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  1. Correct, I didn't catch that the bookmark I had auto linked to brass as default. Edited link for stainless.
  2. Yes. There are inline ball valves from plumbing supply warehouses that you can use, various voltage control options, some are auto open, others auto close, others dual triggers. Example: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WWR1FRK/ref=twister_B06X9GJ6FT?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 (edit - corrected the link, as mentioned stainless for potable water)
  3. When Video changes to Android - turn off Android, delay, turn on Android
  4. (Aladdin Connect garage door products do have an official Control4 driver, if anyones' buying new and want's integration)
  5. To clarify, your dealer wasn't lying that the new Essential line of wireless lighting is North America only. The quote you referenced earlier was for centralized lighting. I won't speculate why the dealer chose centralized over the Control4 wireless options. That's a conversation between you two, but it doesn't necessarily imply he was being shady. There are pros and cons to each, and cosmetics, layouts, wants, needs, all have to be considered and weighed.
  6. AppleTV is by far the easiest to mirror with. Roku can cast, but there's a couple hoops. https://www.hellotech.com/guide/for/how-to-mirror-iphone-to-roku So you could move your streaming stuff to Roku and keep current AppleTV for mirroring, or sometimes it's easier to not rock the marriage and just stick with an AppleTV for all of it.
  7. Wont matter unless Apple does something stupid. IR and IP driver should have no change; IRs but constant since forever, and the recent IP platform move by Apple should be around for sometime and not require new 'drivers' from Control4 just for a model change. Beyond that my crystal ball is foggy.... Of course it is Apple we're talking about. Killer of the disc drive, headphone jack, Flash..... (ok, so maybe Flash deserved to die)
  8. 1. Look for another dealer 2. There is a user handicapped version of the programming software. You can't add parts on your own to the software, a dealer has to do that. But other programming is available to you. Composer Home Edition. 3. Very secure platform. The system checks into Control4's servers once a day to update DNS information to allow for remote connections. The app and dealer remote programming are done through VPN. Through their portal you have control over dealer remote access as well. 4. Lighting ETC from Control4 are zigbee. You'd likely need more than one processor in the end, but you can build in stages. Don't try and skimp on processor power, buy based on the end system. Your key to success will be find a dealer willing to work with you. Sounds like your dealer is busy and brushing off a DIY. Doesn't make him a bad dealer, each is different in their sales and approach. But DIY clients tend to eat time, so setting expectations is key.
  9. Not quite that easy. Best would be for your dealer to flash one to your OS, setup it's wifi, and ship it to you to physically connect.
  10. Many APIs come with licensing agreements. So just cause there is an API, doesn't mean they want you to, or any other developer to integrate with them. (the MyQ mess, no Sonos streaming services browsing inside Control4, etc) Amazon's huge, everyone want's to play, even if they absorb a loss/cost to be Alexa controlled.
  11. a) Either a wireless audio transmitter receiver pair, based on distance, and it's frequency may muck with your WiFi. b) Or a Control4 EA3/TriadOne or HC250 based on OS, presuming your WiFi is up for it. c) Or a used pair of Sonos Connects. (set alarms on the receiver to always be active to the line input source of the transmitter side). b and c both get you streaming music to input to your 2 channel system.
  12. Locks are unique in the Control4 environment in that they are the same hardware except the card to make their radio compatible. Everything else, is either proprietary hardware by Control4, or add a software driver; where the driver is either Control4, Vendor commissioned, or third party written. There's no 'added' hardware part to add/change to make a third party piece compatible with Control4. We're not sticking sim cards in light switches. Remember too, this is a 15 year old arrangement. A lot has changed since then in the automation world. What other way could it have been done all the years ago? The only locks were Kwikset and they were focused on zwave, not even WiFi. My point being it's grandfathered if you will, but at the same time it does function properly this way, not broke except perhaps in the delivery chain. If they changed now, and sold just the card, then there's issues with firmware matching, etc. Not worth it to Control4 to change course, nor most dealers for the added aggravation, that we have enough of already.
  13. and that streaming services limit the number of streams allowed. So a split system might end up fighting itself when someone changes streams in the other half of the Sonos system. If you only have 1 Spotify account linked, and someone starts a stream in S1, then someone starts a stream in S2, the S1 stream will stop. And THAT'S a service call. "My music keeps stopping" https://support.sonos.com/s/article/4824?language=en_US Alexa and Hey Google also each won't split well.
  14. Consider your zwave/zigbee coverage also before picking a flavor. Without adequate signal neither work well. So if you have Control4 lights and such, or sufficient controller placement, than Zigbee will likely prove more reliable than a limited zwave deployment.
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