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  1. ok. so i need some help understanding the benefits here (or what i am missing that I could do). I have 4 TVs in the house. Each has a Nvidia Shield. Each has either its own AVR or a soundbar. Most content is from my in house plex server, netflix or the kid watching youtube. We have cable, hulu, etc, but rarely watch that. A lot of the content is 4K. So, is the main benefit of this to have centralized video, so i dont need to have the shield at each location and just have them all in the rack? Am i missing some benefit? This is not to sound like bashing the product, at all. Just want to see if I am missing something and should be considering adding this to my setup. Thanks!
  2. https://www.control4.com/documentation/System_User_Guide/Composer_HE.htm ask your dealer for a license of Composer Home Edition. It is a stripped down version of the software that your dealer uses to program the system. You will be able to do a lot of tweaking yourself.
  3. thats good to know. I liked that since I could use any hardware for the front. I may check that one out. Thanks!
  4. nothing with c4. i got the august as soon as it came out and the wifi bridge. had constant connectivity issues. would not work remotely 90% of the time. Would jam, etc. Just did not think it was as good of a product as the yale ones. maybe they have improved, but it ended up being just a dumb lock for me in the end.
  5. good to know. i have an august as well. i did not think it worked as well though.
  6. Thanks. I will end up replacing this lock soon then and just putting it on my garage door or something.
  7. Does this lock integrate with C4? https://www.amazon.com/Nest-Yale-Oil-Rubbed-Bronze-Connect/dp/B07BH6Y6LL
  8. Hey everyone. Is there a good course or guide to show all the stuff that can done in Composer HE? i would prefer not to learn by screwing up stuff. I know C4 has a video series, but wasnt sure there was something better out there. Thanks!
  9. that would be awesome if this would end up working.
  10. I saw. i read the model number wrong from my phone. Thanks for the correction
  11. Never mind. I read the model number wrong.
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