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  1. yes, the new build is working without need for password
  2. Is there a way I can tell from my Composer home edition that a DLNA driver is installed on my system by the dealer?
  3. @Cyknight Thanks for your response, I will seek help for remote programmer from the appropriate section. Any Long Island Dealers on the forum to troubleshoot the integration and use of Videostorm product for video distribution locally please PM me. Thanks
  4. Dear C4 Dealers/ gurus/experts and end users, I am stuck with a situation where I moved to a new dealer from my previous dealer ( they were nice guys but were crazy busy with them doing this dealer work holding another primary job, also they lacked some programming expertise) to do some basement work ( audio distribution with speaker installation, Lutron caseta switches , TV in the bar area and adding Media room setup with screen, 7.2 speaker setup, projector , a new receiver ), the new dealer did 80%-85% of the integration reasonably well with my existing system and all the new baseme
  5. Hi Hizzle, Did you try integrating Alexa smart skills for Magic Home, I recently installed the LED RGB lights with Magic Home controller in my Media room, with Alexa voice commands I could change the colors, I haven't tried to get other functions such as gradual fade, the flashing mode or the changing LEDs with music on with Alexa
  6. Thank you Matt Lowe, I might send you a PM to check with you on the one on one tutoring, Thanks
  7. Question to Dealers, when there is software updates coming out in a short period for the C4 controller systems , to update these essential software updates on the systems do dealers always charge? How much typically they charge. This year there were three updates I think. The Composer HE wouldn't work if both the Controller and HE are not of the same software version and customer is stuck, do dealers automatically send out any email or phone message when there is a new update that needs to be installed on their customer C4 systems? What are the typical service calls encountered in
  8. thanks, hope some senior and tech savvy customers would come up with some illustrative video or write up with some basic examples
  9. My question still is If I can play my YouTube audio without chrome cast audio to my different audio zones through C4 through any other option and if there are any other ways of streaming using shairbridge on and iphone without interrupting an active Youtube app and lastly if this can be accomplished on Android phone/tablets ( again without using chromecast audio)
  10. Sorry, I think probably my question was not phrased properly, I don't have apple TV, and my intent is to listen to audio from YouTube music service through my ceiling speakers without having the stream cast to my TV screen I didn't understand what you meant by airplay plays it on the phone?. I have posted some screen shots, I have to go through multiple steps picture # 2, 3,4,5 in that order and return to my YouTube screen, is Shairbridge synonymously used here for airplay? Does your answer mean I can't play my YouTube audio without chrome cast audio to my different a
  11. I use IPhone Shairbridge for Streaming audio ( alone) without casting through TV to ceiling speakers from youtube music, it's multi step, and disconnects easily when I switch from my youtube app, in other words either I need to have a dedicated Ipad or unused iPhone to have this streaming ( long playlists) to continue is there a way to avoid this? I have spare android phones used as C4 remotes, but couldn't get any app accomplish the shairbridge functionality. Is there an easy integration available for youtube music just like the other music streaming services ( Spotify, Deezer,
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