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  1. yes, the new build is working without need for password
  2. Is there a way I can tell from my Composer home edition that a DLNA driver is installed on my system by the dealer?
  3. @Cyknight Thanks for your response, I will seek help for remote programmer from the appropriate section. Any Long Island Dealers on the forum to troubleshoot the integration and use of Videostorm product for video distribution locally please PM me. Thanks
  4. Dear C4 Dealers/ gurus/experts and end users, I am stuck with a situation where I moved to a new dealer from my previous dealer ( they were nice guys but were crazy busy with them doing this dealer work holding another primary job, also they lacked some programming expertise) to do some basement work ( audio distribution with speaker installation, Lutron caseta switches , TV in the bar area and adding Media room setup with screen, 7.2 speaker setup, projector , a new receiver ), the new dealer did 80%-85% of the integration reasonably well with my existing system and all the new basement systems, however I am again in the same situation with their programming expertise being limited and are unable to complete the full set up, I also have some HDMI splitters installed ( recommended by the dealer when I asked for sharing video sources between my Family TV, Bar Tv and Home theater screen as opposed to going for Video matrix I did ask about Videostorm/ Netplay product after reading on C4 forum which the dealer was unaware) My current issues - I can't get one of my video sources from a set top box for international TV programs streamed properly when I switch my video source in my Family TV or Home theater room when i switch from my Cable TV source or Amazon Prime TV or Roku, every time it gets stuck at blank screen when i switch the video source to my International TV video, it works strangely if I turn on my Bar area TV and chose the International set top box as a source and play that on my bar TV also simultaneously, essentially making my Bar TV area TV running the same video source while watching this video source in family TV. I don't have a problem watching my other TV sources in my family TV or Home theater ( like my Fios Cable TV or Amazon Prime TV or AppleTV). It looks like some connection issue with the HDMI splitters and the HDMI hand shakes whiles toggling the video sources, the dealer is unable to figure out and accept they are unable to find out the issue. - I was looking for ways to add additional audio sources to play in different rooms simultaneously, my primary receiver allowed only two sources to choose simultaneously, dealer suggested adding DACs to get additional media sources for my audio stream simultaneously which he did, however after integration they are never able to get this working and he is giving reason it could be a problem with my EA5 controller which was installed by the previous dealer ( none of this was figured out my the new dealer diligently talking to C4 support and my EA5 is working fine, so I feel there is another connection/integration and programming issue) - Integration of my Alexa echo dot with the C4 system ( with a Echo dot connected via aux to the receiver or Audio matrix ( I am not sure where exactly) for using it to have my audio stream through my ceiling speakers, this never worked - I use my Tune-in audio streams quite frequently in different rooms which worked perfectly and I had programmed on my Composer Home edition well, which stopped working after they integrated my new work and working on software updates, they could not figure out despite me reading in C4 forum and giving them the recommended information, finally I figured out myself I opened a new Tune-in account and spent time having my favorites and program with my Composer HE which now is working I very patiently and politely reached out to the dealer for the last three months ( the project started in Oct 18 and completed in Dec 2018 partially with all the above issues that were existing at the time of their work completion and never resolved or in other words I never had fully functional system with complete finish of the programming ), unfortunately the dealer has not responded to my repeated requests ( sent as text , phone calls or email once every two weeks) I value dealership businesses and know every business has to make their money but very dissatisfied with the customer support, I never had any argument or balance payment due with the dealer, I feel I did a mistake moving to the new dealer. I want to change the dealer, I tried to change on my customer portal switching back to my original dealer but I couldn't. I need some opinion how could I do this, I am taking this decision because of the poor support and unresolved issues with my system. Should I report or write to C4 tech support / customer service about this unpleasant experience with this dealer? so dealers like this don't give a bad reputation to C4 or other dealers, I live in Long Island, NY, I am also looking for some remote programmers to take a look at the set up, I did reach out to one of the pros from this forum for other reasons in December ( for learning tutorials on the Home edition programming, unfortunately I didn't follow up on it as I became busy after that). Appreciate your recommendations/ opinions.
  5. Hi Hizzle, Did you try integrating Alexa smart skills for Magic Home, I recently installed the LED RGB lights with Magic Home controller in my Media room, with Alexa voice commands I could change the colors, I haven't tried to get other functions such as gradual fade, the flashing mode or the changing LEDs with music on with Alexa
  6. Thank you Matt Lowe, I might send you a PM to check with you on the one on one tutoring, Thanks
  7. Question to Dealers, when there is software updates coming out in a short period for the C4 controller systems , to update these essential software updates on the systems do dealers always charge? How much typically they charge. This year there were three updates I think. The Composer HE wouldn't work if both the Controller and HE are not of the same software version and customer is stuck, do dealers automatically send out any email or phone message when there is a new update that needs to be installed on their customer C4 systems? What are the typical service calls encountered in the first year other than equipment failures from Dealers experience or point of view? I have read about great post project service from many Dealers outside of my city and have been cautioned about a few bad experiences also. Any comments and suggestions? Thanks
  8. thanks, hope some senior and tech savvy customers would come up with some illustrative video or write up with some basic examples
  9. My question still is If I can play my YouTube audio without chrome cast audio to my different audio zones through C4 through any other option and if there are any other ways of streaming using shairbridge on and iphone without interrupting an active Youtube app and lastly if this can be accomplished on Android phone/tablets ( again without using chromecast audio)
  10. Sorry, I think probably my question was not phrased properly, I don't have apple TV, and my intent is to listen to audio from YouTube music service through my ceiling speakers without having the stream cast to my TV screen I didn't understand what you meant by airplay plays it on the phone?. I have posted some screen shots, I have to go through multiple steps picture # 2, 3,4,5 in that order and return to my YouTube screen, is Shairbridge synonymously used here for airplay? Does your answer mean I can't play my YouTube audio without chrome cast audio to my different audio zones through C4? Thanks for your response
  11. I use IPhone Shairbridge for Streaming audio ( alone) without casting through TV to ceiling speakers from youtube music, it's multi step, and disconnects easily when I switch from my youtube app, in other words either I need to have a dedicated Ipad or unused iPhone to have this streaming ( long playlists) to continue is there a way to avoid this? I have spare android phones used as C4 remotes, but couldn't get any app accomplish the shairbridge functionality. Is there an easy integration available for youtube music just like the other music streaming services ( Spotify, Deezer, Tunein, Napster etc) thanks
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