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  1. I think that's probably the case (lower power regardless of location), but 25 works extremely well if you're in a very heavy wifi environment. Control4 uses Channel 25 at tradeshows, because wifi is pretty ridiculous at shows (500+ access points in view at Control4 booth at CES back in the day, 300+ access points at CEDIA). RyanE
  2. You probably would be better off having just started a new thread instead of responding to one that's this old, but: ComposerHE can do *everything* that ComposerPro can do, with the following exceptions: Adding new devices Changing the 'connections' section of devices, which includes network addressing, and 'bindings' between device drivers (this is normally just a setup-time situation, so related to adding new devices). Programming loops. Programming loops is not a terribly necessary thing in Control4 programming, it's better and easier to use timers for the same functionality. I can't think of any other things that are missing from ComposerHE. As far as KNX goes, you should look into using the KNX Routing Gateway driver along with a KNX routing gateway for hardware. Control4 has 2 different 'network' drivers, the 'KNX Network' driver is the older one that uses a slow and somewhat 'fussy' method to connect, using IP Tunnelling. The KNX Routing Gateway driver uses KNX's routing protocol, which is much faster and simpler. RyanE
  3. Congratulations to all! This is the kind of thread that is valuable on these forums. Lots of helpful suggestions, and nary an attack or complaint. Keep up the good work. RyanE P.S. Hoping this doesn't start a diatribe about how Control4 only wants positive feedback from homeowners / DIY people...
  4. You're probably going to have a hard time finding a used one for sale, as it's very recent hardware, and the only reason someone would have a used one is if they've quit Control4 altogether. RyanE
  5. The sprinkler on/off (if it's indeed backwards) is not an issue in OS3.0, it's in the driver itself. Experience buttons expose their own icons, and show those icons based on their own internal status. OS 3.0 is only displaying the icons presented by the driver. What is the name / driver name of the driver with wrong icons? RyanE
  6. You're not likely to get a response as to the reasons here, as Control4 doesn't pre-announce or discuss timelines of product development. It's an oft-requested feature, and I don't think anyone would disagree that it would be great to integrate with more than just Alexa. Have a great day. RyanE
  7. The only issue with the CT-type solutions is they require independent power, so if your 220V is also powering the sense electronics, they'll fail to report, since they'll also have lost power. Simple is best, and you can't get much simpler than a 220V relay wired in parallel with the hot tub (assuming you don't mind working high voltage to get it installed). The CT clamp is great if you also have a separate line available to power the electronics. Good luck with the project. RyanE
  8. Easiest way would be if you had a set of contact wires running up there, you could just hook up the output of a 220V relay, powered by the same hookup as the hot tub. You could possibly get a battery powered contact input that would only send on contact state change, then you wouldn't need the wires run up, but you need something that won't get powered down while the unit has lost power... And you'd have to worry about the batteries running out. RyanE
  9. As mentioned up-thread, this is not a supported configuration, and anything that doesn't work, just doesn't work. Until I upgraded to 3.0, I still had a few mini-touch screens installed, that basically only still worked for volume / mute control, and maybe lights. It's an option, although it's definitely a degraded experience. RyanE
  10. I have only experienced faster connection times with the OS3 app vs. the OS2 app. That's one of the most noticeable things for me. RyanE
  11. I agree that'd be nice, but obviously can't comment on whether / when that could possibly happen, as Control4 doesn't pre-announce functionality or timelines for functionality. RyanE
  12. Probably a good guess. If Apple integration isn't supported on the HC800 now, if there's additional Apple integration, it likely also won't be supported on the HC800. Most other drivers likely wouldn't be an issue. RyanE
  13. It's *very* unusual for a DriverWorks driver to be controller/platform-specific. The Apple Bridge driver (and the new AppleTV drivers for the same reason) is only available on the EA series controllers due to an OS incompatibility on the HC800, which causes the HC800 to be unable to run the apple daemon, which the bridge driver uses for Apple connectivity. RyanE
  14. Investing time and effort into supporting another platform just for the on-screen on the HC800 would be a fools errand. If you want to pay for it yourself, feel free to hire a software team and go for it. RyanE
  15. It's much more of an engineering effort than "didn't try very hard". The new OS3.0 UI is Android-based (like the EA series and T3 touchscreens), and running that on the HC800 that has never run Android (and the hardware was *not* chosen to be Android-compatible) is very much a non-trivial task. If it were easy, Control4 could've done that when they came out with the OS2.X Android UI... The HC series were specced and built to run dual Android / Linux. RyanE
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