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  1. Add a mechanical $5 relay at the Mr Steam side of the long wire. Seen similar, solved similar to garage door openers.
  2. On one hand, you have to find 4 AA batteries. On the other hand, you may have to wait for it to recharge if you forget. Which is a bigger issue for you? As a dealer, I find for second homes, rechargeable is better for the client if they're going away for a while, it's ready when they return, assuming they remembered to put it back when they leave, which only takes one time forgetting for them to remember next time. (Yeah, it would be great to know if it's on the charger before house hibernation mode can enable)
  3. As longs as it was left alone in the project as it was when working, it should auto update and work again.
  4. Did you only do it that way because of the Phono preamp? Rather than plug it directly into the Response matrix? May be better off using a Phono Preamp and avoid the whole Zone 2 part.
  5. As Sonic30101 stated, odds are the room has changed to one without a TV in it. Check the top of the onscreen or remote as to room name, use LIST button and change rooms.
  6. Model numbers? More than 4 years old?
  7. Also don't carry a house key in years, so nice. (Although there's one hidden, but haven't needed it). We try and have one door with a key backup option, garage, side, utility etc, the others can be keyless digital as desired.
  8. There's another free way too, this one's nicely packaged, and specifically documented.
  9. You have a Control4 lighting system at this point. That's OK. To fix your system, you may need to add a controller or two, or an update, to address why some of the keypads aren't coming back on line. Possible they are at the fringe of the zigbee mesh, and based on the install was done with banks in closets (not recommended), it sounds likely that's the issue. To expand your system, you need more Control4 switches, and someone to add them to the system. To modify your programming, you need Composer Home Edition, and possibly some tweaks to your existing system so you have the most options available to you in HE. Upgrading to OS3 or EA isn't required, that's your choice, and for lighting it's mostly cosmetics as your HC800 is a great processor. On to replacing your system. That's going to need Lutron Radio RA2 or Caseta. You need keypads that can control remote switches (or Pico Remotes in the case of Caseta, which can be wall mounted like a keypad). Otherwise you loose that control ability, and have to use Apps and Voice for the most part. If you were going to add 30 switches, to your home, than it's certainly worth the swap over for your want of dealer free. if you are wanting 10 more switches, than breakout the spreadsheets and compare the costs, vs the I need a dealer to add the switches part.
  10. Are you using BOND as the interface, or WiFi built into the BAF?
  11. I have a Tempest, but haven't justified the expense of the driver, looked at it, pulls in many of the Tempest's variables, but know there's no weather display in Navigator. The Tempest has been rock solid for over three months. Haven't needed to touch it, which is nice since it's on the roof on a pole. The rain notification from Tempest built into the app works fairly well, a couple minutes delayed in a light sprinkle. Timely when actually raining or storming. Also the rain accumulation isn't scientifically accurate, but works fine for my gardening needs. Absolutely recommend the Tempest for the weather enthusiast.
  12. FYI, I got a very canned response from Bond. If it's in the frequency range ....
  13. This method sends a text string to the directors URL on the local network. Which then does what ever programming in composer is associated to said string. So local network only. It's useful for Siri triggers, on say an Apple Watch, or a quick set of buttons on your phone, rather than launching the Control4 app. I'm home, goodbye, outsides on, that sort of thing. But you have to setup everything you want it to do. Homekit would allow remote, and would pull in devices from Control4, providing more functionality. There's a different driver, and extra requirements, for setting all that up. (a homekit server and a bridging device)
  14. If said room supports mini apps (Ie Roku), sure. If you can program it in Composer, you can activate it from a shortcut. Shortcut is nothing more than a software 'button'.
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