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  1. I'd like to chime in here. I've accomplished to some degree what you are attempting to do. Your real goal is to have Alexa "hear" you anywhere and then also be able to "listen" to her response. You can accomplish this by putting Echo Dots (the best current solution) everywhere you noted. The response will be localized to that Echo dot (not heard throughout the house). The other way to accomplish what you are talking about (some have suggested here) is to also put an Echo Dot in your rack and plug the audio output into your audio matrix. I named mine Control4 Echo Dot. Thus, I can say anywhere in the house, "Alexa play the station Top Pop on the Control4 Echo Dot" and also make any changes to currently playing music. The only little hiccup to this solution is that in Control4 you have to have first selected the room (or rooms) and the source as the Echo Dot sitting in your rack so you can thus listen to it through your in ceiling speakers. Specifically for the above noted music solution, I've suggested to Control4 that they allow voice control of the native Amazon Music source. Then you'd no longer have to deal with an Echo Dot mounted in the rack for music purposes. For everything else (automation, smart home) you'd still need the Echo Dots everywhere.
  2. What is a "Media Cloud" and how does one bind it to the project??? (I feel like I am asking questions of the Wizard of Oz...)
  3. I've got it "working" with a dummy T3 driver. Q: Nothing shows up under SOURCE in the app or in Composer HE. For example, on Wakeup, I would perhaps like to turn on the Cable TV (TiVo) source and select the local news channel. How do you do this?
  4. msgreenf - always with the answers! I'll have someone add it and report back (as I have no actual T3 Touchscreen)...
  5. I am on OS 3. Using Composer HE (ComposerHE-, latest version. Trying to add the Wakeup/Goodnight Agent to the project, but getting an error message that a T3 Touchscreen has to be added to the project first. (The error message even states "A future release will include support for Wakeup/Goodnight functionality on mobile apps.") I have the latest OS3 iPhone App update that indicates Wakeup / Goodnight is now supported on mobile - what am I not doing correctly - or is there a workaround? Help please. Thx.
  6. I did this: Bluetooth receiver in the room behind the TV. Stream the audio from the Peloton to the receiver (cheap Bluetooth receivers on Amazon). Used an extra Cat6 cable behind the TV to take the audio out from the Bluetooth receiver back to the audio matrix in the rack (Ethernet to RCA adapters are super cheap). Works like a charm. Also have the option to Screencast the video from the Peloton to the TV in the room wirelessly (if your TV is Miracast compatible - Samsungs are). Alas, you cannot screencast and use the Bluetooth audio at the same time - one or the other. I may try sending the audio out from the TV back to the rack and see how that works. Delays and syncing in my experience are minimal - almost unnoticeable.
  7. LOVE this idea. Going to try it with a modification - Night Light Mode: If it is after 1:00AM until 7:00AM make the button press set lights in bathroom to only go to 15%. I really appreciate all of the interest and ideas here - this was exactly what I was looking for when I started the thread. Great stuff - appreciated!
  8. For those also curious about Wake and Sleep agents: https://www.control4.com/help/c4/user/userguide/#topics/comfort/wake-sleep.htm%3FTocPath%3DClimate%20and%20comfort|_____4 Don't really understand why they would only be available on a T3 Touchscreen - really makes zero sense - why not on the app (iPhone, iPad, Android) or the OSD???
  9. I don’t have a T3 yet, but I’m still curious what it does. Please...
  10. Msgreenf - nice ideas - thx! can someone explain the Wakeup and Goodnight agents? I don’t understand how to use them or what they do. Thx.
  11. I've finally lived with my Control4 (OS3) system long enough that am I ready to put into place more automations. I'd like some suggestions from the group as to BEST OF automations (For example, "Good morning" - turns on lights, sets TV to CNN, turns off alarm, etc.). I have video, audio matrix, lights, blinds, security cameras currently on Control4. What are your best ideas?
  12. A little off topic, but there are likely more Samsung TV owners here than anywhere...thus: Q: When you turn off a Samsung QLED TV a red LED light turns on at the bottom of the set indicating Standby mode. It is blinding at night in a bedroom. I’ve searched every menu - is there any way to turn it off (service menus or otherwise)? 2018 model or newer answers only please. Why anyone thought this was a good idea or even necessary is beyond me.
  13. I was struggling between the DS2 and Ring as well. I went with the Ring Elite which is POE and thus the closest in terms of connectivity to the DS2. The Ring Elite mounts flush with a standard single gang junction box. I prefer the look of the Ring Elite to the DS2. I was also concerned with the Soviet era multi-unit housing looking DS2 that people would not understand where the button was to push versus the more traditional (and LED lit) button on the Ring Elite. The Ring Elite isn’t differentiated versus the other Ring doorbells in terms of features or the app, so you’re really paying for the look and connectivity. I’ve been very pleased with the responsiveness and frankly the Ring App. Control4 and others like Luma (SnapAV) could take some notes on the app from Ring in my opinion. I haven’t gotten the driver for Ring loaded yet. Of course the Ring video doesn’t show up in the Control4 app and isn’t recorded to my Luma NVR like the DS2 can be, but not an issue for me as I have 2 other cameras covering the area that go to the NVR. The cost advantage to the Ring Elite coupled with better video quality was the decider for me. Also I have Alexa devices throughout the house (don’t want to invest in C4 Touchscreens) and it is nice to answer and view the Ring through an Echo Show.
  14. So adding them in the app is then mirrored in the OSD?
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