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  1. I just happened to notice my. new SubZero Refrigerator says it has WiFi. My dealer doesn't know anything about it, what a surprise. I have a wine refrigerator also but nothing listed on it - why wasn't any of this promoted when I purchased them?? Their Customer Service centers are very good, but not all their dealers know the products as well as they should.
  2. This one is interesting, I hadn't heard of that one yet.
  3. Good to hear input from all of you. The Garage entrance will be very useful for Welcome/Goodbye usage. I haven't yet decided on the music scenes yet but since they'll be limited in buttons, I can hopefully change the stations/etc from Home Composer.
  4. My Integrator is currently setting up my lighting/keypads. I completely understand we're all individuals and it's personal preference but I'd like to get input from the community on some configurations you like and that work well for you. Without making this too long of a description of my home (Great Room + 4 bedrooms), below is a snapshot of where they mostly reside. I have security system, automated garage doors (Liftmaster), door locks (August), Distributed Audio (incl. Master bed/bath/shower, Kitchen, Patio), but no Distributed Video. Laundry: 1 Keypad at entrance from garage Kitchen: 3 Keypads; arranged in a triangle around room (5 lighting loads in kitchen, which includes can lights, cloud ceiling, under cab, etc). Master Bath: 3 Keypads; 1 at her end of vanity and 2 at mine:) Master Bed: 2 Keypads; we each have one next to our side of bed.
  5. Are there more than one driver for the August Lock? If so, which one has high recommendation? TIA.
  6. I ordered a few but nothing installed yet - how does it integrate with C4 (what functions does it have) and which driver are you using (there are multiple, correct)? Also on their site it mentions have z-wave, is this something you're using or just WiFi connectivity through the Connect Bridge?
  7. Is the current model that's sold as the 'August Smart Lock Pro+' what you have - is that considered the 3rd generation?
  8. This was selling as a Black Friday bundle together - the Smart Lock Pro+ and the Connect together ($150). When buying multiple locks for a residence, is a Connect needed for each lock or only 1 per household? Also, does anyone know if the August lock has a different/unique model for sale only by Integrators or are all models the same (August website, Big Box stores, etc)? For example, I understand that Yale sells a zigbee model through C4 dealers that is different from standard retail w/WiFi.
  9. When you say ‘bottom of the barrel’ do you mean average in features and screen technology? For me, over the years I’ve changed my outlook on how I buy TVs. Back at n ‘95 I ‘splurged’ $3k on a 30-something-inch tv and expected to keep it many years. Now, I just bought a $2k, 86” TV and am fine replacing it in about five years. With the velocity of technology these days I think it’s more common for people to buy a more average level device and replace it more often.
  10. Baubas Cat & Neo1738 - can you each provide an update on your solution? I waited too long to figure out a solution and my HVAC crew just contacted me about installing the humidistats, which they explained are generic large dials ... nothing I want seen anywhere:( I have 2 humidifiers on opposite sides of home and want to find remote sensors (hopefully 'small' in size) that can be used. Current plan for thermostats is to use 2 Ecobees in the laundry room that work off remote sensors (not using readings in the laundry room where the units are located). Drywall starts tomorrow so I need a solution quickly. TIA.
  11. I have Cat6 run to my bedroom/TV location, I'll buy a 50" TV this November during Black Friday. Probably a Samsung for ~ $400 so not sure if that will get me a LAN port. So if I want to have capability to play a BluRay located across house in a rack will a balun provide that? How do I control the disk - does this require an EA1 in the bedroom that communicates back to the EA3/homebase or is a C4 remote in the bedroom (+ balun) all I need to use a BluRay located in the rack?
  12. PM sent. I’m interested in them.
  13. Yeah, could just be luck. Once I started looking I found a listing from someone moving out of country and selling 3 of the in-ceiling ones ... recently sold.
  14. I have a single Silver/6 LCR inwall speaker I'm going to use for one of my front channels and am looking for another preowned one. If anyone also has the in-ceiling Silver LCR I'd be interested in that also - it's the one that fires down at a 45 deg angle. I'm going to put the Left/Right speakers in the wall, on both sides of the TV, but I'm putting the center channel up in the ceiling above the TV aiming down toward the coaches. Use is a Great Room, not a dedicated Home Theater.
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