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  1. Dan, off topic, but how the hell are you man? What happened after Cytex?
  2. *****Lot has been sold.****
  3. I used a Nyce motion sensor outdoors near my garage for a couple of years. It was baked in the sun and rained on. Never failed.
  4. My mentor, Michael Lemons, passed away yesterday around 2pm EST. Mike got me started in Control4 back in 2005! For those of you that have been in the game, this was around the 1.2 days. I was barely out of college, and he gave me a chance, which started me down the path that would change my life professionally, and personally forever. I owe a lot to Mike, and he will be missed beyond words. For those that have found value in my Control4 services, you have him to thank for this venture. Cheers to Mr. Mike Lemons, to you sir! https://ibb.co/pbGkfmD
  5. PM'd and you know I'll throw some $ your way.
  6. Based on the 5150 handle, I'm going to go out on a limb and say this will/should be a Eddie Van Halen song.
  7. Is it on Blackwire? I'd love to get this sir. Let me know details.
  8. Thank you! I've actually had a few requests for this!
  9. I can understand your point here. But unless you have hundreds of thousands of views per video, the ad revenue will be extremely small. For the time it will take to do these courses, a per video fee would be completely reasonable.
  10. Correct, a known issue, I have this exact problem in my home system, Neeo, Dune, etc.
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