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  1. To be fair, some of the issues were fixed by PCosenza, who does a great job on TV drivers (and others, for sure). I haven't worked on the Sammy drivers in a while now. RyanE
  2. There aren't a lot of things in this industry that you can buy for $39 a piece plus tax and shipping, and IRUSBs aren't usually found second-hand, because they aren't terribly mainstream. RyanE
  3. *Very* easily. The Control4 Neeo remote has an STM32F429 as it's main processor. Single core. Very low energy. RyanE
  4. Standard android tablet hardware doesn't usually have a long enough life to support. There's a new model every year, which is not conducive to something that you're going to put 'long-term' into your wall, and if you're putting it into your wall, you're going to want standard back boxes, etc., which is something Control4 provides. RyanE
  5. Yeah, that's where I'm going... I have some right here, that just got here yesterday. They're tinier than they looked on Amazon... https://imgur.com/rMzLkWN New guests, I'll wait until they leave to switch. RyanE
  6. That would depend on the MQTT driver developer. Some drivers allow you to put the [deviceid:variableid] in a string to include that variable in the sent message, but the driver itself needs to support something along those lines. RyanE
  7. One thing not mentioned in this thread: Built into the T3 (next to the camera) is the 'camera on' LED, which is not something that can be disabled by an installer or by a homeowner. Whether in 'monitor mode' or in a regular intercom call, by design, if that device's camera is on, the green LED is *ALWAYS* lit. https://imgur.com/kqNasxa Chantel was certainly right to be concerned, any uncovered camera should be physically covered up in that situation. Sadly, the AirBnB that Chantel is talking about is my basement... She's only the 3rd or 4th guests we had hosted, and although the cameras were turned off in the software, and the rooms unavailable for intercom in Navigators (and the navigators locked down to 'guest mode'), I failed to even consider that the cameras were still there. They've all got big yellow dots of electrical tape covering the camera now... RyanE
  8. The complete reason is not available, some of that was of course internal beta testing, some was requested by Amazon. RyanE
  9. The FireTV driver has been released to Control4's online database. Part of today's post: ---------------------------------------------- Control4 Amazon Fire TV Driver Headlines: - Driver is now supported world-wide! - Driver supports every model of Fire TV except the original Fire TV, released in 2014* - All Universal Mini-App drivers supported (visit our smart skill within the tech community, search: 000005142) Expected future features (not available in this release): - The Grid View dynamic list of installed apps is disabled, and the Media Service Proxy (MSP) is forced hidden on every refresh. - Only the buttons from the original Fire TV remotes are available. There is no support for numeric buttons. - No support for TV features (channel selection, input selection, power control) for Fire TV Edition televisions. The Amazon Fire TV Control4 driver (FireTV.c4z, version 12) is now available within the online database in Composer. ---------------------------------------------- RyanE
  10. He was with the company for a year or so, and left once SnapAV acquired. Not an unusual employment track in tech. RyanE
  11. That was somewhat the opinion Charlie Kindel posted before he worked for Control4: https://ceklog.kindel.com/2018/05/24/concierge-home-technology/ RyanE
  12. One nice thing about this is that with Control4, your project data lives on your controller, and isn't compiled or encrypted, so a new dealer doesn't have to recreate work of other dealers, and isn't *owned* by your dealer. RyanE
  13. Kind of surprised no one has just tried to repair the P/S. I'm sure it's likely to be bad caps and/or the regulator IC itself. RyanE
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