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  1. Heh. Forgot about this slight detail... RyanE
  2. Pretty sure this is a question for Wall Smart. RyanE
  3. That's crazy. It's like they're making their stuff *less* universal. I'd bet dollars for donuts that if you cut it at the 'cut' line, you could scrape off the coating and find the exact same 4 pads that you could use elsewhere, but it wouldn't have "their" connector on it. RyanE
  4. As Control4 has not said anything about the state of discussions on the topic (and very likely won't), this is all speculation. The only facts at this point are that there is no integration, and that an alternate solution for local control is available (hard wiring a keypad, and use contact inputs for feedback). Anything more than this is speculation. RyanE
  5. It may have serial control available, but I don't know of a serial driver for it, so I think IR is probably your only option. RyanE
  6. Can't tell why original posted wanted fully open, but I like it because with the new Garage Door driver, the driver can fire an event if the door doesn't open or close within a specified time, and also shows the 'partial' state, so you know more accurately the state of the door. With just a single closed sensor, you can toggle for open, and toggle it again (to stop), it will show 'fully open', even though it's not. RyanE
  7. There are multiple ways for Alexa to control devices in a Control4 system, but they are both driver-based. If you have Control4's own Alexa control, you should have the 'voice scene' driver in your project. It could be renamed something else. If you have a 3rd-party Alexa control driver, you would have some other driver that allows Alexa control. I can't be much more specific, as I am not terribly familiar with the 3rd party Alexa drivers. RyanE
  8. I don't think it's necessarily a change of policy, as Control4 has pre-announced functionality around CEDIA timeframe when the release was still pending, although the goal of course is always to have the release ready for CEDIA. Of course, I'm not speaking for Snap One / Control4 when I make that guess... RyanE
  9. If it's missing an IC, it's likely that the traces for the same have also been ripped off or otherwise damaged. RyanE
  10. https://fccid.io/R33C4SR260/Internal-Photos/Internal-Photos-2559907
  11. I only had 1 of the two doors' springs snap a couple of years ago. The garage door guy who replaced the spring was surprised the garage door openers (which are still Genie Pro) were still working so well. RyanE
  12. My 2 hardwired openers and doors (with 2 sensors each) have been up and running for 20 years. I'm glad the solution is working for you. RyanE
  13. Although I definitely see the appeal of Open Source solutions, including opengarage, I still think traditional hardwired sensors beat it. I do think something like this would be kind of cool to integrate to know if cars are in the garage, but not all that useful for the doors themselves. Ultrasonic devices have their own set of issues (bugs, mainly). I also think Zigbee or hardwired is going to be better than wifi, typically garage is not your best wifi location. RyanE
  14. Control4 does not recommend 3rd parties create drivers without permission for API access of the manufacturer, and if one is created due to 'backdoor' access to an API, may be removed from Control4 projects. Front door or no door, unfortunately, and unless the manufacturer is willing to play nice with their API, the customer suffers. Sorry. RyanE P.S. Probably cheaper to hardwire the existing installation than buy a 3rd-party driver.
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