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I have a Thermoworks Signals. https://www.thermoworks.com/signals/ .  It connects to your wifi network. It has four probes and you can also just use one in your smoker to read the smoker temp.  You can set min and max alarms for each probe and you it will give you a graph of your temps.  In the graph below the green probe was the smoker and the red and blue were both attached to the meat - I think this was for pulled pork that I smoked for about 14 hours.


Here is the API code that I was referring to, but it works with a different thermometer:  https://github.com/nhorvath/python-thermoworks-smoke


Can someone tell me when the patch has been released

open to offers. open to offers I’d like to purchase. New here and found thru search. Can’t figure out how to contact you ??

Hello all,
I am currently experiencing an issue that I cannot resolve. It even had the c4 tech support guys stumped.

I have a newly replaced, Xfinity XiD-P, cable box connected to an EA1 via IR that is extended via cat6. This system is controlled with a SR260 remote.

While scrolling through channels in any direction within in the guide, I will intermittently receive a random digit input that causes the box to think that i am beginning to type in a channel number.
For example, a button sequence could look as follows;

guide, down, down, down, down, down, [RANDOM DIGIT]

Occasionally, the guide will just keep scrolling in the direction of the last press without any further input:

input:output, input:output. input:output,output,output,output...

This occurs via the dpad on the remote, as well as directly through the driver in composer, ruling out the remote entirely.

The issue is extremely intermittent, but constant, and causes the client to have to back out of the guide and lose progress.

I have attempted:

a myriad of different drivers

different IR ports and new IR cables, alternate conductors on the cat6 cable

new xfinity cable box from cisco to pace

reset the ioserver

setup logging on ioserver and captured the occurrence somewhere in the exported file

Please advise.
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Dont mean to sabotage your post but checking to see if you found a local Seattle pro? I am in a similar boat and trying to avoid the well-known stores - I am biased in my thinking in that they'd be expensive ;-

I want to start out small and then grow as I can save more $$ and also test things to ensure usefulness.

My preference is Lutron Caseta (Vsa. RA2, RA3 as I am sure they are expensive), Sonos for whole house audio as I am used to it since its inception and then finally a simple Control4 setup and maybe Josh.AI as a splurge. I won't nickle and dime but I do want to have a say and/or even purchase some hardware Ex: Speakers, projectors etc. Anyone open to working with me at this level?

Much thanks!
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EA-1 and DS2mini are new in box



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Make me a reasonable offer Looking to get rid of quickly.

Control4® Chime PoE Video Doorbell - Black - Make reasonable offer


It is new in box, decided not to use

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What is the maximum length of a speaker cable run from the TS-PAMP8-100 to the speaker?
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Hi guys - first off thanks for the help.  I am sure I have made some of this worse and for that I'm truly sorry...

Yesterday I received a new Halo.  My dealer remotely updated me to OS 3.3.3.  I thought it was all working fine - until I tried to edit the Halo buttons using Composer HE.  I had to upgrade Composer HE to work with the new OS.  


Now everything seems to have gone wrong.  I have a very small system.  Here are the details:

- EA3

- C4 IO extender

- Two sets of roller blinds (240v) and a curtain (Silent Gliss)

- About 12 lights - 240v halogen controlled by C4

- About 6 light switches - most important these are NOT the standard C4 switches.  They are basic "push to make" switches (suited the decor better) - have always worked fine with C4 on the basis that it senses when a connection is made it activates the relevant lighting scene.

Last night I foolishly tried to customise the Halo using Composer HE.  Now almost nothing works:

- None of the remotes work properly (Halo, old SR250, iPhone app)

- None of the lights work - although in Composer HE I can see the levels moving up and down as I use the app but the lights are not coming on

- None of the light switches work - in Composer HE they have a (?) next to them in the monitoring section

- The shades don't work - I get nothing when I try to trigger them (there's a message about the driver needing to be updated - not sure if relevant?)

- None of the audio zones work


I SHOULD have test everything thoroughly and made a backup of the project as soon as the dealer had updated to OS 3.3.3 I'm an idiot; the Halo process just seemed so easy - a quick remote update and then set up the Halo.  I've tried everything I can think of - resetting the system, etc.

However this leaves me in very difficult situation over the weekend (and my dealer is closed):

- I cant open my shades

- I have no lights

I can live without the rest for now but as you cab imagine I am now living in a dark cave for 2 days.

Is there ANYONE that could help me?  Willing to pay for time incurred of course - I wonder if just re-flashing the Controller to OS 3.3.3 again will fix some of the problems for now.  I just need light and shades!


FWIW - I'm not blaming the dealer - I'm the sort of person who unfortunately gets excited by new toys and is dangerous enough to know just enough to do some basic programming in Composer HE (which has been an amazing benefit) but this is Pro level and I've probably done something stupid.

Based in the UK but can of course give remote access - send screenshots, run logs, speak to you - whatever helps.  I expect that given the experience of the dealers here this is a very simple system but I just don't know what's happened.

Any help really really gratefully received....

Thanks again













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Hi All,

i have 2 metal landscape enclosure boxes outside.  1 in the front and 1 in the rear landscaping. They both have a Wemo switch which connects to my C4. Unfortunately my rear landscaping Wemo switch losses Wi-Fi signal constantly. If I put it in my front enclosure it works just fine. Is there a better switch or one I can mount outside of the metal enclosure so as not to lose signal? I also tried the TP-link switch but same issue. 
Thank you in advance. 
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