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  1. and it turns out Mitch wrote it too
  2. https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/c4-device-renamer/
  3. double tap / triple tap are options. but if you use double and triple you don't use press, you use single/double/triple tap
  4. still requires you to be a Unlimited subscriber - it's not free with Prime tier
  5. I was doing the opposite = true = schedule running. It's more logical.
  6. You use the on-off experience button and then program in your schedule if the experience button is on run your schedule and if it's off you just do nothing. That's how I would do it
  7. I think it's worth letting this end. You aren't going to change the outcome...
  8. You should configure a custom button for override and in your schedule event check state before running the schedule.
  9. But it's not a recall. It's a product quality program.
  10. Sorta but not really. Add a heos link and use the output of an ea into a heos link. And then you could do something like that.
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