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  1. Currently, there is no way to change that Neeo on selecting Lighting goes to the lights first, then to scenes. You can, however, create a room favorite for scenes (from a different UI, like your Android Phone or iPhone or a T3 touchpanel), and then when you click that, you'll go directly to Lighting Scenes. To do that, go to the Lighting page on your T3/Android/iOS device, and press and hold the 'Scenes' tab at the top of the screen. This will create a room favorite for Scenes. If it's not on the first page of Neeo favorites, you can press and hold the favorites on your main screen, and arrange their order (or delete them). Putting it first, would look like this: https://imgur.com/2gKA2dF RyanE
  2. Still working full-time, and with the yard coming online, I'm busy enough, thanks. Not to mention, Control4 doesn't really approve of commissioned work 'off the clock'. RyanE
  3. I'd probably write a driver. RyanE
  4. CEO, Remote Focused Buttons have events that are available in Composer programming like any other device. Go into programming Select the Neeo Remote Choose the event corresponding to the Remote Focused Button you want to use Add programming Unfortunately, the positioning on the 'transport controls' pages on the remote is fixed. If you have the Channels 'cloud' driver in your project, and you have defined channels for your FiOS Cable TV box, you can create a favorite for your channels driver, and position it on the first screen of favorites. Then, when you hit the 'Home' button on the remote, your Channels will be available. You should be able to favorite channels just like any other thing you can favorite, and have them show up on the remote's favorites. They may be showing up on a page other than the main page of favorites, so you may have to swipe left or right to find the channel favorites. RyanE
  5. Usually that means that the reason was lost to the sands of time sometime in the last 15 years. RyanE
  6. I don't know why, but the 'INPUT' button, although it's available on UIs for TV, is not exposed in the room's command programming list. It's not a Neeo-specific issue, the same happens on the T3 touchpanel and mobile apps, where they give you the INPUT button, but it's not available in room programming. Sorry. RyanE
  7. It is coming. It was delayed due to the fact that sliders on the Neeo firmware didn't support the tap left/right for volume (like the T3), which turned out to be more important than some of us had anticipated... I'm not promising release date, but it should be soon, and hopefully will be worth the wait. RyanE
  8. That's exactly right. They're based on the filename because the way those URLs work is nginx (the webserver) running on the controller has mapping rules (for the "/driver/[filename]/[path]" path, /driver/um_netflix/images/ in this case) that map to the true location of the files on the controller's filesystem (typically /mnt/internal/c4z/[filename]/www/[path]). Since .c4z files are .zip files, that are unzipped into the 'c4z directory' as the name of the driver, this works. RyanE
  9. Yes, you extract the .c4z, make changes, and re-zip the .c4z. .c4z files are just .zip files. You can use *any* zip software as long as it uses the zip standard, and doesn't encrypt the file. RyanE
  10. It's pretty basic, but for what you're talking about, it would probably work fine. RyanE webeventsdriver.zip
  11. I've never had a problem with it. RyanE
  12. Currently, there is no way to adjust the sensitivity of the touchscreen. It's something that's been discussed within the company, how to address this issue, although nothing has been announced as of yet in terms of a solution. RyanE
  13. What do you mean by 'retrieve them'? The Control4 system doesn't have anything built-in to display photos other than the photo screensaver. RyanE
  14. Sorry, I should've been clearer that I also don't know anything about the range or variability of the light sensor in the motion sensor. I just put in an arbitrary value, not one that I knew anything about whether it would work or not. RyanE
  15. In the Agents -> Variables section Create a boolean Variable called 'BathroomAutoMorningLights'. In the Agents -> Scheduler section, create two schedule entries: Bathroom Auto Morning Lights On -- schedule for 6am daily Bathroom Auto Morning Lights Off -- schedule for 30 minutes past Sunrise daily In the programming tab, under the Scheduler agent, program: In the Bathroom Auto Morning Lights On scheduler event, program the BathroomAutoMorningLights to be true. In the Bathroom Auto Morning Lights Off scheduler event, program the BathroomAutoMorningLights to be false. In the Programming tab, under the Motion Sensor -> Senses Motion event: If the BathroomAutoMorningLights variable (in Variables section, conditionals on right) is true Turn on Bathroom Lights (in Bathroom Lights, command) To extend this, where the Turn on Bathroom Lights is listed, instead add: If Motion Sensor -> Variables -> Device Variables -> LIGHT LEVEL < 50 Turn on Bathroom Lights Anyway, that's the basics of how I'd do it. Good Luck! RyanE
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