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  1. I had emailed Control4 about the password issue and there is an updated Composer HE for download and it did indeed fix the issue!
  2. I had emailed Control4 about the password issue and there is an updated Composer HE for download and it did indeed fix the issue!
  3. It's related when I cannot log in and modify programming for alerts which I need to do regarding a motion sensor that I just installed last week in my driveway.
  4. Why isn't Control4 addressing this issue with "Enter the system password for EA5xxxxx"???? It's been almost a week and I cannot log into Composer HE. I contacted my dealer and he is unaware of any issues but clearly as noted this isn't an isolated issue. So basically I'm paying for 4sight with no ability to do any programming or modification of programming at this time when I just installed a driveway motion sensor due recent neighborhood car thefts so no ability to program. It sounds like Composer Pro has no issues logging in but that is dealer software so end user gets screwed over again
  5. Control4, please address this issue ASAP. It's been almost a week and I cannot log into my system as it keeps asking for a system password! Why am I paying for remote services when I can't even log into Composer???!?!?!
  6. I'm showing firmware version on my 260. Showing for the system firmware.....
  7. I haven't noticed any difference with my 260 remote with new update. Where is the volume indicator supposed to be located? Is there a way to force an update or start update on the remote?
  8. Is there any update or news from Control4 on this? Totally locked out of project for any programming or adjustments just when I need to do some important programming for motion sensor with a recent break in our neighborhood....
  9. Back online in the sense that my security system is now seen by Control4. However, I still cannot log into my project with the 3.2 HE Composer as it keeps asking for a password as this bug is known. If trying to use 3.1.x HE Composer, it won't let you log in because now my firmware is 3.2 so I'm basically stuck without Composer either way it's just whether or not I want my security system to be online apparently... not sure why the security system would have gone offline however.... If a user doesn't mind not using Composer for now then 3.2 is the way to go but if you want to chance bei
  10. I'm not able to open Composer 3.1 because my system is all 3.2 now so I'm stuck not being able to program at all.
  11. So restored my backup project that I did before I upgraded to 3.2 and my GE Concord is back online.... so until some of these 3.2 bugs are worked out, I would recommend avoiding! The downside is now I'm stuck on firmware 3.2 and can't use Composer to do any programming.
  12. Just updated to 3.2 firmware last night running on EA5 as primary. Now I'm getting the dreaded ATM BUS FAILURE error with my HC800 that communicates with C4 not working. Normally a reboot of the HC800 clears this but has not worked this time. Has anyone seen this error with 3.2 update?
  13. Another issue I've just run into with 3.2 is my GE Concord 4 is not communicating with my HC800. I'm getting an "ATM BUS FAILURE" error on my security pad. Normally, I've just rebooted the HC800 and it clears if there was an update and such but I rebooted twice and the error still persists. This only developed after the update as it was working correctly yesterday. It appears the HC800 is running 3.2 so it was updated.
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