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  1. Looking at some of the other similar items, I'm guessing it's an LED that lights up when you press one of the buttons. The different styles are 1/2/3/4-button, and you'd need a Sonoff RF receiver and driver for it. Cute. I don't know what security protocol they use, etc., but for 'quick hit' toggling things in the house, super cheap... RyanE
  2. Sounds to me like Control4 doesn't need to come at you. You do you. If you want to do something else, that's fine. What's not as fine is denigrating Control4 on a forum that most people on the forum already have Control4, and are making it work for themselves, and posting incorrect information about Control4 just because you were unable to service a Control4 system because you were not a dealer. Let it go, man. I think we're both better off doing what we do best... You don't have to do Control4 to be a good dealer, or a good person, but being an ass about it on here isn't a good look. RyanE
  3. Mosfet (metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor) is just the type of switching transistor the Gen3 dimmers use. They have a lot of advantages over using Triacs, which the older dimmers used, including higher efficiency, lower noise, etc. Mosfets have several ways in which they can fail, and there is circuitry in the dimmer to determine if the mosfet has failed, or if it reaches other conditions which could cause it to fail (over temperature, over load, etc.). This is protection for the mosfet/dimmer, so that hopefully the dimming would stop before the failure causes the dimmer to be damaged. A dimmer will stop using the mosfet if a condition happens that indicates possible failure of the mosfet, and will indicate that with LEDs or a message in Composer until it's reset. If you have mosfet failures on your dimmers frequently, you likely have some kind of wiring/bulb issue (too large a load, a short or other bulb issue, etc.) If the issue persists, either your wiring has an issue that needs to be corrected, or the mosfet has already been damaged ('blown', either shorted or open), and the dimmer would need replacement. All of this is a *very* simplified overview of the complicated issue of mosfet protection. Edited to add: I forgot to mention... The mosfet protection could also be triggered by other events (weather, etc.), although this would likely be very uncommon. RyanE P.S. I'm not speaking for SnapAV/Control4, and am not an electrical engineer, and none of this is any kind of recommendation or warranty. This is just my limited understanding of the issue at hand.
  4. Economies of scale are quite a bit different... RyanE
  5. No, you could not say Samsung gets hacked by Driverworks developers for 'C4 integration'. We (myself included) literally traveled to South Korea, met with Samsung TV engineers for multiple days, worked with them to create / refine their protocol, helped them integrated SDDP into their hardware, and then used that official protocol to create drivers. It's the opposite of hacking. RyanE
  6. For something like the CA10, that would probably make sense. For the EA series, enough features on the board would likely change that it wouldn't be worth it. RyanE
  7. Making it modular to upgrade the CPU would add additional cost on top of the already fairly expensive controller, and CPU swaps are likely beyond something Control4 would want dealers doing 'in the field'. RyanE P.S. This is my personal opinion, I don't speak for the company, and I'm not in Control4 hardware engineering, etc.
  8. What I mean is it's possible the driver only supports ETS4 exports, or some other specific exported version. RyanE
  9. Unfortunately, I doubt you're going to find anyone on these forums that knows much of anything about KNX, even less about the ETS file import. Your best bet is to carefully read the Documentation tab in the driver, and make sure you've exported a compatible version ETS file. Once you've ensured you're doing it correctly according to the docs and it's still not working, if you're a dealer you'd likely have to call Control4 tech support. Sorry. RyanE
  10. Pretty sure the Control4 IRC channel was advertised in here back in the day as well (or maybe this forum was announced on the IRC channel, it happened pretty early)... Discord is today's IRC channel. It'll probably be just as popular. RyanE
  11. Have you tried right-clicking on the 'My Drivers' list, and selecting 'Restore Default List'? RyanE
  12. I avoided jumping into non-incandescent bulbs until about a year ago. Dimmable LED bulbs have gotten much better in the past year or so, and they're mostly acceptable. Their life is nowhere near the rated life, and they still don't ramp down to the lowest level nearly as well, but they certainly are much more efficient, and the color is not bad nowadays, either. I've replaced most of my lights with LED, but still have both LED and incandescent in some rooms, so I can get the lower dimming on incandescent, and if I don't need that, go with the LEDs. RyanE
  13. I have incandescent bulbs that have always been on dimmers, used multiple times a day (probably never > 75%) that are right around 20 years old (when we built the house). RyanE
  14. RyanE

    NEEO wish list

    Kind of disingenuous to show that, since that's not on their 'main screen'... That's inside one of their specific 'drivers'. In any case, I'm not interested in getting into a tit-for-tat as to why things are the way they are. RyanE
  15. RyanE

    NEEO wish list

    That is not at all what I said. The limitations of the current hardware are well known, and even with those limitations, in my (incredibly biased) opinion, it still makes for a great remote. That said, if you're dumb enough to believe that Control4 can change buttons and backlights with a software update, that's an issue. RyanE
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