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  1. If you tweak variable speed pumps and other deeper settings the C4 driver won’t do it for you. C4 driver is quite basic — just lights and jets and temp. A shame.
  2. That’s a good point but house (1) w well works fine. It is the other one (2) which has the issues. I say good point at C4 had us put power conditioners on our sump pumps (house 2) but it didn’t solve the problem. They also found one bad switch which was impacting zigbee. Replaced it and still, didn’t help. They replaced Ea 5 w EA5 v 2. No change. We’re going to pay to upgrade to CA10 to see if that helps. House 2 does have a geo well pump but it is prob 500 ft down so couldn’t be that. And it isn’t Franklin.
  3. We have two homes w C4 lighting. Both use zigbee (not panelists) and both use same dealer (diamond or higher). One home has persistent issues. Lag of 20 seconds or more and on and off behavior even when pressing once. Only 6-button keypads are a problem. Again one home fine and the other not. C4 has sent someone here and we put sump pump on power conditioning and replaced one bad switch. Problems persist. Moved Wi-Fi to channels 1 and 11. 1 6 and 11. Nothing works. We’re living with it but there are obviously issues w C4 lighting that we wish they’d address.
  4. We just had a Neeo charging base go bad (won’t charge reliably) and a Neeo also being RMAd as the screen freezes repeatedly. Any others with these issues?
  5. I had two bad ones and the third worked. Someone on this threat from C4 said they’d track the return and sort but I never heard from them. Again suspect they have some bad radios. The good ones respond well whether they’re on sleep or not.
  6. Yup. Hope C4 is watching. Most security software reeks of DOS/1980s. Enormous oppty for C4 if they get this right but prob can’t ever match Nest. Hik/Luma is a joke.
  7. I have LUMA and Hik on C4 on two different houses. They work similarly (as one might expect given LUMA is Hik + huge mark up). Not enough addl functionality IMO to justify mark up. In fact we had issue where the third LUMA steam wasn’t playing well w C4. Took months for them to correct this advertised BASIC feature (third stream for proper resolution so OSD works). C4 should find US manufacturer to make a line for them. IMO no great camera solution for C4. The software is tough to use for any family member. Not intuitive and I’m a tech geek! Why not just clone the Nest interface?
  8. We had two in a row with bad radios. That may be your issue.
  9. We used these under eaves but make sure to get the model with antenna (for some reason not listed on C4 website). https://www.control4.com/solutions/products/sensors/ These were the best we could find which have *some* weather resistance. They have issues staying connected thus they are far from perfect. Big gap in product lineup IMO — need proper water proof zigbee motion. Note I’d focus on certified C4 drivers. Other companies go under and/or their drivers become incompatible.
  10. Actually correction: we found we got two bad neeos in a row (bad radios). So ignore my comments on UniFi.
  11. Next they’ll want a driver for a clock dripping off a table.
  12. Luma is just rebranded Hikvision with enormous premium added. Nowhere close to same ease of use as Nest. Software is a royal pain to use. SnapAV needs to get out of the prehistoric era!
  13. Does anyone know if the CA10 helps with lighting zigbee mesh issues? We’ve one home with project on CA10 and lighting (C4) works perfectly and one home with project on EA5v2 and 6 button keypads have 20-30 sec lags at times.
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