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  1. Thx. HIKVision have my highest interest at this point but it'll also depend on the Integrator I choose.
  2. I'd like the following features: Motion detection - have choice to be notified (App/alarm). Recording 24/7 by all cameras (<16) Ability to view live at anytime. Preferably within C4 app so I can watch on TV/iPad/iPhone. Based on above top priorities, what are good options (i.e. reliable, well integrated) on the affordable end? I don't necessarily mean cheap - if you lined up options that met those requirements who are 3 to check out? I'm new to this area and am familiar with SnapAV/Luma because an Integrator has recommended it.
  3. Maybe I'm not following this correctly, so for verification - Hikvision cameras & DVRs integrate into C4 just as seamlessly as Luma? Or are there features missing? I'm about to purchase a system and would (naturally) prefer to save some money if capability is the same. I definitely would like ability to be notified for motion.
  4. That’s a battery & WiFi model ... it lost my interest right there. They need a more robust PoE solution, IMO. I really like their doorlock the best of all smart options and plan to install that on our entry door when our house is complete in a few months.
  5. I just ordered a refrigerator &wine refrigerator so I’m interested in this. If you’ve learned anything I’d like to know. I’ll also check with Sub-Zero to see what I can find.
  6. Can you explain a little more on how this works? I’m a few months away from completing my home build and the August lock has been on my radar for about two years, before I begin building. I like the stealth look and how it doesn’t add any clutter to the front entry door. But now that I decided C4 is what I want to use for home automation, I don’t know how well it integrates with the whole system-what are the limitations and what does it do well?
  7. fluid15

    FS - SR260

    Without a cradle, what is the method of charging?
  8. How long has it been used outside? State/location?
  9. I meant from the ’user perspective’ how does the moip and JAP compare considering their. costs?
  10. I’ll check back with how you like those - I love the concept but was skeptical... glad I have a source to get feedback.
  11. It's a new build so planning to wire up most locations. It's a medium sized home - Great Room + 4 bedrooms incl/1 suite which will be the kids Media/Play room. Here are my thoughts on Speakers: Master Bath: Ceiling speakers (Sonance pair already purchased) Master Shower: Need moisture proof speaker for steam room ... anyone have recommendations? Kitchen: Ceiling speakers (Sonance pair already purchased) Dining: Ceiling speakers (Sonance pair already purchased) Patio: Ceiling speakers (Sonance pair already purchased) Pool/Backyard: I'd like to do a 70V system w/sub ... anyone have recommendations? Main/TV/Surround: I currently have some older Infinity w/subs built-in that will be my starter set for Fronts. I need to figure out the rest. No back wall as it's a great room w/dining (32 ft long, 15 ft ceiling). Kids rooms: Echo Dots for now, can move up to Bluetooth shelf as they get older, will have wiring in wall for more speakers some day but not planned. For video distribution I'll probably go the MOIP/JAP route and do it with a receiver/controller. So far I like that option best. Not sure where I'd distribute Video at this point - my TVs in Patio & Master Bed will most likely have built-in apps for Hulu, Youtube TV, Netflix. We gave up Cable Boxes last year and are perfectly satisfied with the limited TV we watch. We (wife & I) haven't used a DVD player in years. The kids do on their PS4, which brings me to the Media/Playroom - I'll have wiring to that room but plan to start with the Video source being local; they'll watch TV on Hulu/Netflix/etc and have the PS4 for any DVD, which is rare. So overall my current plan is mostly listening/distributing streaming music & music library, without use of cable boxes and DVD players I won't distribute much Video. I'll need to stick an Apple TV in a few places, am I overlooking anything critical?
  12. Wappinghigh: I'm thinking of using Sonos for expanding into areas I may add later, or don't necessarily need controlled from HA - i.e. for Master Bed I may put a Sonos sound bar for TV. I'll be putting the TV on a wall directly in front of bed and have 2 big windows on each side of it so I think a sound bar makes sense in that location. Could be good future option for kid's rooms also. They're young and just received Amazon Echo Dots for Christmas and more than satisified with their first 'speaker' - they love it. But as they grow into teenagers they'll want more power. Rooms will be prewired for either in-ceiling or power up high for something like a Sonos1. Unsocialtester: Good input, a few new things for me to look into. Probably > 90% of my/our use case will be streaming online music or from music library on a computer or media server (still need to research those ... don't want to required to have a PC 'open' and connected all the time). Your question about distributing audio from a TV/Video source - probably seldom, if ever. So from starting a new system it sounds like I may be able to bypass a Matrix (expensive). As I understood your post, Control4 can send a stream to multiple zones - in that case I would only need a multi-zone amp and no matrix, correct? I also checked that link you sent of VSSL - very intriguing. That would probably server 90% of our use. But could C4 tie into it for scenes or is it stand alone?
  13. I'm about to build/purchase something for a new home and don't fully understand what parts are needed for multi-zone audio. I want to look for some preowned pieces in the classifieds and online and then have them integrated into a full HA system. Multizone Amp: Can any brand be used, and work well, if the proper Matrix is in place? Audio Matrix - I'm a bit unclear of the job of this piece ... does it receive the instructions from the controller (i.e .EA-5) and then receive the power from an amp channel and direct it to the zone defined by the controller? Is this a Control4 specific piece that should be purchased to work best with the controller? My overall project isn't very big, single level home maybe 6-8 zones of audio. I'm fine using local BT speakers for kids rooms (under teenage years), laundry, etc and can even expand with Sonos/comparable for those areas in the future. From what I've seen it looks like the C4 Matrix + Amp (new) would run ~ $4k so I'd like to know if there are reasonable lesser-cost choices. I'm sure there are many ways to get a low-cost system but I'd prefer to do it 'right' from an system design standpoint but don't know enough to understand options. TIA.
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