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  1. I've uninstalled, restarted, reinstalled and still crashes when you select the upper right light bulb icon which I usually select to look at ALL ROOMS lights.
  2. Yes Android tablet. Phone works fine, tablet started crashing today
  3. Just started having some issues this morning with my control4 application crashing everytime I try to select all room lights. Not sure what's going on if anyone else is having this problem
  4. I have the lights and groups bound to their respective lights and have had the names changed in Composer but for some reason 2 of the 3 groups revert back (ie Master bedroom LIFX goes back to Master bedroom brightness)
  5. Can someone post the bug fixes? It would be nice to know if anything has changed that I might notice in my system and performance.
  6. Just noticed my SR260 remote tonight displaying a red down arrow and 48%. Any ideas on what this is? It showed up before updating to 2.10.6.
  7. For some reason my LIFX lights and groups in my project keep reverting to the name of room and BRIGHTNESS. I've changed the names 2x and again the names have changed by themselves. How is this possible?
  8. I've been having some continued issues with Composer (2.10.5) with updated system firmware though issues existed with previous versions for probably last 8 months. If I'm programming in Composer, Composer will lock up and stop responding for maybe 15 seconds and the Control4 system will also become unresponsive during that time. Then everything becomes responsive again for maybe 30 seconds and the cycle repeats. Composer will show as NOT RESPONDING with yellow circle in lower right or it will have an hour glass for my mouse. It only appears to be an issue when I'm doing any programming even if nothing major such as 1 code item change. Any ideas on how to remedy this as it's gotten to the point that programming anything is unbearable!
  9. I actually ditched the Monoprice a copule of years ago as I needed more outputs and it was a bit finicky at times and losing signal. But I did have it controlled by RS232 when I had it. I couldn't tell you much more about it as my dealer had installed it.
  10. The LIFX lights? They are the best controllable LED lights I've seen. Very quick response, accurate colors.... I had the Hue but ditched them for LIFX. You may want to make sure you installed them correctly, they aren't on a dimmer, or exchange them.
  11. I do have the native C4 Alexa app as well which I was using at first. Can you use the word set with the native app? I thought it was off/on only?
  12. As long you don't disturb the "load" button they seem to work great. I programmed the top button (2 spaces so you can't miss it) to toggle the LIFX driver so it's controlling the lights. I'm trying not to mess with the actual load light as it seems to occasionally disconnect from the LIFX cloud if you mess with it likely because of the dimmer aspect.
  13. Reading this thread, now I'm confused where in programming Voice Scenes are and how they work for making Control4 switch audio sources via Alexa. I've used the Epic driver and program commands (ie "Alexa, turn on Master Bedroom TV" which selects my Directv in bedroom") to select a source for a room but I can't find anything in Composer for Voice Scenes?
  14. I have a dot connected into an EA3 so I can stream Sirius XM directly from the internet app as well as any Youtube videos and such linked by my phone Bluetooth if I want to. Recently, Alexa did add the ability to ask any dot/echo in the house to play something on a group. The only crappy thing about this is that it requires 2 devices specified as a group to make this work. If you only have 1 device you can't designate a group to a device and tell any echo/dot in the house to say, "Play Beatles channel on Sirius XM". It would be nice if any dot/echo could respond by playing what you ask it to on a specified dot/echo in the house. As it stands now, I would need at least dot/echo somewhere "hidden" in the house or lowest volume to make this work it would seem.
  15. I just installed configurable dimmer to control a room with 3 LIFX lights. I am going to designate on of the buttons as controlling the load so the lights "stay on" all the time. With another button, I will use it as programming eventually using LIFX driver to turn the light on/off via LIFX functionality. My question is since this keypad is technically a dimmer, does this affect the performance of the bulbs assuming the load is always left on by the switch? When I installed the configurable dimmer today, I am able to turn the LIFX lights on and off, they show connected to the LIFX cloud, but I have lost control of them via the LIFX app and Alexa voice commands. I wanted to make sure this didn't have anything to with the Control4 hardware. When I am home later, I will try to reset the bulbs and see if that helps resolve the issue. I am also wondering if I need to alter the button programming to make sure there is no dimming/ramping of the lights and the lights literally switch immediately versus a gradually dimming or lighting as dimmers do. What programming change would I have to make in Control4 for ramping up/down to make this a rapid light change?
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