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  1. I have to say after living with these for a week I am very happy. Of course they are not my main lighting they are in banks that are just less important and less often used but they work superbly they integrate with advanced lighting scenes and I've got no complaints. In fact I may pick up a few more.
  2. Bump. Includes driver license.
  3. Look on customer.control4.com and see if you have a backup there
  4. It's made by Control4. Room join is not the same. Are you sure you have the online box checked?
  5. Room control is in the online database. Just search for room. It was just updated last week so it should be there.
  6. Send a screenshot of your room level bindings
  7. Sounds like you didn't properly add them to the project and / or update the os on them.
  8. You probably need to go into the properties and refresh the zones
  9. i would factory reset it To reset the remote to factory settings: Press and hold the physical power button and physical mute button while powering on, then tap OK.
  10. yes, the EA5 (or CA10 if you dare) are fast
  11. so you upgrading to EA at main home now? lol
  12. i have 4 in my house - easy to setup. 1. add to app 2. add network driver and configure 3. add player driver and configure / bind
  13. Yes. I beta tested it and could never break it. Try this to get the bindings back. Delete last char of your API key. Set. Add it back. Set. Then deslect your system. Set. Reselect your system. Set.
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