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  1. I forgot to answer your immediate question. You won’t damage anything, but you’ll run out of headroom quickly if you fat-finger the values.
  2. After doing multiple luxury hotels with centralized lighting, I can tell you that approximating the wattage is fine. Each wattage value takes from the total wattage the module is capable of handling. We ran large chandeliers and everything in between on centralized C4 panels.
  3. All, I've posted on my remote integration services thread. I've switched to the engineering field, and while I couldn't be happier, I simply do not have enough time to provide quality programming services at this point. It's been a pleasure getting to know all of you, this industry truly changed my life. I'll still be around, but not nearly to the degree that I have been. I wish everyone well, and I appreciate the business relationships and trust that have been built through this platform. A huge thank you to the guys that were at Cytexone, especially Dan. Please support the other great remote integrators on this forum, their reputations speak for themselves. You guys take it easy, and I'll see ya'll around. Thanks again for the decade of support, this field will always be special to me. Neil12011
  4. Forum members, I will be, at least for the time being, not taking on any further remote programming work. I have switched career fields, and have been working in engineering for the past few months. There simply are not enough hours in the day to adequately service the requests I receive. With that, I would like to say that it has been an immense pleasure working with all of you, and getting to know you. I started this thread back in 2011, and have nothing but positive things to say about the C4forums.com community. Some of you have become real friends, and I am grateful for that. I'll still be around, just on a much more limited basis. There are several great integrators on this site: Matt Lowe, Mitch at Greenfield, AK1, Ari at Epic-Systems, etc. I'm sure you guys will be in good hands with them. I wish you all the best, this forum got me started on a journey I could have never expected. I greatly appreciate the support and patronage over the years. A special thanks to Dan Levine and the guys at former Cytexone for providing this platform. None of this would've been possible without them. May your Zigbee be strong, and your networks robust always. Peace, Neil12011
  5. Best to post your location, or desired location. Some of the C4 sales reps have been known to put it a good word for good talent.
  6. Dan, off topic, but how the hell are you man? What happened after Cytex?
  7. *****Lot has been sold.****
  8. I used a Nyce motion sensor outdoors near my garage for a couple of years. It was baked in the sun and rained on. Never failed.
  9. My mentor, Michael Lemons, passed away yesterday around 2pm EST. Mike got me started in Control4 back in 2005! For those of you that have been in the game, this was around the 1.2 days. I was barely out of college, and he gave me a chance, which started me down the path that would change my life professionally, and personally forever. I owe a lot to Mike, and he will be missed beyond words. For those that have found value in my Control4 services, you have him to thank for this venture. Cheers to Mr. Mike Lemons, to you sir! https://ibb.co/pbGkfmD
  10. PM'd and you know I'll throw some $ your way.
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