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  1. I'll wait for the photos. It doesn't sound like they're Control4 switches. In the UK, that long ago, they could be puck or some other 'specialty' switches. RyanE
  2. 4K Movies in every room, and 3 simultaneously in this room! RyanE
  3. Your opinion. Control4's adherence to the dealer installation model is certainly a topic for conjecture and discussion, but, sadly for you, it's not up for a vote. RyanE
  4. Yeah, I forget about centralized lighting, mainly because I don't have any of it in my home... That said, it's also 'more native' and easier to install (driver/software-wise) in a Control4 installation than using a 3rd-party system. Those are some nice looking keypads. I think if I were doing 'any' keypads, there are a ton of KNX keypads that are also pretty fantastic by many manufacturers, although that's not the easiest way to go for a US project... RyanE
  5. I'll add that sticking with 3rd party gear that your dealer is already very familiar with is some of the best advice you can get. Sure, your dealer *can* integrate the less expensive thing, but you don't want to be the guinea pig that pays for your dealer's education. In a lot of cases, the 'dealer recommended' product will be less expensive in the long run (even if more expensive up front) because the dealer doesn't need to spend time to figure it out or make a driver, manually configure it, etc. That's one of the reasons Control4 lighting, for example, can in some cases still be economical compared to less expensive alternatives. The electrician installs them (same as any other dimmer, no additional wiring), the dealer adds the free driver and taps the top button 4 times to learn, and it's fully in the system. No figuring out drivers, no manual configuration (like for Lutron / KNX 3rd party lighting), etc. RyanE
  6. It's certainly an issue, but it's hardly mission critical, and only tangentially user facing, since a pretty small percentage of installed users purchased HE. On this forum, yeah, a much larger percentage, and certain, it's something that needs to be addressed, but it's not as if Navigators are borked in all installs that use them, or even if ComposerPro were having the same issue... Either of those I would define as mission critical. Sorry for your inconvenience. Hopefully it'll release in the next couple of weeks, and all will be well again. RyanE
  7. I disagree that it's OK to tell installers (or homeowners) to tear apart a manufacturer's remote as a solution. As far as Josh.ai, yep, basically. They're converting it to text with their own engine, then using Roku's Text Search API call. RyanE
  8. I think you're missing the point of what I'm asking for. I want to be able to make the Roku driver work like the AppleTV and/or Comcast Xfinity X1 drivers, to allow the Control4 remote to be used in place of the native remote. I'm not looking for a hacked hardware solution for a single system, I want a legitimate software solution for *every* system. RyanE
  9. Once a driver implements the complete public API, it's done. Cooked. Now, if you guys know someone at Roku who can open up a voice API that would let me send a voice stream to the Roku like it's remote can, let me know... RyanE
  10. Yeah, I don't know the answer to that, sorry. RyanE
  11. Ratgdo == Rage Against the Garage Door Opener. Pretty funny, but true... RyanE
  12. It looks to me like you have to press the button to initiate Bluetooth pairing. There aren't any programming commands on the driver. I don't know how the bluetooth reconnect to an already paired device works, sorry, don't have time to test that. That said, if you're doing AirPlay2 from an Apple device, you can directly start AirPlay2 streaming on it, and it will (optionally) start playing in the specified room(s), and (optionally) shut off after the stream stops. RyanE
  13. RyanE


    I don't think that's exactly what they're proposing, but I couldn't figure out enough to make an intelligent comment on the post... I think it's something like using the 0-10, but getting 'full off' by using the dimmer instead of a switch. In any case, probably not something to do. RyanE
  14. RyanE


    Unfortunately, I don't know anything about the dimming modules, and even less about 0-10V control. Sorry. RyanE
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