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  1. I heard it was going to include dragons.
  2. PHAST was a project from Eric and Will, with funding in part from AMX, to get a foot into the resi market, remember it was all commercial automation at this time. Or the affordable Niles Intellicontrol, $1200 button remotes! Ahh, the time of $5000 touch screens. Lots of factors; rushed, tons of ambition, daisy changed LV wired for control light switches, and the Dot.Com explosion. Money was being burned, systems blowing up from lighting strikes, decision to expand into the Internet and rebrand as PANJA (which turns out is Japanese for wood). Well, to save face, lawsuits, who knows, AMX sucks it up and brings it all back in house, Eric and Will get a non-compete, and it quietly dissolves into bad memories. The keypad for the time were amazing, well it you didn't try and take the face off after you installed it (glued like 20 pin connector). And if you stuck to audio based systems, there are some that are still functional to this day. But the lighting.... upto 30 (ok 20, no max 10) in wall light switches daisy chained with CAT5 for control, ALL wired back to a central hub; with keypads, controllers, audio processors all sharing the same bus structure. And then, the dragon strikes (lighting). Kaboom. https://www.residentialsystems.com/features/back-in-the-phast-lane
  3. Savant's changing paths of $500 DIY remote, dealer levels of access to product, direct, distribution
  4. Over populating with dealers is THE fear. Follow up email states not to be concerned with dilution, time will tell. And it's been done to other brands and doesn't work at this level (Savant comes to mind, Phast before them). I'll trust they know industry history. Don't loose site that Control4 is much more than a control system, it's has great people and tech in Pakedge, Leaf, ihiji, that will improve existing products. Also a premier custom speaker maker in Triad. And talent from Neeo to Amazon. Some of the best talent in the industry, just got together with a bunch of money and infrastructure. Also, attention can return to innovation rather than bureaucracy of being a public company. Here's to being optimistic, with great tools to work with against the mass that is IoT.
  5. Link summary: We're working on it, please be patient and don't make changes to accounts. Effective June 25, you won't be able to add to Works with Nest, Aug 31st Works with Nest shutsdown.
  6. Nest right now needs to be friends with Lutron a lot more than they need Control4. So not surprised we're all in the dark, pun intended.
  7. Beware, if anyone migrates their NEST account prior to August 31st, than integration breaks immediately.
  8. The Infinity Edge firmware tops out at 2.91. Once there they can function in a 2.10.x system, so you can upgrade as you wish. Infinity Edge are FLASH based, new screens and processors are Andriod. They are likely to be left behind before too long.
  9. Selective Call from Legrand is a nice standalone intercom product. Amazon Echo, works very well, privacy concerns need to be taken into account. Having a couple of paging 'announcements', which are just small audio files you save on a flash drive and play through the Control4 audio system, also a great option. Kids have phones, parents have phones. Most find intercom isn't used as much as they think, kids grow, move out, be cautious designing your music choice around intercom.
  10. Did one with a Casetta Pro hub, and the Casetta driver.
  11. Check under 'software' in your my.control4 account for the subscription code.
  12. So, what I would be doing with that HDbaseT extender is basically using CAT6 to run a second HDMI connection from the C4 EA1 to my Epson Projector? Then, when using the Roon Nucleus I would switch the projector from Input 1 (Denon receiver) to Input 2 (EA1). That sound right? Correct.
  13. An HDbaseT kit like you linked would work to add a second HDMI by using the existing wiring. The Roon isn't as much a hardware component as it is software. There are MANY components that can be Roon endpoints, check their website. The USB DAC would convert the files to 2 channel left right analog to feed the Denon. Since many receivers can keep the last video source as a pass through when switching to an analog source, that was my though pattern to solve without rewiring.
  14. I wouldn't put a switch between the receiver and the projector, likely to cause display issues. If I had a spare cat to the projector, I'd use a basic HDbaseT setup, or you could put a USB DAC on the Roon's USB output rather than use the HDMI output and avoid the problem all together, or any of the Roon compatible End Points.
  15. Split the HDMI of the C4, put one in the Denon for normal audio use, put the other into an unused input on the TV. When Roon selected, switch display other HDMI Input to still see Navigator. Also add to Room Video Changes, select correct HDMI input on the TV to correct afterwards when switching sources.
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