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  1. powerline networking will depend on if the Barn is on the same power service or not...
  2. look at this driver - https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/utility/keypad-enhancer/ you may be able to use it to trigger modes that disable buttons at certain times
  3. my answer is still correct - they are both options and each has it's own requirements and pros and cons...
  4. What you said is correct. Those are alternative ways. But the easiest is via spotify or via buttons or favoriting a playlist to room.
  5. Control4 limit. Doesn't apply to my music
  6. there is a limit of Spotify - 11 per project. it's an audio limit not a controller limit. If it's an EA - regardless of model - still 11
  7. you can't but you should setup room auto on in the spotify drivers in those rooms
  8. That is the wrong driver. You want apple tv bridge and then apple tv
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