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  1. You would need dedicated Chromecasts but ambient mode photos is a built in capability. You can install Google photos on your iphone and have everything auto sync and update
  2. Google Photos and Chromecast ambient mode
  3. would love to see Ring too but right now doesn't seem like it will happen anytime soon
  4. and you can totally make that decision - I just didn't want it to seem like it was only 1 feature you were paying for - but of course usage is a factor with every potential subscription!
  5. but 4sight is so much more then intercom...its a suite of capabilities: Remote Composer Home Remote App Intercom AnyWhere When/Then Alexa Google Assistant Push Notifications Cloud backup for project
  6. VERY reasonable! a must. There is really no way to make newer hardware work on a system that old....I now understand why that dealer was having issues finding composer that old
  7. How do you update the firmware on August? I thought they had to push it
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