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  1. Hello all, I wanted to ask if there is a way to Favorite to a Room some of my amazon music playlists? I can do it with all my other sources but just not with amazon. TIA
  2. Hi all, The pentair Alexa Skill has been taken down. I used to have an Alexa connected by the pool and could easily control all pool functions. I’ve never integrated the pentair with C4. Any work around to get voice control by the pool with Pentair? TIA.
  3. Hi all, I am looking to buy 2 satin nickel/silver keypad locks for closets that can integrate into C4. Please let me know if available. TIA
  4. Just for clarification, 3 button keypad itself cannot be connected directly to a light? Correct?
  5. Hi all, Besides using the 3 button keypad for the obvious audio/video options, does anyone use a 3 button keypad in places like an upstairs hallway or foyer? If so what do you have it programmed to do? TIA.
  6. Sorry for the silly questions but what’s difference between forward phase and adaptive phase? and are Either of the ones listed in OP a C4 keypad that would work for 3 way?
  7. Ok thanks for the reply. Can I use both of them for multi-pole sites? also what’s mlv?
  8. Can either of these be used for multi location switches?
  9. Looking for portable and in wall TS either 7 or 10" which will work with the new OS3.
  10. Was just an issue with a bad IR cable. Swapped it out and its fine.
  11. I never tested it after we upgraded months ago (just dont use the DVD player much now but still want the control). Problem is the bud doesnt flash at all. Tried a different IR cable and still no flashing. Almost as if EA-5 is just not getting the signal to send to the IR cable. I do have other IR controllers which do work.
  12. Hi all, I had full control of my oppo with my HC800 but now cant control with the ea5. Using IR. Any thoughts on this issue and how to fix it please? TIA
  13. Why not switch to a Roku stick? Is there no known delay between C4 and the Roku stick?
  14. There is none for the denon but using the 250 for the fire stick has a definite delay. That’s the problem.
  15. Sorry maybe I’m not clear. The fire stick is plugged into my rack in the basement. It comes with its own fire stick remote with voice control. The fire stick and denon are controlled with the 250 but there’s a definite delay in controlling the Fire stick. So for immediate response I use the fire stick remote since there’s no delay. I just can’t control the denon volume with it. If I don’t mind the delay the 250 controls everything but the kids hate the delay.
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