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  1. RESPONSE FROM CGI: Thank you for reaching out to me. Iā€™m sorry that you are in this situation. I am aware of it, and have been working on a solution. Unfortunately, there is no resolution as of yet. I wish I had a better answer for you at this time. Please do know that my colleagues and I are taking your feedback seriously. In the meantime, you can use myQ to control your garage door remotely, monitor its status and receive in-garage deliveries from Amazon Key. I appreciate your trust in our products and brand and the fact that you reached out to us. Your feedback is v
  2. I am happy to do that, but I figured I would get blown-up or exiled from the forums for posting email addresses and someone would somehow take offense, though they are public and easily found. The effort was figuring out from press releases who is responsible for the integrations. I am nearly 100% positive on the Chamberlain people, not as certain on the Control4 since the move to SnapAV. I also copied the President of Chamberlain. I will certainly let everyone know what I hear back. Here is my email to them: ========== Ms. Tsekeris / Mr. Heckman (Chamberlain); Mr. V
  3. Yeah, so I am so over this ridiculous position that these two companies have taken given the investment we have all made. I just emailed the following individuals and asked that on behalf of their customers that they actively reconsider their position on the matter: Kordon Vaughn - Sr. Director of Product Marketing - Control4 / SnapAV Eldon Greenwood - Director of Interoperability - Contro4 / SnapAV Martin Heckmann - Director, Emerging Business - Chamberlain Group Vera Tsekeris, Head of partnerships - Chamberlain Group
  4. So riddle me this - how is it that MyQ is working with crappy Clare Controls Inc.? Clare is distributed by SnapAV who owns Control4. By the way, at least for the time being, the MyQ integration with Clare Controls is free (yes, always subject to change). Even Alarm.com works with it. IFTTT is also a currently free integration. This isn't rocket science. Just takes the right people talking and making it right. Instead of all of us soldering stuff together and spending $$ on relays and such, we should gather our collective voices and get Control4 / MyQ to move on this is
  5. Absolutely impressive, yet absolutely ridiculous that any of us have to engineer a solution for a garage door opener brand that is the market leader. Anyone from Control4 / SnapAV on here should be embarrassed and work with MyQ to get this fixed. There is zero reason (yes, I understand, money) that this can't be a simple driver solution as it once was. If MyQ is working with Clare Controls (also a SnapAV brand) why in the earth can't they figure it out for Control4?
  6. šŸ”” I'd like to Chime in here (see what I'm doing there)... WHY RING STILL MAKES SENSE (for some): 1) If you have pervasive use of Amazon Alexa. Example: I have Echo Dots in about every room, Echo Show on my office desk and wife's office desk and on each night stand. 2) When the Ring gets rung, every Echo device in the house chimes instantly (or whatever other sound - currently a halloween organ) and is easy to hear everywhere. (Note, I have speakers throughout the house, but the idea of having to leave my amps on all the time to get a decent response time is unappealing, and
  7. Or we could all just push Liftmaster / Chamberlain to bring back a driver that actually works. This is crazy the amount of reverse engineering that is going into making our garage doors work property on Control4. Also insane that Clare controls has a MyQ integration and they are owned by SnapAV who also owns Control4...ugh
  8. Trying to control RGB LED Pool Lights on a schedule ultimately: 1) Using the pool's native app (Jandy iAquaLink) you can control the state of the RGB light. There is a ON/OFF slider in the app. By hitting the ON slider, you are presented with a choice to pick a color. Like other RGB LED pool lights it cycles through the colors to arrive at your chosen color. If you hit the slider to OFF it simply turns off. Using this slider in the app makes you have to re-select your color every time you turn it on. 2) Behavior in the Control4 app (OS3) with the Jandy/iAqualink driver is identic
  9. Vote here for QMotion - because I have them. If I had Lutron, I would probably say Lutron...so you see... Anyhow, QMotion wins for being able to cover larger openings (such as the quad sliders you have) and also being able to couple 2 or more shades together driven by a single motor (pros: cost, sync of the shade). QMotion also has hembar control (tug on the shade and you can control it) - nice for when there is no phone, remote, etc around - for your high windows that is probably a non-issue. Keep in mind wiring for QMotion vs. Lutron is completely different (to best of my knowled
  10. Thanks very much fellow C4 brethren for the info on the updated driver. Beeping is maddening. Q: I unplugged the serial cable from the Concord 4 automation module that goes to the C4 controller to get it to maybe stop beeping, but resulted in the Concord 4 panel now beeping about BUS FAILURE UNIT AM4. Is this "normal" - why would the Concord 4 panel even know whether or not the serial cable was plugged into Control4 or do I have some other new issue that I have created by unplugging? ALSO: To try to quiet the beeping, on the Concord 4 panel, I went into SYSTEM PROGRAMMING (using de
  11. We have the updated driver, and yes, I can go in and set the Concord 4 panel time and date manually but it has zero effect...
  12. Beeping is back for me. Seems Control4 is trying to reset time (unsuccessfully) on the Concord 4 panel. This is maddening. Help stop the beeping. Please...
  13. Yes - I also realized that is what is happening - the time on the Concord 4 is off from the time on Control4. Seems that the beeping is Control4 attempting to reset the time on the Concord 4 panel - but it is not happening successfully. When I look at the Concord 4 keypad it seems like it is getting stopped short and asking for USER CODE, then just times out and tries again with all of the beeping later. This is driving the entire family mad. Any ideas beyond what I've already tried: rebooted Control4, rebooted Concord 4, manually set time on Concord 4 to match Control4
  14. I went into the Driver and clicked the button for "RESET PANEL COMMUNICATION" and was able to recreate the midnight beeping. 4 beeps, followed by 2 beeps. Concord 4 panel reads "SYSTEM MENU" Clock on Concord 4 panel also seems to be randomly behind by both hrs and mins. Help...
  15. Looks like when the beeping is happening I am getting History of: USER PROGRAM ENTRY (at midnight) USER PROGRAM EXIT (just a few seconds later) I don't have any known (or purposeful) programming to set this off in Control4. The only alarm related programming is a Custom Button that triggers a lighting scene, locks a door, and arms the alarm which has been working without fail. Any ideas? Thanks!
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