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  1. In an ideal world, that'd be great, and I completely agree for partners that can do that. Some manufacturers (like Dish) have a non-public API because the API can expose customer data (subscribed channels, recorded items, watching status data, etc.), so it's a privacy / liability issue. RyanE
  2. Architecturally, the Control4 Neeo remote does not connect to the TV. It connects to the Control4 controller, which then issues commands for the TV. I bring this up because if you're having control issues that are Neeo-specific (control of the TV is working fine with the Control4 app and other remotes), it's most likely a wifi networking issue, since the Neeo uses wifi to connect to the Control4 system. RyanE
  3. Yes, V255 was pulled, due to a couple of issues with user handling. Due to year-end PTO, etc., it's taken longer to get V256 out (which would fix those issues). RyanE
  4. Hard button now playing control *ONLY* does something when you're listening to Digital (Streaming) Audio, like audio from TuneIn / Pandora / Quobuz / iHeartRadio / etc... When anything else is selected (video devices, audio devices that are not Control4 Digital Audio streaming from local or streaming services), the OK button sends the 'ENTER' command (the same command as 'SELECT' sends on the SR250/SR260). RyanE
  5. I believe the original remote mentioned outputs a millivolt signal, which can be used with many manufacturers' fireplace units. Unfortunately, I don't know much about controlling them. RyanE
  6. It looks to me like the Real Fyre remote is an RF remote control, which is difficult to control through any control system... They seem to operate on the 303.87 MHz frequency. FCC links to remote / receiver: https://fccid.io/K9L1001 https://fccid.io/K9L3301RX It looks to me that this particular remote system can be controlled with the bond bridge, for which Alan Chow (Chowmain) has a driver: http://www.chowmainsoft.com/bond-control4 All that said, I haven't integrated a fireplace before, so your mileage may vary. Good Luck. RyanE
  7. It could also have been timing, and your switch to the AppleTV coincided with the network issues clearing up. RyanE
  8. RyanE


    While you're at it, it would be really nice for me to win the lottery. I think that's more likely, even if I don't enter lotteries. RyanE
  9. There is a ClareOne driver in Control4's online database. RyanE
  10. Glad it's back and working for you. RyanE
  11. Nothing on status: https://status.control4.com/ RyanE
  12. Along with those features, there were a number of bugfixes as well. RyanE
  13. For Motion and Pressed Event history, you need to enable the properties. For the Push Notifications to work, you need to ensure that your camera's authentication is set to 'Basic'. You can either do this via the camera's property page, and/or through the DS2's web interface. You of course need to also setup the push notification with the proper camera attachment. RyanE
  14. Well, he is correct. Not all Control4 drivers will auto update, but more and more as time goes on, with the goal of most 'current' DriverWorks drivers being able to auto update. RyanE
  15. Yes. It's in the XML portion of the driver. It was decided to make it an auto updating driver. There can also be limitations on versions that can be updated, etc. RyanE
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