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  1. RyanE

    NEEO wish list

    The biggest issue for EPG is that most devices don't provide an API to get that data, and the second biggest issue is that Control4 doesn't have a proxy-based way to display that information. For other dynamic information, the MSP UI works fairly well, but it doesn't work well for EPG-type data. It would certainly be cool, but you'd also have to have UI to select a channel / record a program / etc. from that data, I wouldn't expect this anytime soon... RyanE
  2. I find that unlikely... RyanE
  3. Congratulations, you've discovered Feature Flags... Feature flags are a mechanism that allows Control4 to release new features that *should* only appear for users in particular categories (development / beta / production), and *should* not be enabled unless they're specifically enabled for that release category. On the Neeo remote, for example, we use feature flags during a feature development, and then 'turn it on' once it's passed all tests, etc. Eventually, we update the code to remove the requirement for the feature flag. Feature flags have a *lot* of advantages, in terms of being able to make last-minute decisions as to whether to include or not include a feature, because the feature is in the build much sooner than it is released. If we find last-minute issues with a feature, we don't have to make a new build to 'not release' that feature. Feature Flags are integral to Control4's updated release cadence. For example, the Neeo remote does a release nearly every 2 weeks. If every feature had to be inserted / removed from the build any time it's status changed, we couldn't do that. Unfortunately, you have discovered the downside... If someone fumbles the feature flag, users in production may see the feature / part of the feature, and it may or may not work... It looks like someone made a mistake and likely had a feature flag turned on for production that should not have been, and the feature didn't work due to reliance on an update elsewhere. RyanE
  4. Because the 'Essentials' dimmers are a value-line product, so they've been optimized for cost, not for flexibility. There are some loads that are better driven by the full-featured dimmers. RyanE
  5. I approve of this message. RyanE
  6. Yeah, looks like someone sat on it... I've never seen one get bent like that. Glad it's still working for you. RyanE
  7. If you use the Garage Door Experience Button, you get events for Opening, Open, Closing, and Closed, as well as the visual of the current status of the door, including 'partially open'. It works with 1, 2, or 3 relays, and with 1 or 2 contacts. Most common usage would be a single toggle relay and a single 'closed' contact, but at my house, I have it hooked up with 2 relays, one to indicate fully closed, the other to indicate fully opened. RyanE Edited to add: OK, just checked, it doesn't have separate events for closing / opening, but it has an event for when it enters 'partial' state, so you still have to keep track of whether it was open or closed before getting that event, and then you can easily determine opening and closing. Sorry. It also has a 'Still Open' event, which you can use to indicate that the door has been open a certain amount of time, settable in the driver.
  8. I think the main justification is that the EA-1 was designed to be a 'home theater-specific' controller, not really a whole home controller, to have a lower cost of entry for that specific scenario. If you were just automating a home theater, the HDMI audio out is a good fit, as it's likely the HDMI would be going into a receiver to provide amplification, etc. RyanE
  9. As long as you're not doing hi-res audio, the HC800 makes a good audio streamer. The HC series doesn't have the same hi-res audio capabilities, and doesn't have DACs specifically selected for hi-res audio, as the EA series does. RyanE
  10. The open incident is only in registering new AppleTV drivers, not with currently installed and working drivers. RyanE
  11. This is correct. Unfortunately, Samsung only allows for starting the limited set of apps via the IP API. RyanE
  12. Not very quickly... One post so far... RyanE
  13. Not sure why you posted this in what is one of the oldest threads on this board. Or even on a dedicated Control4 forum. RyanE
  14. I did something similar in my office, made webhooks to control the fan speed, which I then used shortcuts on my Linux Desktop panel to trigger. RyanE
  15. I don't know if the T3 uses feature flags, and if they do, whether it uses split.io or not. Sorry.
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