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  1. That person should no longer work for the company, regardless of whether their information is accurate or not. RyanE
  2. Usually when someone says they "don't have neutral", they mean that they don't have a neutral at a light switch location, which would commonly be called 'switch leg' wiring. Much, much, much, much less common would be a house that truly has no neutral wiring, including to outlets, etc. I can't imagine that scenario even with 75+ year old Knob and Tube wiring (it wasn't commonly installed in residential after the 1940's). Extremely common to not have ground back then with K&T, but nearly impossible to "not have neutral". RyanE
  3. Keep in mind that it also will be sending Zigbee packets for on/off, so I still would not recommend doing this on a large number of keypad buttons, and/or having the blink be very rapid. RyanE
  4. As there is no 'flash' mode on keypad button LEDs by design, as flash is annoying, the only way to do this is to send on / off commands to the keypads for every flash on / flash off. This causes a large number of Zigbee packets on the network, and *really* is not recommended. That said, if you wanted to do it, the best way would be to create a repeating timer in the Timer agent, put programming to toggle the LED when the timer goes off (if needed, use a separate variable to track state), start the timer when the door is opened, and stop the timer (and set the LEDs to the 'off color')
  5. I guess Snap should hire you because of course then they'd have zero issues sourcing parts and materials that will absolutely always live 100% up to the supplier's specs and will always fulfill Snap's expectations. Oh wait, that isn't possible. Like every manufacturer, Snap/Control4 are going to have issues from time to time (fortunately with Control4, it's been very infrequently), and having it be a variable cost to fix is a good way to go out of business. With relatively few 8" T4's released, it's not unreasonable for Control4 to set a fixed rate for replacement. RyanE
  6. Likely the developer just renamed the /icons folder into /icons-old, and then put a new set of icons into /icons. If they're not referred to in the .xml portion of the driver, they're not used by the experience button and could likely be deleted. RyanE
  7. Favorites are *room* favorites, so any UI using that room will see the favorites, as long as they apply. For example, Camera, Intercom, Web Link UIButtons and a few others don't really apply on the Control4 Neeo Remote, so they won't show up there when favorited on other devices for that room. RyanE
  8. Agreed, although Control4 is both a software and a hardware company, but doorstations are certainly not a 'main hardware' product for Control4. RyanE
  9. This is incorrect. The DS2 was much more of the situation you're explaining, where an existing product was used almost directly, with few changes to the firmware. The Chime is a product that Control4 worked directly with an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) to develop a much more unique hardware/software product based on their technology, but it was not Eufy. It's not uncommon for a company to work with an ODM on a product whose type is not the main product produced by the company. RyanE
  10. I don't know if the no-control drivers have the room bindings. The documentation you quoted makes me think they don't. It wouldn't be hard to add the XML as well as the Lua code to handle the volume commands to the MCEC driver, though. Probably easier than trying to combine it with some other driver. RyanE
  11. Also, the driver needs to have bindings for the audio endpoint or video's audio endpoint and audio volume / video's audio volume, in order to receive those commands from the room, and the project needs to be setup to have that driver connected to those bindings. Otherwise, the driver itself won't ever get volume commands through the proxy binding (5000, in this case). RyanE
  12. "app building exercises"? You mean the ancient Flash apps, or something else? RyanE
  13. If you think an HTML UI would *solve* more problems than it would create, you may be mistaken... RyanE
  14. Not really the land of Mac, but probably 80% of developers at Control4 (those with laptops) had Mac at one point in time, but I don't know if that's still the case. The MS Surface Laptop / Tablet is pretty good these days. RyanE
  15. So first you need to go into the remote's properties, and give the Remote Focused Button a name. If they're not named, they don't show up on the remote. Once you've done that, they should be one swipe left of the 'home' screen (which you get to by pressing 'home' on the remote). RyanE
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