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  1. Unfortunately, this is the case with personal system as well...
  2. I'm going to try this one out. Why is this not all over the dealer forums though? Any chance of this "breaking" like the MyQ driver? Also, for the record, Roku all the way!
  3. Don't, Gracenote is complete garbage, at least on the C4 end. I manually cataloged mine. That's probably not the answer that you wanted, but I had to have perfect cover art, etc.
  4. Control4 has marked this bug "urgent", but there is currently no eta on the fix. My personal system has this issue as well.
  5. Your dealer has to assign the license to your account manually.
  6. The zones are populated in the app by the order they are arranged in composer. I ask my customers what order they prefer and arrange them in composer accordingly. Takes just a few mins from your dealer.
  7. There is a reboot driver that was on Houselogix for a while. You can reboot a secondary device (as long as you know the IP) with that driver in composer.
  8. Shout out to BlakJak for helping out with this in the above mentioned case. Thank you!
  9. Neil has restored my faith in Control4. Honestly I was ready to ditch the equipment because very little seemed to go right with it. My system just needed someone like Neil who would take the time and use his expertise to get all the kinks out and to add some additional features. He is professional, persistent, and just pretty dang good at what he does. I hope he does not change jobs—cause I know I will have additions or changes needed to my C4 system. And I will rely on Neil. Highly recommended. 

    A Roberts

  10. Email me at neil_control4@yahoo.com and we can discuss sir.
  11. You talking about the crossover cable that goes to the com port on the switches?
  12. Kudos to Paul @ Domosapiens for keeping me in the loop also!
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