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  1. Luma is Hikvision rebranded and tripled in price! App looks the same as Hikvision.
  2. Why Wi-Fi and not zigbee. Wi-Fi seems an odd choice. Not reliable for instant response.
  3. Panel backup batteries die. Wireless dies. You’ll hear “this is the only case we’ve seen” (lie) then “this was a bad batch of batteries” and “the new firmware will fix this.” Just wait. Honeywell is rock solid.
  4. No had one of the newer panels. XR150. Horrible. Threw out all their hardware when they wouldn’t buy it back. Horrendous company.
  5. We had DMP and was a disaster. They don’t play well w C4 and their wireless devices have poor battery life. They also push updates to the panel which causes issues. Awful company too. They wouldn’t stand by their (lousy) products. Imo their focus on two-way communication with wireless devices kills their batteries much earlier than would be the case with Honeywell and DSC. Good luck.
  6. You need to access the DS2 directly via IP and make adjustments. We have our brightness to max. This is direct rather than via C4 driver. Default user name and password are listed in the discussion group somewhere (don’t have with me)
  7. I know the C4 driver and TotalConnect conflict. Can’t use both.
  8. Well they still claimed .20 year life or something of sort for their consumer bulbs. So they should be sued.
  9. You’re wrong. Our bulbs were all 6-7 years old and 30-40% have failed. I replaced them with new Crees 2-3 years ago and all of those failed. They should be sued. If anyone gets a class action going let me know.
  10. Cree stinks. They fail and flicker. I mailed a whole box of failed bulbs to their chairman and demanded a refund. No response. Phillips have been great. I’d try that. We have lots of adaptive phase dimmers and the Phillips bulbs work fine.
  11. 3.0 in two houses and love it. Much better GUI and more customized to room and everything seems to work fine.
  12. Yes but we have multiple meshes. Installed by a pinnacle C4 dealer and C4 has reviewed the install.
  13. Does anyone know if OS3 improves the zigbee mesh? We've had issues with our lighting and response times (periodically). Realized that it was partially due to the need for a power conditioner on a sump pump, but still have issues occasionally with 1-2 6 button switches.
  14. C4 is offering a 15% discount on new hardware. I don't think paying $425 for an EA1 (or three) should be burdensome for a few years of functionality -- that said I suspect they'll be useful for 5-7 more years. Have you been to a hotel with 5 year old Crestron (or other hospitality-focused) equipment? The stuff is virtually unusable -- even to simply change TV channels and even at high end hotels! I'd say C4 does a much better job of integrating devices and keeping functionality robust and response times quick even five years after the hardware has been launched..
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