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  1. Having the same problem trying to connect remotely and I'm on the latest firmware
  2. Has anyone experienced multiple thermostat disconnections today? I've attached a screenshot of my disconnections just this evening. I wasn't sure if perhaps control four was doing some maintenance of some sort that would have been pushing some kind of an update that would cause this.
  3. 4sight is up to date and I just upgraded to latest firmware on controller. I'll try a reboot which I did at least 5 times when firmware update was done to get security bus back online.
  4. That's what I did but now when I try to reenable the C4 skill that is the message I'm getting.
  5. For the past day after unlinking Alexa and Control4 in an attempt to correct what appeared to be lack of command response, I cannot link Alexa and Control4. Everytime I try I get Unable to link Control4 with Alexa. Is there an outage currently on either side of things?
  6. It was correct email as they responded but basically said check with your dealer.
  7. Today I suddenly noticed that Control4 is not working with my Alexa account. I have the Epic driver but also use some of the native C4 driver commands as well. Neither appears to be working. I tried unlinking my account in Alexa but now it won't let me add it back as it says it is having some trouble linking the account. Has anyone else had issues with Alexa as well as the Epic driver lately?
  8. I've tested my emails and they work as far as successfully sending. I both my Verizon phone and other email I hadn't received alerts. I just upgraded firmware on the Luma 510 NVR last night a few alerts have come through but hit and miss. Nothing in spam.
  9. My 2 cents on my Luma system as of late.... For the second time in 4 months my system is suddenly not sending ANY email/text alerts. I haven't changed anything and can successfully send test emails/texts but no actual triggered alerts come through. It's recording events but nothing is working. I sent an email to customers@control4.com as that's the only point of contact I could find. Not very good or easy technical support considering the cost of the 710 cameras I'm using.
  10. Just started having issues with the Luma notifications AGAIN! I can successfully send test email alerts to both my Verizon phone and to my other email account but triggering events are currently not sending any notifications. Does anyone have any insight here as to why this seems to periodically happen with my Luma camera system (I have the 510 NVR and multiple 710 cameras).
  11. So is there any way of adding shuffle via remote after a playlist has been selected to play?
  12. Hahaha I've noticed that if you play the playlist from the remote you can select it to play as SHUFFLE. However, I have it programmed so I can tell Alexa, "Alexa, Turn on playlist Cheap Trick" then there is no command on the remote to add shuffle even though I have it programmed to turn on playlist Cheap Trick and Shuffle On for the room but the shuffle isn't working for some reason. Strange... Also, I am old school and do like album start to finish but when you have an artist that has 20+ albums, it's nice to not listen to the same order every time!
  13. I've just noticed since recent updates there is no way to turn shuffle on via remote. I've gone through every function under LISTEN on remote and that ability to.change okay behavior no longer exists!
  14. I think the problem may have been the artwork was 2100x2000 or something in that range.... I know some players have difficulty processing if the embedded artwork is too high or at least in this case that seems to have resolved the issue by changing the artwork to a picture with lower resolution.... Just as an FYI possibly for future issues if anyone runs into this issue.
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