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  1. Not really. Control4 has increased security and there are major changes in how is 3 and os 2 work. So it's never gonna happen. You are basically asking why I can't run win 10 programs on XP.
  2. there should be no delay using the SR250 for denon control.
  3. you need the proper drivers to be setup to allow this work.
  4. And on the Apple TV driver the correct Apple TV is selected?
  5. Delete it from homekit. Force close homekit and control4 app and setup again
  6. The update they pissed last week in v13 didn't fix it?
  7. Can you tell us more about switch 14?
  8. That sounds awful and ugly. Sorry.
  9. You don't do anything in homekit app. You only do it in the Control4 app and it will take care of everything
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