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  1. Perfect! I have an ea3 behind that tv. Sent from my SM-N976V using Tapatalk
  2. Would love to test this, as well. Sent from my SM-N976V using Tapatalk
  3. Morning. I just bought a triad amp and matrix. Installing 8 zones of audio in ceiling throughout house. All TV's are local (not distributed). Most just have a sound bar, but main living room has a 5.1.4 setup. Right now these all go back to local AV receiver. Is there a way to have this as a zone without losing it as a TV surround system? Sent from my SM-N976V using Tapatalk
  4. Purchased new. No longer needed. Sent from my SM-N976V using Tapatalk
  5. Need 8 zones. Sent from my SM-N976V using Tapatalk
  6. I am not happy with my network performance. I know Ubiquiti is not supported. I currently have a USG (took a few weeks to get it to register gigabit) and a generic netgear 48 port non POE switch. I have some Ubiquiti Ap's as well. I am looking to remove all of those and go with something else. I am technically inclined, so have no issue setting everything up if needed. I would prefer something that just works and I dont need to think about it anymore. Should i do Pakedge? I was considering a RK-1, 2 x SX-24P switches and a few WK-2's. is this smart, or do you recommend something else that will work better?
  7. i am planning to add a DS2, as well as a few more touchscreens. if that makes a difference to the recommendation.
  8. I currently have an ea5, ea3 on living room TV and ea1 on each bedroom TV. This is only for OSD, since the wife loves it. I need recommendations on the following. 1. Replace entire network. I currently have a USG with a Netgear 48 port switch (no Poe). I have 3x ubiquity AP. everything works right now, except intercom anywhere bandwidth sucks. Want something that will work and is supported. Recommend replacements. 2. In ceiling speakers. Replace Sonos system with in ceiling/in wall. Living room currently has martin Logan electrostatic as main Left, Center, Right. Need rears that can stand up to them. Need rest of house to replace Sonos in each room. 3. Garage door. Need double door and golf cart door for automation. 4. Cameras for security. 5. Door locks. Should I go with August? 6. Whole home audio. C4, traid, etc? Recommendations. My dealer is Matt Lowe. Thanks! Sent from my SM-N976V using Tapatalk
  9. ok. so i need some help understanding the benefits here (or what i am missing that I could do). I have 4 TVs in the house. Each has a Nvidia Shield. Each has either its own AVR or a soundbar. Most content is from my in house plex server, netflix or the kid watching youtube. We have cable, hulu, etc, but rarely watch that. A lot of the content is 4K. So, is the main benefit of this to have centralized video, so i dont need to have the shield at each location and just have them all in the rack? Am i missing some benefit? This is not to sound like bashing the product, at all. Just want to see if I am missing something and should be considering adding this to my setup. Thanks!
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