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  1. Shout out to BlakJak for helping out with this in the above mentioned case. Thank you!
  2. Neil has restored my faith in Control4. Honestly I was ready to ditch the equipment because very little seemed to go right with it. My system just needed someone like Neil who would take the time and use his expertise to get all the kinks out and to add some additional features. He is professional, persistent, and just pretty dang good at what he does. I hope he does not change jobs—cause I know I will have additions or changes needed to my C4 system. And I will rely on Neil. Highly recommended. 

    A Roberts

  3. Email me at neil_control4@yahoo.com and we can discuss sir.
  4. You talking about the crossover cable that goes to the com port on the switches?
  5. Kudos to Paul @ Domosapiens for keeping me in the loop also!
  6. Everything appears fine. My personal system is a 800 with EA1 for OSD. Nothing noticeable if there is any degradation.
  7. Per Drivercentral, Domosapiens has not updated their driver to work with 3.0. I have a customer waiting on 3.0 and the security is the only driver in the way. Did they resolve this directly?
  8. Hardly any use, came from my brothers house actually, he used these very seldom and they're in pristine working condition. Make an offer. Most of you on the forums know me, so you can rest assured that everything is in proper order. EDIT: Remotes are now SOLD. Touchscreen is still available. email me at neil_control4@yahoo.com
  9. I'll have all of the above next week. I shoot you a pm when I get it.
  10. It has always been a lackluster experience every time I've dealt with it. Most customers have felt the same.
  11. This. And This. Someone mentioned in wall touchscreens not being used. There is some truth to this. I find that touchscreens get used the most in kitchen areas where the house has distributed audio, which you will have. We almost always spec a portable or wall mount in the kitchen, just seems to always be the case. Also, entry/exit point in walls get used a lot. Other than that, I have to agree.
  12. New Yale Zigbee Card in case your doorlock needs one. Make an offer.
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