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  1. Elon plans to sell you one of those soon Mitch 😏
  2. Maybe a function of risk tolerance? 😃 Do you look before you click or risk it and trust you won’t screw up what everyone’s watching? I’m in the later category and would love backlighting too
  3. Thank you - yes @chopedogg88reset some settings and got things working perfectly now!
  4. I totally agree - it makes sense if the new controllers (CA models) are just control; then have a video endpoint either hardware (as you say) or even an app like Roku if could support - then you could do more sophisticated video like menus overlaid on video or pop up video of doorbell etc. I think there’s still space for video matrix of that us now doing the processing of those video tricks and sending to a dumb endpoint at the tv like Roku or android etc.
  5. Thank you for posting this - would have missed the episode. Just listened very interesting stuff - those were the highlights and most exciting - they also said lots coming in lighting; incorporation of media over IP in audio and video matrixes; surveillance systems adding AI object detections. Sounds like some cool stuff coming down the line……
  6. That would be a huge help - really appreciate that!
  7. Only have used screens so don't have removal tool that comes with new screen. Anyone have a removal tool to sell?
  8. Ugh - mine are all used - any way to order just the tool?
  9. Any tips or methods for removing a T3 7” from the wall? I see there’s a removal tool referred to in the manual but I don’t have that. Is this really the only way to do it and if so how do I get that tool?
  10. Thanks for weighing in - I do have an active 4sight subscription
  11. If you’re using an electric floor warming system like DetraHeat then the only one I know of that directly integrates is the Nuheat SIGNATURE Programmable Dual-Voltage Thermostat. We have another model that has a dry contact to turn it off and on so limited integration but we don’t get a temp reading in C4.
  12. I’ve bought a lot of C4 things used and this is the first time I’ve had an issue - but these are also the first wall mounted touchscreens I’ve added (I have a portable touchscreen that works perfectly). So do touchscreens have a higher failure/flake rate that makes them more of a bad idea to buy used than other equipment?
  13. I did. Certainly possible of course that these are why they were sold in the first place. Wondering if the freezing, in particular, is a known issue and if there is a solution?
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