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  1. Cyknight +1 The only thing an HC800 can't do in 3.x is GUI Could you swap directors, yes, but there's no reason to, and you'll loose processing overhead, especially in the audio side. The only 'oddity' with the merge is that OS3.x will require the merged app shortly once fully baked, where OS2.x systems will still use the split app. An advantage to the split apps is that you could have say a caretaker have the intercom app but not the Control4 app, allowing them to answer the gate, but not adjust lighting for instance.
  2. You're saying you can still operate each individually from Control4, but the scheduled event in Control4 is turning on more than the desired outlet? If that's the case, I'd delete the schedule event and recreate it and see if it got wonky, rather than it being a driver or product issue.
  3. It's not on the list of power usage specs. But the Triad Amps in standby are .23w, and an EA1 at idle is 12w I'll presume the amp automatically goes to standby by design and the built in controller is likely around the same draw as the EA1 = ~12watts
  4. You'd have to be able to edit the original driver. So if it's unencrypted, yes. You'd edit the driver itself and change the codes for the respective commands.
  5. I just don't see a company building one of the most powerful processing machines to have any API. They're going to want that thing locked down. Frankly I'm surprised either is doing any streaming services, anybody spending $500 on a gaming machine, is more than likely going to have other ways already to stream internet content.
  6. Sure it would be nice. But how many Xbox sales is Microsoft going to loose because it doesn't have a Control4 driver? Not even one.
  7. His answer would be.... We just collaborated with Amazon on full control of their $49 stick. It doesn't get any easier or cheaper than that. (Of course assuming the driver gets re-released and works as advertised)
  8. Go dark. Turn off or unplug all your other radio stuff nearby. If it fails then, it's vendors fault or environment, or your cursed.
  9. Not up on my Nest generations, assumed it was the latest you added. I think there was a note about the old would stay working but couldn't add additional stuff to an old account after some date. Or it could be your new gen3 has a different chip or firmware or something. Or it could be, it's Google. (Which is why I don't chase down that rabbit hole.)
  10. Probably can't with the old setup. The old driver doesn't know anything about the new tstat. You're likely going to have to move to a Google account.
  11. The in wall back box for Infinity 5/7, T3 and T4 are all the same. The mid box is different for each (comes with the touchpanel) Also know that the box's position relative to the vertical height changes between each as well, dimensions are in mm relative to the top and bottom of the inwall box. Note the T4 8 and 10 have the same top, where the T3 kept the box almost centered.
  12. We need a Triad Half. Half the power, half the size, none of the audio ins and outs. Just Ethernet, wireless, and speaker terminals, and use an external power supply so we can extend and hide and fish as needed. And designed to hang around: on the back of a speaker, in a cabinet, on a wall, in an enclosure.....
  13. Using a HUB is the recommended way. Does seem like the owner should be able to at least have the ability to disconnect from a dealer themselves.
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