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  1. Ecobee thermostat. Use it's fan output through the proper relay based on your fan voltage. WiFi, Free Driver, Built in relay.
  2. Have a lengthy discussion with your dealer. Fix it first, then we'll do upgrades. Why is this that needed? Yes there are maintenance costs, UPS is certainly one. Do you have power issues where you live? Multiple items in your description relate to power. Why new surge? You have some already. Yes for the latest features and software new controllers and touchpanels are required, but shouldn't be needed to maintain a system, those are upgrades not maintenance. Audio delay at turn on could be amps turning on, that's normal and hardware specific timing, you could set them to always be on if that's the case, more energy used, heat, but a zero cost fix if that's the issue. Lighting issues are usually zigbee radio coverage, deployment issues. Not an expensive correction. Maybe a couple of CA1s and some time. Just providing you some talking points. Have a talk with your dealer, not satisfied, call another dealer to evaluate.
  3. Most likely too little wattage. The older dimmers need a minimum load of 25watts. Your 60 watt rating is equivalent output, not actual wattage, which is probably more like 7 watts LED. If you leave an incandescent in the group (if it's a multi bulb fixture), it'll probably shut off, and confirm issue. That was one of the big deals with the new dimmers, they'll handle as small as 2 watt loads.
  4. Dealer forum: they have plenty, Sold Out is a reflection of shipping (15th), not if their in stock.
  5. FYI. Sony officially ONLY supports the 1000 for IP control. They consider anything else a hack/non supported.
  6. Interesting is a word. " If the price tag wasn’t already scary enough, the thought of tacking on additional installation fees is sure to keep me away " Wait till he finds out that the processor is sold separately, but that parts not mentioned in the press release he wrote his article from.
  7. It's not about the money. Control4 needs to protect it's name from people messing with installed projects to the point of making them in-operatable, than they'll go and bad mouth the brand that it's junk. "I'm an xyz engineer and this crap can't ......" Being real, we all see the world today, the thrown french fries, trucks driven through store fronts, personal attacks, media splash on action rather than truth. Alexa Hacked with a Laser! And while 100 users could do just fine with Pro, it would only take 1 to cause harm and loss. Your argument will be that there are bad dealers. And you're right. Some of it is policed well, others not so much. But today Control4 maintains the ability even if not always the action for correction. The home automation industry is cleaving. While Control4's intent is for the masses, the mega companies that make up FANG (facebook, amazon, netflix, google, apple) are cutting in. It's more important now than ever to have a partition between the DIY of FANG and Professionally Installed products. Not out of complexity, but privacy and reliability. I suspect this is why Crestron is taking another look at the residential market.
  8. You'll get a lot of back and forth opinions on Static vs Reserved, but certainly use one or the other. AppleTV may be better on IR than their official API if it's a gen 4. Lots of jumping through hoops and dealers resetting the software bridge with the IP driver for gen 4.
  9. Just cause it works today, doesn't mean it will tomorrow. Granted a couple more probably isn't going to be the straw that breaks the camels back. But it's better to have 2 camels share the load, than one drop dead half way to your destination. A CA1 is an affordable addition that will share the load, allow director some breathing room, and may, depending on placement, fill in where you're mesh is weak
  10. Years ago we used to but 1 access point in the middle of the house. Times change, Control4 has learned, made changes and their recommendation is multiple meshs. No more multiple zap controllers, adhere to processor device limits, don't stick the radio in a rack, space it 15' from an AP, balance the count (don't stick 50 on one controller and 10 on the other, have multiple routes for each mesh)
  11. If there's any wiring access, you might consider a hardwired sensor to a Zigbee IO. We prefer using beam triggers instead of motion for outdoors.
  12. As stated, add the control4 amp driver and make appropriate bindings. Then it's automatically powered as needed.
  13. https://www.control4.com/dealer_locator
  14. ZIO is a zigbee control4 device to add relay and contacts to a project. So if your processor is full, you could use it in the house, and your CAT wire to attach to the relays and contacts. Cheap expansion. CA1 is the cheapest wired ethernet processor with zigbee ability. So if you want zigbee out there, for switches etc or want to put the ZIO out there, than use your CAT for a CA1.
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