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  1. I am looking for a small swing gate (pedestrian sized) operator that will integrate with Control4. Any experiences with such things? Drivers, install, etc. - anything appreciated. Looking at: https://www.niceforyou.com/en/videos-and-faq/swing-gates/walky or https://www.liftmaster.com/24vdc-residential-light-commercial-linear-actuator/p/LA500UL The LiftMaster works with MyQ, and I do understand the limitations of the third-party MyQ driver, but with 2 other garage doors already powered by MyQ, it is still a consideration.
  2. MyQ garage door openers support what the current status is. What we need is a MyQ driver that works with Control4. I'm unaware that one exists.
  3. Paul - are you for sure running the 6/24/19 WiFi module firmware? That is what broke things for me (I believe). Just received today the replacement WiFi modules that are not flashed with the latest firmware and I am looking forward to seeing if the problem is resolved. Then just have to remember to never allow the app to update the firmware ever again...
  4. What type of C4 wall switch did you use to control the fans specifically and how did you accomplish the fan speed vs. light controls???
  5. Thanks Paul. Great ideas there. Looking for any similar experiences to help me get to the bottom of this. BAF (the fan company) technical support really hasn't been that helpful outside of now sending some replacement WiFi modules for the fans to see if that helps. Mine were also rock solid until the 6/24/19 WiFi firmware update that got pushed to the fans. Wish I had never pushed that...
  6. Q1: I am having terrible problems keeping BAF (Big Ass Fans) Haiku L Series fans on my WiFi network. They are dropping off all of the time and sometimes won't reconnect at all. We have 2 access points upstairs (700 Series Araknis) and 2 access points downstairs (700 Series Araknis). (*also have 1 access point in Garage and 1 outside). Any configuration ideas or tips would be appreciated. Have already done all of the required troubleshooting on the fans (resets, etc). All other smart IOT devices in the home work without issue (though some I have had to put on the dedicated 2.4Ghz network). Q2: Is there a BAF Haiku driver for Control4? What can it do?
  7. I know that Control4 sells a version of this lock which I imagine has the Zigbee module installed in it. Then Yale also offers this lock and you can get it with a Zigbee, ZWave, or August module (which also includes the August WiFi bridge). I want to do the Yale Assure Connected by August. If I use the 3rd party driver in OS3, do I get the same Lock icon on a screen that I would with a unit purchased through Control4, or am I going to have some funky August icon that I have to train everyone what it is? Any screen shots appreciated.
  8. Can you use the serial card solution to control the panel through Control4 and also still use the Alarm.com app?
  9. As to the Dolby Vision question - partially true answer. While there may be no traditional matrix that can pass Dolby Vision at 60hz, Atlona's OmniStream AV over IP solution does (with a license upgrade): https://atlona.com/omnistream-av-over-ip/
  10. Is there a driver to integrate Alarm.com? I have a Concord 4 alarm panel (made by Interlogix / GE) that I have a cellular module for that is powered by Alarm.com. The alarm system functions from the Alarm.com app. Any way to integrate so I can take advantage of programming in Control4? For example: Goodnight - turns out all lights and arms the alarm?
  11. For mounting check out iPort Products - either LaunchPort or LuxePort: https://iportproducts.com/luxeport#lx-order-now I think that iPad is perfectly good outside of Intercom Anywhere use cases where you want the Intercom to instantly pop-up on screen. That said, my understanding is that Intercom Anywhere will still work on iPhone and iPad. Don't know that I agree about C4 TouchScreen specific functionality going forward. Case in point: Used to be that the Sleep and Wake Agent would only work on a C4 TouchScreen. No longer true under OS3 where you can have it on an iPad or iPhone. If you have CAT cable going to where you plan to mount your iPad, you can make it look pretty darn slick given all of the mounting options out there IMHO.
  12. TiVo fan here. Had mind numbing issues with TiVo HDMI handshaking through an AVR and HDBaseT extenders. Doubtful you're going to find someone with the exact same setup as you. Mine was so crazy that I could not get the TiVo to handshake at all and had to put a Gen 1 TiVo Mini in the rack as it was the only TiVo device that would handshake successfully. I finally did a firmware update on the extenders and magically all the TiVo devices now work. I get that this does not solve your immediate issue, but here is my experience - it is not the TiVo and there isn't any firmware updating to do on a TiVo. Thus fall back to updating the firmware on your AVR and in your case on your matrix. The other thing to check is whether or not your matrix has any capability to change the EDID (HDMI handshake) settings. Like I said, TiVo units are notoriously bad with that. The other thing you can do is get a HDMI splitter that has EDID control and put that in between - although that also introduces one more area for issues...
  13. I mean the Yale Assure lock powered by August. Yale branded. How is he August lock driver and is there more than one? Which recommended? Thanks!
  14. Does the Yale Assure Connected by August work with Control4? This one: https://www.yalehome.com/en/yale/yalehome/residential/yale-real-living/connected-by-august/connect-august/ I know that there was a drive for August branded smart locks for Control4. Would that same driver work here or is there a specific driver for the Yale brand that is "connected by" August? It does use the same August WiFi bridge as the August branded locks (or similar) I believe. For those wondering, I am aware and know that Yale makes this same Assure lock with a different module that allows for Zigbee integration and thus would (should) work with Control4. The reason I am more interested in the August module version is that August provides some much better functionality including automatic unlock through Bluetooth, automatic locking through DoorSense, electronic shared keys, and integration through Alexa, Google, and Siri. Please advise of any experience with this particular lock.
  15. Agree. I have the Luma 510 and replay through the App is miserable. Worse through the web interface or direct to the NVR. They need to make the timeline work like Ring does in their app. Simple.
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