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  1. Ugh...fighting urge to argue definition of skeuomorphism in design now...must resist... Would like to hear other's thoughts on potential design that was leaked or what others would like to see in a design... I'd prefer to see something with a somewhat minimalist or "flat design" (putting flat design in quotes so I don't get argued as to the true definition)...
  2. Ugh. Someone at Control4 didn't get the memo (dated 5 years ago) that skeuomorphism is dead for modern interface design... Hope this is just an early iteration and not the final product...Agree that Savant has a much more clean interface.
  3. I don't disagree that new hardware would be required for the alleged 4K interface (unless the capability is hiding inside the EA controllers and Control4 just never released the spec). That said, seems like an unusual upgrade / hardware roadmap. If Control4 releases a new Composer / Director / Navigator that requires new hardware they would put everyone out that has HC controllers AND current EA controllers. I'd imagine that mostly only new projects would go to the new hardware, though I am sure some of us would upgrade. Just seems like a painful path. Most companies (like Apple) gauge success and minimize costs by having everyone (mostly) on the same software platform. This would seem very opposite of that idea (ideal)...
  4. Just curious. How is there going to be a 4K on-screen UI when the specs for the EA series controllers only shows supported output of 1080? Maybe (hopefully) Control4 was sandbagging the spec and the boxes actually have the hardware to support 4K output, but if not some of the conjecture above just doesn’t make sense.
  5. 8 ch NVR - updated the firmware to latest before posting 6 cameras total (for now) - May add a 7th I’m not a video engineer so I don’t entirely understand why bandwidth would be affecting this .
  6. Have Luma 510 NVR and Luma 710 IP Cameras from SnapAV. These are actually just SnapAV's private label of Hikvision's NVR and IP cameras - so if you have knowledge of those you may be able to help. 510 NVR supports and outputs via HDMI / network 4K. 710 IP cameras are 4K (8MP). Q: When viewing the output of the NVR via HDMI to a 4K TV and watching a single camera the resolution is 4K. When you go to any other layout option (6-up, 9-up, 5+1, or 7+1) the images look horrible. In fact they don't even look to be 720p (artifacts, poor resolution). Have tried numerous settings and cannot figure out what is going on. To make matters more weird, when viewing the output of the NVR on a web browser (forced to use Windows and IE because of the Safari incompatibility) the same/similar situation occurs. A single image looks great, any other layout looks horrible. Maybe a bandwidth issue? - Viewed via the Control4 Navigator interface on a 4K TV looks just OK at 720p which I understand to be the current max threshold for viewing through Control4. Perhaps the new rumored update to the Control4 GUI will help with this. - Viewed on any iOS device looks pretty good in both single screen and multi-camera layouts, but there of course you are looking at a MUCH smaller screen and image. If there is no fix, or this is expected behavior, then a possible lesson for the masses is don't bother with 4K IP cameras for right now... Any help appreciated.
  7. Check with the manufacturer of your window treatment. For example, QMotion wants the Cat5/6 cable to come from the upper left corner because that is where the connector is. If you put it in the upper right (like we did) you'll have to extend it across the header. In retrospect, I probably would have also designed a better way to penetrate the wires for the shades in each one of our window frames. Our wire just comes out of the upper corner of the window frame and is drywalled around. If I had to do it again, I would have put some type of small junction box there to hold the wire and put any extra length in - as well, where we are undecided as to shades or want the wire for potential future use it would be nice to hide it there instead of it hanging like a string of spaghetti. This is hard to do though when you are dealing with masonry walls and then framed/bucked with wood and contractors who really don't give a crap... ALSO: Another KEY planning tip. Try to figure out how much depth you need between the finished plane of drywall (interior side) and the window frame once installed to accommodate your shade such that it can be an inside mount (looks much better). We lucked out and most of ours just worked out, but where we have some very large sliders we may have to top mount instead of inside mount as the depth of the window frame won't accommodate the depth of the roller shade. All of the manufacturers have spec book that can tell you the depth of the roll depending on the height of the window and type of fabric you are using.
