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  1. The web interface is horrible. Why a technology company has a web interface using frames in this day and age is beyond me. Agree that if you have any decent number of automations, good luck scrolling through with the massive wastes of space in the design of the page with the huge header and footer of the page. C4 needs to redesign the entire When -> Then web interface and really should think about a mobile-first design. IDEAS: Tabs for each type of automation for organization- Voice, Scheduled, Keypad, and Button Presses, All There should be a quick checkbox with ability to select multiple automations to Enable or Disable (for example, there are times when I don't want any of my scheduled automations to run), same for being able to delete The Voice Control tab where you configure Alexa is counterintuitive and should be coupled with the main When -> Then page. The current requirement to create a Voice command in When -> Then and then have to perform the extra step of checking a box under Voice Control (which doesn't always display everything unless refreshed by clicking the Save button) make little sense - plus then having to go into Amazon's Alexa app and performing a discovery, etc there is a PITA. Everything should be designed to work on mobile Speed needs to be improved massively
  2. I was previously able to use When —> Then via the web (customer.control4.com) on any iOS device (phone or iPad). Now it just says “Preparing the Experience” and never loads. Any ideas? (Besides try it on a desktop) thanks.
  3. Anyone (dealer) confident enough to help remote in and fix the IP version of the driver on an AppleTV on tvOS13 and a Control4 EA-5 on C4 OS 3.1? Not really interested in running IR with the delays and wiring hassles through the rack. Not to mention that IP is just the way it should be done and work. Please let me know what the steps would be. I am aware that it takes the customer logging into their Apple device on-site. Note: This is a technically experienced user who knows Composer (HE at least) inside and out.
  4. Can anyone who uses this driver show me what it looks like in your OS3 system please? Thanks!
  5. I mentioned this to one of the C4 employees that is on here and listening. Ability to use Alexa to turn on and then control music from Amazon Music native app on the EA controller would be absolutely great.
  6. shawkyns - I'm listening here...but need some clarification.... We are talking about a "virtual" switch in Composer Pro? Yes? This would be an On/Off switch? Yes? Do I need to have an actual physical C4 On/Off switch?
  7. Looking to add some Philips Hue bulbs and LED light strips. I know that I have to use the Philips Hue Bridge to interface with Control4. I believe there is a Control4 native driver for Philips Hue - correct? My main question is, I use Control4 dimmers for all of my lights. If I have a pendant light that is currently controlled by a Control4 dimmer and I put a Philips Hue bulb in there, I would guess that I control colors, presets, etc. through a Control4 Navigator (C4 App) or the native Philips Hue app. But then how does the Control4 dimmer interface or work at all? Can someone who has this working explain please. Thanks!
  8. C4 to Apple HomeKit Question: Is there a way, driver, workaround, etc. that would allow Control4 to control a device that exists in Apple HomeKit (aka Apple Home) but is NOT in the Control4 project? I have a HomeKit enabled gate opener and I want to be able to also control it through Control4. There is no driver for the gate that I am aware of for Control4. Let's also assume that for purposes of this discussion I cannot interface RS232 or anything else like that either. Thanks in advance for any insights.
  9. Pool - Jandy iAquaLink Driver - ?: Have the Control4 driver for Jandy iAquaLink. Normal behavior for Jandy LED lights is that in the native iAquaLink app you select your color. Then as the Jandy iAquaLink scheduler turns the light on and then off, it always defaults to your last selected color without rotating through all of the colors to get to your selection. This is the desired behavior. In the Jandy iAquaLink driver I have changed the AUX type for the LED lights to "Light Dimmer Jandy LED Water Colors" (the type I have). The Control4 app shows this option under Extras in the Pool Controller and allows you to select from the list of colors, just like in the Jandy iAquaLink app, and it works. No issue. Issue is that when I program in Composer HE and tell it to select a the color (I'm using a Schedule), it cycles through all of the colors every time it starts up. You may think this is not an issue, but I've been told it takes a toll on the lifespan of the lights (and they are crazy expensive) as there are 16 color choices (16 cycles), and it makes my house look like a disco. Any way around this or should I revert back to the native Jandy iAquaLink app and scheduler?
  10. Cyknight - excellent summary. Thanks!!
  11. Stumped: I have a C4 Dimmer Switch hidden in a closet that is for the Dining Room Lights (controls that load directly - wired to it). In the actual Dining Room is a C4 6-Button Keypad. I would like to allow one of the Keypad buttons to control the Dining Room Lights - such that one press turns load on, another press toggles load off (think I can do the foregoing in Composer HE Programming), but then also like a button connected directly to a load allow for pressing and holding the button to dim up and down. Would also like then to allow for a double tap to open Dining Room shade and a triple tap to close Dining Room shade (unless there is a better way). Can this be done in Composer HE?? Or do I need to do all of this through a Scene since I already have a C4 Dimmer Switch attached to the actual load for the Dining Room lights?
  12. Good stuff - appreciate the assistance and feedback. RE: Q1: I have decent experience on both Composer HE and When >>Then. I was really wondering for example, if I do the Double Tap dimmer button in HE versus doing it in When >> Then, is there ultimately any real difference in the result (I don't think so) or the underlying programmatics in C4? I have noticed that anything I program in Composer HE shows as being "Locked" with the little lock icon in When >> Then and does not allow me to Edit over in When >> Then as it thinks it is Dealer based programming. Little frustrating. Was thinking about moving everything over to When >> Then because I am a Mac user and doing Composer HE on Parallels stinks and I can access When >> Then even on my mobile device for quick fine tuning. RE: Q2: If the C4 Dimmer Switch in question is TIED TO THE LOAD, how do you still avoid the light coming on with a Double Tap? Maybe I am not understanding the terminology between "tied to the load" vs. a connection (are we talking about the same thing)? And if this is removed, how do you control the load connected to the C4 Dimmer Switch. Really appreciate the input!!
  13. Q1: Is there any advantage or disadvantage to programming lighting and shade automations in Composer HE vs. in the web When >> Then? Q2: Is there any way to avoid lights turning on when you are doing a "Double Tap" on the switch action? (frustrating). Q3: Is there a way to create a group of shades within either Composer HE or When >> Then? (For example, I have 3 different shades in the Living Room and want all three to be in a group, or scene I suppose, for purposes of both controlling via double taps to switches or presses to keypad buttons.) Q4: What are best practices (ideas, tips, tricks) for the LED status/color of the dimmer switch itself or the keypad button LEDs? I am sure it is personal preference, but I'm not even sure where to start.
  14. Excellent. I've got a very good Zigbee mesh given all of the switches/dimmers I have and the EA1 acting as a repeater. Do you know the approx. cost of this device? Is it 3rd party or only available through Control4? Thanks!
  15. Amr: Can you provide a little more information on the Z2IO module? I am not familiar. Too late, I already purchased the IT4WiFi module for the gate opener. Wasn't too bad at $78, so at least I can try out some of the HomeKit and/or IFTTT before I go to a pure C4 integration...
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