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  1. In the past 3 days I've suddenly had a marked decrease in the notifications I'm receiving from my Luma 510 NVR. I've not changed any settings and the typical triggers that should be triggering an email notification are not working. When I test the email in the menu settings it is successful and it sends the test email just fine. Has anyone noticed issues with Luma NVR notifications lately?
  2. Now it appears that I've lost the HDMI connection ability to my Luma NVR since this update? I was able to view it through my matrix and that is no longer the case. In the Luma NVR a connection ability isn't even able to be made again? This is after the update
  3. Is there an updated Composer yet? If not, it won't be programmable for the time being if new update is applied....
  4. It appears that there is a new firmware update available 3.1.3.... Does anyone know what the update contains? It doesn't appear that Composer HE can been updated yet to match the update on the My.control4. com site
  5. This was probably brought up for Composer Pro in the previous post, but I've been having issues for past 24 hours at least with trying to remotely access my project with Composer HE. I have the latest firmware update. I'm able to authenticate my project but my controller does not show up even after rebooting my computer and trying to refresh the controller list over and over. According to the Control4 status website there are currently no problems but clearly between Pro and HE accessing remotely appears to be an issue.
  6. When you say no longer available, do you mean for purchase? I have GE Concord integrated with C4 so concerned if something is being discontinued....
  7. What setting are you using in Composer other than 2000ms and on your Shield? My Shield initially lights up and light goes off when using miniapp. Then have to hit WATCH again to get it going so new driver has not solved anything for me at all
  8. Had the driver updated to 3.6 and still having the same issue. I've tried adjusting the delay between 1000ms and 5000ms and same thing. I have to hit WATCH again or hit some of the remote arrows to get the screen up otherwise black screen....
  9. So after using the miniapps for the past week I'm finding they don't quite work well with initial boot up. I have an Epson projector coming off my Anthem processor. When I select WATCH Netflix for example (using my Shield) when room power is off, I get a blank black screen until I hit WATCH Netflix 2 more times and then it pops on. I'm not sure how to correct this. I've tried adding programming for when the room turns on to select that source again but that isn't working. I've submitted a ticket yesterday to Video storm and checked out some of the links on HDMI handshaking but the example in the link didn't help because I'm not using the Netplay version and restarting the application after a delay is not a programmable option. I've tried using a delay with reselecting the same video source in programming but that doesn't work either.
  10. I just added a Control4 amp in my utility room which is also my pinball room. I have tried to get Alexa to add a volume command in that room but for the life of me cannot get Alexa to recognize the room for volume control. I typically have been using the Epic driver for most of my control4/Alexa commands due to the speed. However, before I used this, I had used the native Voice Control of C4 so I have "ROOM" VOLUME commands listed in my Alexa commands list. However, now when I've added Utility Room (with the check mark next to it in MyControl4), Alexa adds it as a TV linked via C4 and does not add a volume control option. I've tried renaming this to UTILITY, PINBALL ROOM, none of which change the outcome so I'm not able to use discreet volume commands as I can in every other room. Alexa will either say volume is only between 0 and 10 or that command is not available. I should mention I do not have any Alexa put into any groups so for some reason she is thinking I'm telling a specific Alexa to adjust volume. I just tried renaming the room Triad Amp in the C4 voice command menu and that still added a TV icon in Alexa only.....
  11. Thanks to msgreenf I'm running the newest driver and the mini apps. My functionality is back for both the Shield home screen and Kodi. Can anyone explain how the press hold function works? I have it set for long but when I use the select button on my Control4 remote it just opens the app as it always has. I assume that this is used for moving icons around on the screen as the original Shield remote does.
  12. 1) I just tried to apparently update the driver I have (version 1.9) using the driver on the website. However, when I try to complete this, I get an error message saying BROKER. I'm not using Composer Pro but if you right click on your driver in Composer, there is an option to update but it's not letting me complete that. Is this a Composer Pro only function even though it's showing UPDATE DRIVER as an option when you right click on the driver and select the driver? ***2) As of a week ago, I'm having trouble with 1 of my 2 NVIDIA Shield boxes not working with the IRUSB on the main menu screen (ie Netflix, YouTube, Sling, etc) however it will work when I'm using Kodi. My other box that is configured identically is working for everything so I'm not sure what I'm missing.
  13. How do I enable the long HOLD function? I've screenshot my IRUSB driver but I do not see the HOLD option for long press as seen in Eric Stiff screenshot above.
  14. I've just noticed a new entry under my WATCH command.... "Android Device App Switcher". I have no idea what it is or where it came from. I've since HIDDEN it under WATCH in the rooms that it shows up in. Anyone have any idea what that might be?
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