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  1. I can install for you but likely won't fix it
  2. Door stop? Shooting range? Landfill?
  3. Sorry. I wasnt clear. Yes. Cinegration owns driver central. So yes it's a cinegration driver sold on driver central
  4. And I will gladly setup anyone who wants to transfer to the driver central version for the MSRP of $200. No setup cost
  5. Like was stated above that was an unofficial integration. Houselogix isn't supporting it. The only option is to buy the driver central also unofficial integration.
  6. Ido not have any drivers right now that have notifications for motion. I am not sure off my head the error but happy to login and look!
  7. Benoit, Thank you for your question. That is a copy and paste mistake in the documentation - Reolink doesn't have a good API for motion detection and the driver doesn't support that.
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