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  1. Apologies for the newbie question but I'm confused with the countdown experience programming. If I want to program say, a 1 minute timer, then under programming I can program off the 1min countdown event - but I'm hung up on what the action should be to program. I don't see a start timer or condition of timer expired action off the countdown experience driver. Am I missing something there? Or would I just create a timer agent for one minute and then program off the expiration of that? So: Event (from countdown experience): countdown 1min from [room]->Countdown Action: start timer "Countdown 1 min" Event (from "Countdown 1min" timer): when timer "countdown 1 min" expires Action: play announcement with a timer buzzer in that room
  2. I’ve seen integrators use speakon connectors for speaker patch panels. These look nice too - any thoughts on these?
  3. Thank you @Cyknight always helpful and appreciated. That’s too bad that it was discontinued you’d think there would be more demand for projects with a large number of zones. Appreciate the tip on the other two options - at least somebody still makes them.
  4. Weird I thought it was still listed in the product catalog on C4’s site as of early this year - but maybe I was looking at an old sales sheet still hosted on their site. Regardless it would be nice for them to extend the feature to a product they sold two years ago. I believe you can set EQ settings on Composer so presumably the hardware supports EQ and this feature could be extended to this device.
  5. Ugh so the C4-16AMP3 isn’t supported? Uncool that they didn’t bring it to all their currently sold product.
  6. I see there’s a Triad 24 zone audio switch which would work. What’s best practice if you exceed 24 zones? I don’t see a switch that goes higher than that…..
  7. Really nicely done! I'll have to investigate doing this with ours. Ours are a different make - they're Luminara from Pottery Barn and I haven't had the guts to open one up yet - but a YT tear down looks like there may be a similar amount of space to fit in that module you used. If I get brave I'll post an update on how this works with that brand. Thanks again for the post - great integration!
  8. Another con is that, with a tablet navigator, you can't (I don't think) program a camera image to display there based on an action in the way you can with a touchscreen. For example, when motion detected in the driveway display the driveway camera on touchscreen for 45 seconds.
  9. We have Honeywell water sensors at all likely sources for overflow (washer, fridge, HVAC, etc) so those are monitored by alarm company which is a nice peace of mind - and they're integrated into C4 for programming and automatic shut off. We also have Flo shutoff valve which is integrated into C4 for shutoff if Flo doesn't decide to shut things off on its own. So hopefully between the Flo AI and the alarm company we'll never have a serious flood.....really don't want that either 😃
  10. Very cool - I have this exact project on my short list when I have a little time. I've read that a lot of installers put the run into a patch panel on the wall (since that doesn't move) and then do a patch cord from there up and back down into the rack (with room to move the rack like you noted). That's how I plan to do it when I eventually do anyway - good luck - post some pictures when you can!
  11. Got this working perfectly now - nice to have these stations under the Stations tab - nice and tidy! Thanks to @msgreenf for adding the Internet Radio driver for me!
  12. I believe that’s true (the documentation seems to indicate that) but I’m still figuring this out myself - if I discover anything to indicate otherwise I’ll post an update
  13. Amazing I have this on my list too but had no idea how to do it given the IR. That’s genius to add the RF module. If you have time to add some pictures on how you wired those in and hid them that would be helpful - I’d like to try this too sometime. Great integration!
  14. I'm working on this too right now actually - here's the documentation I could find explaining how to add a station to Internet Radio using Composer HE
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