  8. Exactly as above. Don't let anyone convince you that you can repurpose CAT6 cable (by joining wires/pairs) to work for shades that take standard power / control. Won't work. Also make sure your installer tones out the wires AFTER drywall. Worst is finding out you have a cable that has been hit by a drywall screw that you cannot get to.
  9. Is there ANY browser that will make the Luma web interface work on a Mac or are we stuck?
  10. Yeah I found that. Kinda stinks compared to the web interface. Maybe they could make it work with Chrome. I don’t mind running a different browser than Safari.
  11. Any updates on making the Safari plugin work on Mac Mojave? I just got the Luma NVR and disappointed I cannot manage it via Safari on a Mac...ugh. Doing this through a Windows virtual machine is going to be a joke. Are there any other options???
  12. This is all really helpful and I appreciate the feedback. I think I’d be all for the DS2 IF: 1) video streaming quality was HD 2) aesthetics of the unit looked more like a doorbell and less like a USSR era apartment complex intercom 3) some type of timeline functionality to search for events in the Intercom Anywhere app 4) even though I said I didn’t care about price, a better price point is warranted. I think a small premium over Ring Elite is warranted but not 2x plus Would also be nice if there were some Alexa integration. I like that you can integrate the Ring with Alexa and get chimes through your Echo devices (we have an Echo Dot in almost every room for voice control of our C4 and other devices). Also we have Echo spots in rooms as glorified alarm clocks and you can ask it to show the front door camera. Q: Regarding the chime, if using the DS2 and you want all of your room speakers to act as the doorbell chime what is the delay if any? Does this answer change if you have your amplifiers on audio sense where they turn off and only come on when they sense an audio signal (I’m using Episode amps and the Control4 Triad matrix). I notice when calling up an audio source there is a delay so imagine same with a DS2 chime. I personally don’t like idea of leaving amps on full rim for longevity and the heat issue (yes they do emit heat when on even if there is no audio signal). Q: What is the camera angle and field of view for the DS2? Ring Elite is 160° horizontal, 90° vertical
  13. Better yet, Control4 needs to simply update their built-in Amazon Music app to take voice commands from any Alexa device in the house: "Play Amazon Music on Control4 in the Living Room" etc. Maybe one of the driver geniuses on here can write a driver or the dealers can make some suggestions to Control4. This is a sorely needed feature. Loading up your rack with Echos is not the solution (though I have done it). I have one Echo Dot in my rack called Control4. I can say "Play Hotel California on Control4" and it plays on the rack Echo Dot which is plugged into my audio matrix. Problem is that I then have to select that source in a particular room - PITA.
  14. eggzlot - good points - appreciate it. Since I've never seen one of these DS2 units in person can someone please tell me: What part do you press to "ring" the thing? Is it the name plate, or the little button to the right with the 3 lines on it, or is the whole thing (name plate and button) a button? What do most people put in the name plate? House number (redundant)? Name (seems weird)?
  15. I don't have Touchscreens at this time. Don't know that I feel they are necessary having the C4 App on iPhones and iPads. Also planning on mounting an iPad in a central location that would be pretty much dedicated to the C4 App. My understanding is that the Intercom Anywhere app could run on that same iPad and would spring to life when the Door Station 2 is pressed (am I wrong about this)? How bad is the video quality of the DS2 when watching it on an iPad or iPhone - no one can seem to tell me? Do you guys feel there is an advantage having this additional video stream included with all of the other IP camera streams? From what I've read/understand, my big advantages with DS2 versus Ring Elite is: - Intercom Anywhere app I can have a couple of actions (open gate, turn on lights) - Video stream can integrate into Security function of main Control4 app and onscreen Navigator - Video stream can be recorded to my NVR Other than above, Ring seems to win out as to: - Better video streaming quality - I personally think it is more attractive and "looks" like a doorbell - (I am worried that people won't know what to press on the DS2 given its European design and not totally obvious button) - Ability to search for an event on Ring app timeline (though not sure if this would also be possible with DS2 recording to Luma NVR) - Still could answer on iPhone / iPad, but would have to bounce to C4 app to perform an action (open gate, turn on lights) Both seem to be able to trigger actions (Ring needing the Blackwire driver) for button presses and motion. Is there anything else I am missing?
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