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  1. Customers can expect to enjoy a variety of features, including: Pools and Spas: Easily manage and monitor the status of your pool (indoor or outdoor) or spa (on every patio) from the remote’s list view. Deep Sleep Wake Time: The time it takes your remote to exit deep sleep mode is significantly reduced. Performance Improvements: We’ve made several bug fixes and changes to make your Halo experience more seamless.
  2. https://news.snapav.com/2024/introducing-pools-spas-for-halo-and-halo-touch/
  3. My recommendation depends on what you're chasing. If you're happy with everything the way it is and you're never changing anything, then you're likely okay. Although defects do pop up over time. I think it's about having a good dialogue with your dealer so he understands any challenges you run into
  4. I see your email. Mobile for a bit. But will look in about an hour
  5. Why are you using old generation hardware on a new and such a large install? I would use a core controller as the main controller and potentially use EAS for your other ZB meshes. But I would highly recommend keeping it all current generation
  6. Sorry to hear that @Time2Jet, we do have some folks from time to time that suck around here. It's challenging but IDK how to police it without closing the for sale section
  7. I want to use that driver but don't understand it...
  8. Jun 19, 17:39 EDT Update - We are continuing to work on a fix for this issue. Jun 19, 17:07 EDT Identified - We have identified the issue and are working to recover the issue with OvrC login. Thanks, Your Snap One Engineering team View the full article
  9. Technically I live in a rural area outside a big city...and tons of horse farms
  10. Way better here. On irrigation meter you don't pay waste. Just water.
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