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  1. What is the price breakdown of Triad sub+amp vs Episode sub+amp? thx.
  2. I know the power/channel is quite a bit higher - what other characteristics make it next-gen over the outgoing Control4 branded components?
  3. My current plans are to get the 8-zone Triad PAMP & Matrix for new home build. I'm sure I could spend less or more but at this point I'm thinking it's a good quality solution. I'd like to get feedback from those with experience of other amp/matrices - do you consider this middle of the road or recommended option for multi-zone audio, and why? I could save quite a bit by buying pre-owned C4 components from eBay but am leaning toward the new eqmt from my Integrator. I appreciate your input.
  4. I'm not clear on this - what do you mean by 'all native?' Currently my family uses primarily Spotify and occasionally Amazon Music, but nothing else. So they're not going to want to switch to another streaming service when I get my system in a few months. I've been trying to read up on Spotify/C4 and it doesn't seem it's 100% integrated (i.e. search songs, choose songs/playlists/stations directly from iPhone) but I haven't found a complete write-up on how it works in C4 or it's limitations. Can you expand on this? TIA
  5. I was a heavy lean for Lutron - their technology is solid - but integrating does add another layer of steps and doesn't have some of the multi-tap abilities that native-C4 has, therefore for my new build I'm going with C4. My understanding is they've taken some technology from Lutron and pay them so it's also pretty good.
  6. Which model? What are the benefits of 4 ohm for in-ceiling speakers?
  7. Why is the Triad not an option?
  8. I'd like to hear from the people who are pro-Sonos, how do you use Sonos as distributed audio? My understanding is it's not as seamless to integrate as C4 amps/matrix but I'm not quite sure what the limitations are, or essentially pros/cons. For those that are advocates would you describe how you would setup a home with 4-6 zones (not including main TV room which is on AV receiver)? I've searched/read several discussions on Sonos and most are geared toward issues or custom programming. I'm interested in an overview on what works, and what doesn't. We don't currently have C4 or Sonos; I'm going to purchase a new system and for music the most common method my family uses is the Spotify App on our iPhones, and voice/Alexa. I would also like to access our full library of digital music on my Mac, which has all my DVDs ripped into iTunes.
  9. How are the wireless keypads powered? Same question regarding aux switches - I’m assuming those are easy to add at locations that weren’t prewired, or do they require running some low voltage?
  10. Thx. HIKVision have my highest interest at this point but it'll also depend on the Integrator I choose.
  11. I'd like the following features: Motion detection - have choice to be notified (App/alarm). Recording 24/7 by all cameras (<16) Ability to view live at anytime. Preferably within C4 app so I can watch on TV/iPad/iPhone. Based on above top priorities, what are good options (i.e. reliable, well integrated) on the affordable end? I don't necessarily mean cheap - if you lined up options that met those requirements who are 3 to check out? I'm new to this area and am familiar with SnapAV/Luma because an Integrator has recommended it.
  12. Maybe I'm not following this correctly, so for verification - Hikvision cameras & DVRs integrate into C4 just as seamlessly as Luma? Or are there features missing? I'm about to purchase a system and would (naturally) prefer to save some money if capability is the same. I definitely would like ability to be notified for motion.
  13. That’s a battery & WiFi model ... it lost my interest right there. They need a more robust PoE solution, IMO. I really like their doorlock the best of all smart options and plan to install that on our entry door when our house is complete in a few months.
  14. I just ordered a refrigerator &wine refrigerator so I’m interested in this. If you’ve learned anything I’d like to know. I’ll also check with Sub-Zero to see what I can find.
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