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  1. I had a similar issue when we installed it and it turns out to be the power supply box for the cameras that was next to the dvr. The plug was a bit loose and if it wasn’t pushed up against the side of the cabinet to create some tension it would beep. Crappy project box by my installer.
  2. If you have an under cabinet rack you can add rack fans, I've had these mid-atlantic ones for 6 years and they're still working good. I cut out the center panels of the cabinet doors and replaced with speaker grill painted flat black to vent the air out. It's not super noticeable next to the regular cabinet doors.
  3. FWIW, I just ripped out my video matrix and went with an Apple TV 4k at every major TV. I got rid of all Cable STBs and went with Hulu, Netflix and Prime Video as apps on all the AppleTVs. A 4k matrix can be upwards of $10k so I think the cost savings + easy of use at each TV is better than this way. If you go with an EA controller you do not need the wireless music bridge. I just took a wireless music bridge out of my system because I switched to EAs. If you think you might do cameras later, go walk around your house and pick spots in the eaves where you might want to see a camera and run some more Cat6 there so you aren't trying to do it later when the insulation is all in. If I were doing my cameras again I'd have added two more spots, basically wanting coverage wide front, wide back, driveway, front door, front yard, and the ones I didn't think about were the access gates into the backyard. Since you're pre-electric install, if you plan on doing a whole home generator later, or an interlocking kit or power transfer switch for a portable since those would go near the main panel anyway. Good luck with the new construction, it sounds exciting!
  4. Wild guess here but I see suggestions on here from time to time to make sure HDMI-CEC is turned off. On the Samsung it might still be called Anynet+. If an AVR is involved you may need to turn CEC off on the AVR as well. I see above you double checked on the TVs but I've seen threads where it mysteriously came back on like the below: Good luck.
  5. Yes, for changing the NVR configuration, drawing zones, etc. I still have a LUMA app on my iPhone and iPad for just viewing the cameras and playing back remotely or I can go through c4 app for live view-only. The iOS app is version 4.6.0 build 20190814.
  6. @mastor I have a Mac running Catalina 10.15.6 and this Luma VMS for Mac program works for me (I think this is the right link. The version is and the build is 20191107): https://www.snapav.com/wcsstore/ExtendedSitesCatalogAssetStore/attachments/documents/Surveillance/SoftwareAndFirmware/LumaVMSReleaseNotes.pdf
  7. Just my home experience hence the YMMV comment. My office is next to the front door and when I had an AP in it, ring would quickly snap to live, allow me to talk on the microphone, etc. Since then I have relocated the AP to various distances and any further away than in my office, the live connectivity has sucked. Spinning circles, delays, etc. The sweet spot in my experimentation was within about 20 feet, so in my office or in the dining room area. If it had to connect to living room or to an upstairs AP it was slow getting into live and working within live.
  8. YMMV but IMO, the Ring needs an AP within 20 feet (and not the Chime) or the lag will make it suck for live interaction. And nest sucks.
  9. @Sooner Congrats! I also just got a UDM-Pro and my kids are also big streamers and xbox users so I'm looking forward to dialing it in, if you have any tips or tricks let me know!
  10. Thanks @ejn1I was just googling for RJ45 to SFP adapters lol.
  11. Thanks. Yes I have 3 or 4 unterminated cat5s running from the box with the cable modem over to this rack so I'll finish one of those out and try it later today.
  12. Got the UDM-Pro installed! Lots of fun features. Next I need to test which of the unterminated cables in the rack cabinets go back to the cable box so I can run a second line to the UDM-Pro. I have a ton of room in my racks now that I removed the video distribution stuff. If it wouldn't be such a pain to move all the wiring into one cabinet I might consolidate. Thanks for all the help guys.
  13. Thanks very much to @Matt Lowefor reprogramming my system. I had a few threads trying to sort out the issues but the short story is that I ended up pulling out all distributed video sources, pulled 6 or 7 baluns, and cut the cable cord. I was able to install local streaming devices directly to TVs, repurposed ethernet lines running back to the rack, and worked with Matt on all the reprogramming, scene set up, special button taps to activate music and tune to particular Sirius XM channels, etc. @Matt Lowe’s work is top notch and everything is absolutely perfect. He was fast and accessible and pricing is really fair. If you're looking for remote programming I would recommend Matt.
  14. Update. Thanks very much to @Matt Lowefor reprogramming my system. I ended up rejecting the $13k quote from my local dealer and doing a bunch of hardware work myself, and Matt did all the reprogramming in a few hours. I saved a ton of money, @Matt Lowe’s work is top notch and everything is absolutely perfect. And it was all done faster than my local could have rolled a truck. This forum and the pros in here are awesome. Thank you.
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