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  1. in your case likely nothing. But for android users it works
  2. Not sure. But there are a lot of different integrations depending on Apple TV version and Control4 hardware and version
  3. Just what I said. It works fine for navigation but no direct app launching
  4. there are no apple TV mini apps - yes it does have better audio options but it doesn't have mini apps
  5. so you get the join screen and the room just isn't listed?
  6. i just looked and the way you have it should work from what i understand
  7. highest to lowest quality -- Digital coax, optical, analog. IMHO if you have an eth port use it. But I will always say that. Wired over wireless 100% of the time. If its a device that doesn't move, wire it.
  8. It's not Streaming. It's the refresh of the snapshot
  9. Yes. Add the driver and bind it. You need 1 Sonos network. Which you have. And one properly configured device driver for each Sonos
  10. i think that is all you can do. I have only ever done it to a specific camera
  11. What os and what osd device? You need to most likely install the navigation agent and use that
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