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  1. I'll have all of the above next week. I shoot you a pm when I get it.
  2. It has always been a lackluster experience every time I've dealt with it. Most customers have felt the same.
  3. This. And This. Someone mentioned in wall touchscreens not being used. There is some truth to this. I find that touchscreens get used the most in kitchen areas where the house has distributed audio, which you will have. We almost always spec a portable or wall mount in the kitchen, just seems to always be the case. Also, entry/exit point in walls get used a lot. Other than that, I have to agree.
  4. New Yale Zigbee Card in case your doorlock needs one. Make an offer.
  5. You know the one. The Pink Zigbee network card in case your door lock needs one. Make me an offer. Edit: Meant to put this in the FS section. Can one of the mods move this for me?
  6. I updated your driver to the most current version dated 9/21/18. Let me know if that doesn't take care of it.
  7. If you're going the video over IP route, spend the extra $ and go with JAP or Videostorm.
  8. You should post a before and after screenshot.
  9. Dahua may be a large OEM, but if they have no interest in making the driver, Control4 likely may not make one. 3rd party driver creators fill this void, but at a cost. As far as who is honest/reputable/fair etc, look at the feedback on the "looking for a integrator" section. That'll be a good indicator of who's experienced, and reputable here. The forums tend to police themselves, so there aren't many if any "hacks" on the forums who do shoddy work. The ones that I know of and have actually dealt with professionally: Neil12011: Myself of course Ak1 Matt Lowe Ari (choppeddog) -Driver creator also Msgreenf (Greenfield Solutions)- Driver creator also
  10. I do this for a living, so maybe I'm biased. But, I've had C4 in every place I've lived since 2006. My system HAS to work, because I live with it, and so does my family. I approach customers systems this way as well. There is no "works most of the time" scenarios for me. So yeah, I know I would do it again, because I have. If I didn't believe in the product or concept, I certainly wouldn't bet my professional life on it.
  11. This is about the only way. It USED to be quite easy, and with Alan's advanced announcement driver, was pretty powerful. This was how my announcements fired in various rooms. This was before the "endorsed" sonos driver crept in however.
  12. If at all possible, and usually is, I always go with an RS-232 connection with receivers, no matter how robust the manufacturer, Control4, or other dealers say their IP control is or isn't. Serial is usually bulletproof.
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