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  1. Exactly why we use highest res and yes the 720P is the issue. Not sure why the EA5 can’t handle higher res. It could even lower the res for the purposes of the OSD. Even our home w the CA10 controller can’t do this (I know ca10 doesn’t handle osd but given it’s power they could have had it handle security camera down-res). Re hvac:C4 stats are bulky and they don’t interface with the utility and I think for humidification and dehumidification (we have both) they only have simple contact closure. Honeywell work nicely and are pretty ubiquitous. C4 doesn’t play well w them. I get the point MSGree
  2. I have the Honeywell vista hardware but it doesn’t work w totalconnect. I get that so you can ignore that. Hikvision requires resolution downgrade to show via osd. Not willing to cripple a needed second steam so C4 can handle. I think the feed is from supported Hik nvr but not certain. Solved in another house but getting LUMA which has Tri stream driver (which didn’t work at first and LUMA had to fix the driver for us/Tri). But paying 3x for hardware for third stream isn’t palatable. IAquaLink broken and only has rudimentary functions when it is actually working. Honeywell comfort doesn’t work
  3. I am using hardware that is shown as compatible by C4 and yes chose most of it based on that. I shouldn’t have to go through user groups to understand if it is “really” compatible. As I said iAquaLink and hikvision and Honeywell stats and appletv and Honeywell vista should work perfectly but don’t. If they don’t then take them off the list! MyQ is only one that wasn’t my choice so you can forget that.
  4. So does that mean that savant and crestron have same issues? What about HoneywellComfort (controlling Honeywell stats), iAquaLink issues, MyQ, hikvision? Ie what, besides lighting and music, can I do perfectly and completely w C4? Again I’m tech savvy, have in two homes, know HE, and have upgraded our dealer to pinnacle/diamond. If I want lighting and music I can deal with Sonos and Lutron as separate apps. C4 doesn’t seem to come close to being a home hub. And we’ve the latest C4 equipment and drivers!
  5. So if I use that module (which we have but aren’t using) I’ll have full control over the Vista system with passcodes and zone information and history and zone bypass etc? What about ConnectComfort?
  6. Not sure what CBM means but Honeywell comfort and alarm are indicated to be supported by C4 and they don’t work. I got Vista due to the C4 compatibility list and the list is obviously incorrect. Not sure why compatibility is still indicated.
  7. Third party to me is absurd. C4’s value proposition is a single system to orchestrate a modern home. AppleTV driver isn’t reliable and Honeywell alarm driver always has issues (can’t work in concert w totalconnect and limits features) and doesn’t work well with our iAquaLink. So now I have an expensive system that doesn’t play well w several components (including the best selling professional alarm system and the best selling pool controls and the most popular steaming ecosystem). Some will say C4 works well w Honeywell Vista but fact is it keeps you from also using TotalConnect (which sends i
  8. I power cycled the ea5 (second try and waited 30 secs after pulling power) and now all much better. But we shouldn’t have to power cycle. C4 needs to do better esp given there is big move to streaming. I get that Apple is difficult but why not assign someone to follow changes and push new IP driver more frequently. IMO third party isn’t good option as these places can go out of business. Need C4 to do better job.
  9. My dealer has installed intrinsic with another client of theirs’ and said tv keeps disconnecting and needs atv reboot. Is there a better one? Thanks.
  10. Which one? My dealer said those have issues too.
  11. So IR driver is solution? What is +/- of IP vs IR? Assume IP faster?
  12. Have Apple 4K TVs and used to get “control4 remote disconnected” followed by “control4 remote connected” infrequently. Now it is happening every 5 mins. During the disconnect the C4 (260) remote doesn’t work. Have a pinnacle dealer and I’ve rebooted the atv, ea5, remote. Problem persists. Zigbee mesh is robust with C4 lighting throughout house. Router is Luxul EPIC5 with Ubiquiti Wi-Fi. Odd that nothing else has changed on kit before the issue became more frequent. Dealer says it happens to them too and only solution is IR. Anyone have IP solutions? Can’t imagine C4 certified IP driver is
  13. Got it. We’ve got a 10 inch coming too. Hopefully those are ok!
  14. Hopefully not the 8” as they’ve faulty screens. We’re RMAing all our 8” T4s.
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