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  1. I just got off phone with a tech support rep who initially stated that they are aware of the issue, but that it was a Control4 issue, not a Jandy issue. He then went and double-checked and was told that the Jandy team is working with Control4 on the API. Hopefully fixed sometime soon within next 2 weeks. Q: Anyone know why when it first stopped working the interface for the pool showed on all Control4 navigators but just didn't do anything. Now when I go into the Pool control it is a black screen that says "This device has not been configured. Please contact your Smart Home Pro."
  2. Reply I got: From: iAqualink Feedback <iaqualinkfeedback@fluidra.com> Thank you for reaching out to our team, we would be happy to assist you! We would like to hear more about the issue you are encountering, can you please call our office at your earliest opportunity anytime between 8am and 5pm Pacific, Monday through Friday? Our number is 800-822-7933. Thanks, Fluid
  3. CEPro Podcast did an interview of Mike Jordan from SnapAV who mentioned Neeo and SR260 and a "new family of remotes we are working on that is in the roadmap" ... "taking partner feedback" - so perhaps this means an improved Neeo remote with better physical button layout (hope hope)... No specific release date provided, but the podcast was about roadmap for 2021... He also mentioned new hardware controllers for C4.
  4. Where do I get a Scenario Button? I am looking under Agents and I do not have that option. When to Add an Agent and searched for that term and don't see it available...
  5. OK - I need a little more help figuring this out. GOAL: Use a Custom Button called "Follow Schedule" with Button 1: ON; Button 2: OFF IF Custom Button Follow Schedule is ON -> THEN complete schedule (using this with lighting and shades using the Scheduler Agent); IF Custom Button Follow Schedule is OFF -> THEN STOP (or don't run schedule) I've created the Custom Button under Agents with "ON" (Button 1) and "OFF" (Button 2) but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get the IF statements into the Programming under Scheduler. I see under Actions that I have Cust
  6. All of my comments were specific to Philips Wiz kits and only Philips Wiz kits which I thought was what Zaphod was asking about. I understand amps and distance calculations. Philips Wiz allows you to do 30ft of actual LED tape in a single run from their transformer. I've pushed that as I have their transformers in a wiring closet spliced with barrel connectors to low voltage (18 gauge) 2 conductor wire to my LED tape location which can be some distance away from the transformer. It all works perfect for me. And yes, I have a LED tape location that is 25ft high on the ceiling and I
  7. Philips Wiz can do 30ft in a single run. You use the starter 2m (6.6ft) kit and then add the 1m (3.3ft) extensions. I agree, at first I was like "why these super small extensions - isn't it going to make the lights look like they have strange spacing? and be a pain in the neck?!" Once I got to putting them up, may of my under cabinet runs were fine with just the 6.6ft. Larger runs (on drop ceiling details we have throughout) took multiple (up to 30ft total length) extensions. I lined them up next to doing just the 6ft sections and the spacing was identical - in other words, you d
  8. zaphod - quality of generic strips always an issue. I have some going up 25ft high - I don't want to have to go back. Also, driver for the Philips Wiz was super nice. Finally, just getting a solution where I didn't have to mix and match parts made a lot of sense. I've done up to 30ft runs with no problems using the extensions and almost no visible voltage drop at the end of the run.
  9. I went on a 3 year lollapalooza of trying to figure out the best way to do LED tape in various areas of my home. Looked at BlackWire (good solutions using their driver and high quality American Lighting LED solutions), but expensive and complicated if you get into DMX control; Philips Hue - expensive, 3rd party LED drivers that fake like they are a Philips Hue to be used with generic cheaper LED tape, etc, etc, etc. All of my research and testing led me to a solution I have detailed elsewhere on the forum here: Philips WIZ LED tape. Why? 1/2 cost of Philips Hue Readily
  10. I did change it to the Google NTP, still no effect. I went ahead and set it manually.
  11. Out of curiosity what is going on in the Touchscreen that cannot be accomplished in the iOS version of Navigator, or is it just a licensing issue for C4 to get people to purchase T3/T4s?
  12. Awesome - thanks - alanchow - can that scheduler app work off of the Navigator running on iOS as well?
  13. msgreenf - I like your solution - care to provide just a little more detail as to how to do it - not sure I know how to do a "check state" in programming...
  14. Scheduling Frustration - So automation is automation, but sometimes you don't want it. Take today - having an outdoor get together. Lighting set for just that. Then come 11pm all of the lights and shades turn off because they are scheduled to. Cue going into C4 and manually turning everything back on /up... So - is there a program/macro/whatever that you can turn on to disable all schedules and have that as a button on Control4???
  15. Luma 510 NVR - time is off by about 12 minutes. It is on auto update for time, so I don't know how to get it to be accurate. Anyone else seeing this? Anyone know the fix? (I am aware that you can manually set it, but would rather have it auto updating the time unless this is unfixable)...
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