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  1. I'd probably just do OTA/DVR if there weren't a stinking honkin' huge mountain in between me and Farnsworth Peak (where the 'big 5' stations transmit from here in Utah). But since I have cable, I do like getting college sports. RyanE
  2. My presumption (which I have not tested) is that if you press 'Off' while listening to the audio session, that it would clear the transports, and not cause the issue. It sounds like that may be a bad assumption. RyanE
  3. It's definitely a bug, it's been logged, and hopefully will be fixed in the next drop. If you exit the digital audio session before selecting a video source, it should not happen. Valid point that the feature probably should've been default Off. I apologize for that. As far as new feature notifications, that is also on the roadmap. RyanE
  4. Some non-US models don't have drivers yet, but they are a family series driver, so as others have said, identify it via IP address after activating IP control, and give it a static IP and/or a statically-assigned DHCP address. There are some reports that the TV turns on faster if it's identified via IP, due to the SDDP starting up later in the IP startup process, but I don't have confirmation for that. RyanE
  5. True. I don't think any dealers would get their nose bent out of shape if Control4 allowed it, but it is slightly more complicated setup than the Add Music scenario. (You have to bind the mini driver to the appropriate devices, and not all devices support all mini drivers) RyanE
  6. 1) You can't see my desk, it's covered in too much stuff. 2) If I were going to put out spoiler photos, they'd have an image on the device that was actually possible... RyanE
  7. There were no lines in my response. I don't believe the capability for homeowners to add their own mini-drivers without a dealer being involved is forthcoming. I wouldn't necessarily know about something like that, the first time I saw the 'Add Music' driver was at CEDIA on the show floor, when an attendee asked me what it was. RyanE
  8. The only editor you need is a text editor, along with a Zip program. RyanE
  9. RyanE


    I'd look to see that CEC control is turned off on the TV. RyanE
  10. Unlikely anyone will be selling them for less than dealers, as they're brand new. RyanE
  11. I think the justification is that if Zigbee were to go away, the thermostat should still work properly. A wired sensor does not require Zigbee infrastructure to work. I know, a failover to the hardwired sensor should work in that sort of case, but what happens if the thermostat is installed in a permanently cold room (say in the basement), and Zigbee goes away, so the temperature fails over to the 'internal' one, the heat would permanently be on for the room, since the heating system would think it was still cold. RyanE
  12. Not possible. I believe you can get a remote temperature sensor for the thermostat, but it's a wired sensor. RyanE
  13. Regardless of how a particular load is controlled, switches switch (on/off only), and dimmers dim. There is no product SKU that works differently when controlling it locally (by pressing and holding the buttons) vs. through the app. If you want your lights to dim, order dimmers. RyanE
  14. I don't doubt it, but I don't think it's CANCEL. Possibly the 'recall' (last channel) button? Guide is the one I most miss on Comcast. RyanE
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