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  1. We use an SR-260 to turn on the TV (Watch-> Roku for example). We don't want our 13 year old turning on the TV after midnight. I would like to trap the button press (Selecting Roku for example) with programming that first checks the time and if its after midnight (and before 10am say) does nothing. What's the best way to do this? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey everyone, here is a fun integration project: There are on the market "doggy doorbells" that you put by a door and train a dog to activate in order to alert you that he has to go outside to do his business. Has anyone come across a product like this that could act as a doorbell in C4 so that I can program an announcement to play throughout the house? Or maybe something like this could be kludged out of a standard doorbell. Any thoughts?
  3. The MyQ app lists the following as "works with MyQ": Amazon Key Tend Nest Alarm.com Wink Xfinity home Google Assistant IFTTT Honeywell So maybe another route is to integrate these systems and go through them. I think I used to use Wink but for some reason it stopped working. I can't remember exactly. Google Assistant? I do have Alarm.com, but not integrated with C4. Any thoughts on these alternatives?
  4. I vaguely recall hearing there was a cinegration driver as well? Or is that the same as driver central?
  5. I have been using the Houselogix Liftmaster MyQ driver for a few years without a problem. Yesterday it stopped communicating with my Garage Door opener. In Composer HE Properties for the driver I see that the License Status is still "Activated" but when I go the Actions tab and click "Get Account Devices" the Lua window shows Fetching... and nothing more. Does anybody know anything about this?
  6. hi everyone, i have a DS2 mini and in its web-based configuration utility there is an option for day/night mode. you can set it to Always Day, Always Night, or automatic. when i set it to automatic the DS2 never switches to Day mode. and that means that during the day its effectively a black-and-white camera. if instead i set it to always Day then i get color during the day but pitch black at night. so my qeustion is. first, is it possible to schedule the switch from day to night so as to over-ride the automatic? if not, what can i do to make the DS2 more sensitive to daylight
  7. what is the latest DS2 firmware and what is the latest DS2 driver?
  8. Hi, I am having the same issue. A call from the DS2 pops up only a blank image on the T3. once the call is accepted the video appears but only then. intercome anywhere app works fine. what is the latest version of the DS2 driver and what is the latest firmware? I have: DS2 firmware: C4 driver version 232 C4 OS: 2.10.5
  9. Hi, this sequence of errors is appearing in director.log every 5 minutes. Does anyone recognize it? I have not been looking at the logs recently but I believe this is new after having upgraded to 2.10.5 2019-01-21 10:14:02.224 -0600 home-controller-800-000FFF58EFF5 [4730] ERROR: Flash: Failed to retreive device info from 2019-01-21 10:14:04.325 -0600 home-controller-800-000FFF58EFF5 [4730] ERROR: Flash: Failed to retreive device info from 2019-01-21 10:14:06.427 -0600 home-controller-800-000FFF58EFF5 [4730] ERROR: Flash: Failed to retreive device info
  10. ryan: how will we know when your controller has received the certificate update?
  11. except that i had that box unchecked all along and i still got the original security patch that started this whole adventure.
  12. hi thegreatheed. is this an authoritative answer from control4? i am only asking because it is not clear from your profile that you are a control4 employee. just checking.
  13. Ryan thank you as always. Will the controller patch be applied if I have unchecked on customer.control4.com "I allow my system to be updated automatically with critical software updates from Control4."? I could of course check that if necessary but I would like to know. Thank you. When will we know whether or not our controller has received the update?
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