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  1. This is all fantastic - really glad to hear it will work as hoped. Good info on the dimmer too - in most places where I’d like to add a keypad the dimmer would be good but in one location (back deck lights) dimming would just create confusion - but instant on/off setting should work there fine as lights are dimmable. Thanks again - appreciate you taking the time to answer those questions!
  2. I’ll be looking to program this after our gate is installed later this year. Wondering, how did you resolve this?
  3. Wondering if the up down arrow keys on the keypad can be used for multiple purposes? Specifically, I’d like to program it so you can press a “lamps” key then up and down arrow keys to dim those lamps; then press a “music” key to turn on integrated speakers in that room then use the up down arrows for volume control; another key for “shades” where up down arrows would then raise and lower the shades; and so on. Is this possible? Suppose this also raises the question: what programming action options are available from the keys? Obviously press and release but is there double tap, triple tap
  4. Somehow didn’t know about ShairBridge until I read this thread but this is awesome and going to get heavy use in our house. Thanks for everyone on this thread for the great info.
  5. Very cool hope it works well for you - I can’t speak to that particular transfer process but I had to rebuild my network switching from hubitat. Huge pain but well worth the effort. Good luck!
  6. This is insanely cool - will have to explore this option - would be great to overlay camera video alerts over the Roku output using a third party device. This also seems like a great opportunity for an integrator to sell this extra hardware piece setup with your software so the end user just orders it, plugs it in - little remote programming and you're off to the races.
  7. Congratulations on the new baby!
  8. Well that's welcome news! It would be nice to have refreshed drivers and hopefully more drivers. I would add that when I looked into this on their forums, people pointed out that you have to do the upgrade manually so as long as you don't upgrade the existing integration will stay in place theoretically forever because it is local via telnet with C4. I don't know that I totally buy that because there could be some gotcha that relies on the cloud at some point in the existing platform - but for what it is worth......
  9. Welcome! I just went through a similar process starting last September, with installation in December and refinements and additions remotely with @msgreenf . I started with HA in 2014 with SmartThings, left them in the summer because of their platform changes and went to Hubitat. Hubitat couldn't handle the number devices I have and was totally unreliable. Rather than going to another DIY platform, I decided to go to C4 for quality and reliability, the ability to rely on professional support, and the ability to still program things via Composer HE. We're still adding to the system (I thin
  10. I don't know for sure since I don't have the pico audio - but I do have the 2 buttons and I have the 5 buttons - in both cases they come in as 5 button keypads and you can program off the press and release events for each button. Would be nice if it had hold events too but you can do a lot with it as it is. I would suspect that the pico audios would come in as 5 button keypads too. On the 2 button while it comes in as a 5 button, buttons 3-5 just don't do anything. Hope that's helpful!
  11. You'll need the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro too. Really works flawlessly and fits in a decora switch spot so blends in perfectly.
  12. I use a Lutron 2 button pico to trigger the goodnight routine works flawlessly. It is a keypad in the system and you can trigger anything off that. I use a number of the 5 button picos to control lamps too but they could be programmed for anything - also flawless. Have a Vera in my project too like you.
  13. I’m planning to pickup these LIFX Nightvision BR30s (when they come out) for the outside floodlights to replace the regular LEDs. They look cool for a few reasons: they provide IR light to enhance the security cameras night vision; they change colors; they should integrate with C4 through the chowmein driver; and hopefully they look like normal floodlights in the fixtures.
  14. Wanted to add to the chorus of well-deserved accolades for @msgreenf . I’m new to c4 and my local integrator is great but they have a huge programming backlog and couldn’t provide additional programming support for a few weeks after my install. I reached out to Mitch because he posts so often and clearly knows what he’s doing. I can’t express how glad I am to have connected with him because he totally exceed my expectations. Imagine the best, most knowledgeable, hyper responsive, efficient programmer you can (and at a very reasonable rate) and you’ve got Mitch. He immediately knew how to
  15. Thank you - very helpful. I wondered about that since it seems to use a battery for power rather than the system's power.....
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