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  1. Setbacks or recovery times or any of those type of smart features. Just go on their website and you can read all about it
  2. If you think you can make a c4 thermostat as smart as an ecobee or nest in programming you are sorely mistaken.
  3. Yes you can buy the battery kit and turn your into a rechargeable version
  4. https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/audio-video/zappiti/
  5. If you're using a local IP you don't want to check the publicly available box
  6. and remember Snap One Bought Access Networks - there are probably deeper integrations coming....
  7. yup, i ran out of gas, so I'm buying a new car...
  8. What IP are you using in the camera driver? Do you have remotely accessible checked in the camera driver?
  9. The thermostats operation is irrespective of the control4 integration
  10. And has zero intelligence compared to nest and ecobee
  11. Do they have the room level binding correct?
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