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  1. Actually correction: we found we got two bad neeos in a row (bad radios). So ignore my comments on UniFi.
  2. Next they’ll want a driver for a clock dripping off a table.
  3. UniFi doesn’t play well w Neeo.
  4. Luma is just rebranded Hikvision with enormous premium added. Nowhere close to same ease of use as Nest. Software is a royal pain to use. SnapAV needs to get out of the prehistoric era!
  5. Does anyone know if the CA10 helps with lighting zigbee mesh issues? We’ve one home with project on CA10 and lighting (C4) works perfectly and one home with project on EA5v2 and 6 button keypads have 20-30 sec lags at times.
  6. Odd thing but need two email addresses and two accounts. Crazy C4 hasn’t sorted this by now.
  7. Well it was under warrantee but two bad ones in a row is a bad sign.
  8. Even if this “works” the remotes should roam freely and perfectly. I hope this is fixed and makes no sense they don’t have 5g radios too.
  9. We tried same Neeo on ruckus and same issue. I think some neeos have bad radios. I’ve RMA’d two. Third works like a charm.
  10. So what did you find? Returned two now with same issue (prob radio). Third one works fine. Seems like a bad production run.
  11. My experience is that all major brand leds (Phillips, Ecosmart, Feit, GE, Satco etc) work perfectly fine with C4 adaptive phase dimmers. I personally can’t stand CREE as almost all their bulbs have failed in 3-4 years (max). I mailed a box of dead bulbs to their ceo. No reply. Cree are crap.
  12. Right but this demo was with ruckus. Installled (diamond dealer) just rmad this second Neeo. Definitely Wi-Fi chip imo.
  13. Connected to same ap. Our installer is checking it now. Will check wrt sleep mode as well
  14. I think they default to not sleeping. The Neeo had sleep mode turned off in Ubiquiti home. Didn’t check on ruckus home because it couldn’t keep a connection even when using it.
  15. No longer think it is just Ubiquiti. Took this second remote to another home with commercial grade Wi-Fi (rukus etc) and he’s the remote next to another which was installed by Pinnacle C4 dealer. The Neeo on the left was the replacement I received. Notice it is trying to connect (was this way, spinning, for over 30 seconds) and reading low Wi-Fi while other next to it has full signal). Suspect with two “bad” neeos in a row that C4 has a radio issue with one of their Neeo production runs. I’ve asked dealer to replace this one on left and make sure replacement is not defective too.
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