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  1. I forgot to thank Cyknight and South Africa C4 User for their help on this topic. IT worked just the way you guys said it would. Having great fum with Composer HE!!
  2. I live in a two story condo where the floors/ceilings are 8" thick reinforced concrete. Wireless signals are hard to get from the router on the lower floor to the devices that need wireless service on the upper floor. In particular, in the master bedroom on the upper floor I have a Samsung Frame TV (the smallest one) that does not have an ethernet connection on its mini-connect1 box. Therefore, the C4 control of that TV has to be via wireless. I have numerous C4-controlled devices (TVs, audio components, Rokus, etc.) on both floors that are all wired to ethernet switches and a couple EA-1 controllers. Therefore, I can get an ethernet connection from the router to the upper floor. Here is my question: I have a new Asus router that has mesh capabilities. I have an old Asus router that can be set to Access Point (AP) mode but does not have mesh capability. Should I a. Set up the old router (ethernet connected) on the upper floor as an AP. If my wireless coverage on the upper floor is through this AP, should I give the SSIDs for 2.4G and 5.0G the same names on both floors? If I do that, are the networks on both floors the "same" network because some things caution that they will not work unless they are on the same network. b. Buy a cheap extra Asus router that has mesh capability and wire it on the upper floor and have the lower floor and upper floor have mesdh coverage. Again, are the networks on the two floors the same network? c. Is there a different better way to do this? johnnyboy
  3. Under programming, in "Living Room" I selected the SR260, selected the button I want to assign an action to, and it displays the following: I am new to HE, so what do I do next? E.g., I want to assign a lighting scene to the red button called "TV Time" and that scene is set up and works fine. Johnnyboy
  4. I just got HE and have used the monitor and advanced lighting agents and scheduling agent. I have searched for a "How To" guide on several subjects and wondered if it is not possible with HE or if I have not searched correctly. I have 3 controllers (each with SR260 remotes, and one with a touch screen C4 navigator. I have 3 TV sets, 2 sonos amps and 2 somos connects. The connects feed sonos content to 2 AVRs in 2 separate entertainments areas. Here is some items I want to learn to program: 1. How to program the custom buttons on the remotes and touchscreen, especially the colored buttons. The dealer programmed the three dotted buttons as "Stereo"; "Extended Stereo"; and "Surrond ATMOS." They work great. But I want to assign actions to the collored buttons and do not know how to do that in HE. 2. I want to edit my UI at each controller to add/remove choices that appear on the OSD. E.g., add "Sonos in Kitchen;" remove "Guest Pandora" etc. I cannot seem to figure out how to do these simple tasks in HE. I have read the instruction manual for the SR260 and the HE software but it does not pop out to me how to do some things johnnyboy
  5. Just got Composer HE. Works great wiuth scenes. Need to learn a lot more of what I can do.
  6. Its been a while, but I had a problem with my purchase of a small form Samsung Frame TV. I found out it only had two HDMI input ports (the larger frame TV's have 4 HDMI input ports). That meant I could only have two the following three: (i) C4 OSD; (ii) Xfinity cable or ()iii) Roku. Of course, I could get by without the C4 OSD but did not like it. So I used one input for cable and the other for Roku. My dealer fixed this problem. He left my cable box HDMI out connected direct to one of the Tv's two HDMI inputs. He ran the C4 controller HDMI output and the Roku HDMI output to an HDMI switch. The output from ther swicth then wenty to the second HDMI input on the Tv. He set up a driver that selects the correct HDMI output from the switch depending on whether I push the C4 red button or push the Roku button. The switch now automatically selects C4 OSD or Roku depending on which selection I make on the remote. Greaqt job by Patrick at Entertainment Designs in MPLS!! Johnnyboy
  7. Thanks, I suspected I needed programming from my dealer. How do I go about finding a switch that has a C4 driver or is that something the dealer will know?
  8. I have a new TV with only 2 HDMI ports set up as follows with an EA controller: (i) Port 1 is used for cable box; and (ii) port 2 is used for a Roku. That leaves me with no port for on-screen for the EA1 controller. So I bought an HDMI switch (Kinivo 301 with auto switch) and set it up as follows: (i) HDMI Port 2 of TV stayed Roku (Roku will not activate an auto switch); (ii) HDMI Port 2 on TV is the output from the switch; (iii) HDMI port 1 on switch is cable box and (iv) HDMI port 2 on switch is EA1 controller. I was hoping the Knivo switch would auto switch between the cable box and EA1 controller. That would give me an effective 3 HDMI ports on a 2 port TV. This set up passes through the cable box signal to the TV, but does not appear to pass through the EA1 signal if there even is one. And the manual switch on the Knivo will switch to the EA1 port, but once there will not even manually switch back to the cable box port. 1. Do I need my dealer to program the EA1 to emit an HDMI signal or is that "hot" without programming? 2. Does anyone know if the EA1 HDMI signal will auto switch an HDMI switch? 3. Any suggestions for another work around? BTW, the new TV is a 32" Samsung Frame which I need for decor and it cannot get bigger because of space limits. Larger frames have 4 HDMI ports.
  9. how to delete a lighting scene
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