value)
  8. Still need some help. 1) Upgraded to v200 2) I'm using a gen 1 alexa 3) I was able to add a test trigger and Alexa discovered it. But that trigger is not showing up under programing? 4) I tried to add a second trigger and Alexa would not discover that one? 5) I tried to delete both triggers (choose trigger and hit set) but the trigger will no delete? Please help.
  9. No update. I stopped hearing back from Ari the developer. I continue to have the same problem. Not sure what to do at this point… Keep me posted as well please if you hear anything.
  10. UPDAPTE So I ran the calibration with in the Automate app that that has seemed to help with the state of the window. Since I'm not up at this house all the time I have not had the time to fully test it yet but it seems to be working. I'm still having that issue where the icon is showing partially open even when the shade is closed at 0% If I don't use the sider but press the icon to close...it will then show up as closed. See attached image. The icons that show closed were pressed to close. The icons that show open use the sider to close to 0%
  11. Hello, I just installed new shades in my house from the company the Shade store. It uses a Wi-Fi hub and connects to control for using a driver called automate. The driver works great with control for. No issues opening or closing the shades. The only issue I seem to be running into is that sometimes control for is out of sync with the state of the shade. So a shade might be completely closed so at 0% but control for a showing it open at 100%. If I use the slider and move it to 50% the shade will go to 50% so it is telling the shade what to do but again sometimes just not showing the right state. Any help on how to fix that? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for this information. I'm stilling having issuues. On main house system the triggers that I had are working but having a very difficult time adding new triggers. I was able to successfully add new triggers last week but when trying today it will not work. The vacation house system still having the same issues as before. I hope that Ari and team can get it figured out as his system is so much better than the native C4 version.
  13. Hi All, I'm looking for some help. I have the epic drive both in my main house and my vacation house. My main house is working fine and let's me add new devices. This version of the driver has a button I press called "Send Discovery" I my vacation house, this version of the driver does not have the send discovery button under actions but when I tried adding triggers via telling Alex to discover new devices it worked fine and added the triggers as normal. But now I'm trying to add a few more triggers and no matter what I do I can't get it to discover the new devices that I've added in composer. I can see in Lau when I tell Alexa to discover new devices it's connected but not finding anything. I've reached out to Epic. They asked for my driver version which I provided but I never heard back. Any help would be much appreciated!
  14. So...update today since I'm up at the house. - I put in brand new batteries yesterday and lock was working again - This morning when I walked by the lock I heard it making a very faint ticking sounds...almost like a clock...and the batteries are dead. Less than 24 hours. And now I'm having issues with all my locks. I can see the status of the locks in C4. When I manually lock the lock or unlock the lock I see the change instantly in C4. However all the sudden now none of the locks will except a lock or unlock command. But clearly it on the Z wave net work because it's changing status? What could be draining the battery like that? Do you think it's a C4 communication thing or some issues with this lock? The ONLY think I had different on this lock was a push notification to my C4 system when it locked or unlocked. Could that be killing the battery that fast. Something is very strange. Jason
  15. Other than plugging it in what else do I need to do? Do I need to add it to my control for system as an outlet? Thanks!
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