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  1. The Lua script needs to be run *within the driver*, not as a command-line on the controller, so this wouldn't do it. The proper way is to get the driver fixed. RyanE
  2. Not confirming or denying, but if you were included as part of any theoretical beta, this single line would break the beta agreement, and if you're not part of a beta, someone telling you this would be breaking their beta agreement... RyanE
  3. This is the most content-free advertising post I've seen. At least include a link to what you sell... From the picture, I'd guess you sell shirts and blue-blocker glasses. RyanE
  4. The typical rule in the past has been that if it's announced at CEDIA, it will be available for ordering within 30 days, although sometimes products are announced at CEDIA and available to order at announcement. Of course, there are always exceptions, and I'm not making an official SnapAV/Control4 policy announcement. RyanE
  5. A few points about the Auto Lock driver: The Door Auto Lock driver is free, in Control4's online database. Your dealer may charge you something to install it, but it doesn't cost anything for the driver itself. You've never been able to adjust the values of the auto lock driver on a T3's User Interface. You may be able to adjust individual lock's auto lock time via the lock UI, but I recommend you disable that if you use the auto lock timer driver. You can programmatically turn on/off the auto locking via ComposerPro programming, but can't adjust the locking time. There are a couple of other benefits of the Auto Lock driver vs. using the built-in lock timer: Auto Lock driver works with a contact for the door being closed, so doesn't lock the door until *after* the door is closed. Auto Lock driver shows up as a UIButton, showing state of the door, open, closed and unlocked, closed and locked. Auto Lock driver can be configured to lock the door via the UIButton on the UI, but to not allow unlocking, for security reasons (which you can't do with Control4's standard Door Lock driver) It's a great idea to add a way to adjust the auto lock time via a variable, but unfortunately, I don't have the time to add functionality (and test / verify it's working) to that driver at the moment, with CEDIA coming up and plenty of family activities and responsibilities as we approach the school year. RyanE P.S. My Auto Lock driver is *not* encrypted, so if you know of another developer who can figure out Lua, they could probably add the variable, and have it update the property, and then it'd be available for ComposerHE programming.
  6. I totally agree that Charlie is great and I don't think there's a better fit for CTO at Control4, and he's done wonders in the time he's been here (getting OS 3.0 out the door with a level of quality that was required), but I'll also say that Martin Plaehn as CEO took the company up a lot of notches during the time he was leading the company, and without Martin, we wouldn't have Charlie. I'm looking forward to seeing how John Heyman leads the combined company. From what I've seen, the whole SnapAV team is very forward-thinking, and I have high hopes for the future. RyanE P.S. Nothing I'm saying in this post should be construed to be an official communication of SnapAV+Control4, but I'm guessing they wouldn't mind me saying it...
  7. Yeah, complete destruction of this industry by 'the big boys' is always 5 years out... Has been since I started in this industry, back in 1999...
  8. A .c4z is just a .zip file. I assume original poster's issue is that they have file extensions turned off on Windows, and they're seeing 'filename.c4z', when in reality, the true filename is 'filename.c4z.zip'. RyanE
  9. According to this, the HS110 works up to 240V: https://www.tp-link.com/us/support/faq/1390/ YMMV... :) RyanE
  10. Although I won't give a timeline or details, this was not included due to time constraints and should be addressed in an upcoming release. RyanE
  11. Samsung's IP API only allows starting a small set of apps. We have mini-apps for all of them, so if it's not listed, it can't work ATM. RyanE
  12. He's a member since 2010, so I doubt wap had started multiple accounts back then.... Talks like a duck, walks like a duck... RyanE
  13. I think that's probably the case (lower power regardless of location), but 25 works extremely well if you're in a very heavy wifi environment. Control4 uses Channel 25 at tradeshows, because wifi is pretty ridiculous at shows (500+ access points in view at Control4 booth at CES back in the day, 300+ access points at CEDIA). RyanE
  14. You probably would be better off having just started a new thread instead of responding to one that's this old, but: ComposerHE can do *everything* that ComposerPro can do, with the following exceptions: Adding new devices Changing the 'connections' section of devices, which includes network addressing, and 'bindings' between device drivers (this is normally just a setup-time situation, so related to adding new devices). Programming loops. Programming loops is not a terribly necessary thing in Control4 programming, it's better and easier to use timers for the same functionality. I can't think of any other things that are missing from ComposerHE. As far as KNX goes, you should look into using the KNX Routing Gateway driver along with a KNX routing gateway for hardware. Control4 has 2 different 'network' drivers, the 'KNX Network' driver is the older one that uses a slow and somewhat 'fussy' method to connect, using IP Tunnelling. The KNX Routing Gateway driver uses KNX's routing protocol, which is much faster and simpler. RyanE
  15. Congratulations to all! This is the kind of thread that is valuable on these forums. Lots of helpful suggestions, and nary an attack or complaint. Keep up the good work. RyanE P.S. Hoping this doesn't start a diatribe about how Control4 only wants positive feedback from homeowners / DIY people...
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