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  1. Software user awareness is likely to be the next big thing. Meaning the system knows whos where and asking for xyz and responds appropriately. Always bothered me that Captain Picard had to tell the computer which tea and temperature every time, should have bloody well known. Sure, I get it maybe he drinks a variety, but he always ordered it the same way in all the episodes.
  2. It's all just an app now anyways. (said in the same tone as "isn't it all wireless anyways") Video distribution appears to be coming to an end in homes. As ISPs will also become an app, all that's left than is disc, and that's already got a foot in the grave. For premium spaces, dedicated cinema rooms, family home theaters, physical media will be around a little while longer, and in a one to one relationship with the screen. I often wonder and marvel at the number of new video over IP solutions and wonder, is the market large enough and around long enough in residential to be worth the investment these companies are making? Today we sell it in multi-screen homes. Because cable boxes are evil, and money with the help of tech can make them less so.
  3. " HC800 does not support IPv6 among a few other thing "
  4. Little is new vs older drivers, but new driver control's the AppleTV 4K in the Apple Approved manner. No it doesn't work with the HC series, must be EA (IPV6 support and other similar limitations)
  5. You could hack a RING camera or doorbell..... https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018032731-Doorbell-Chime-Notifications-Through-Amazon-Alexa
  6. Also output levels should be considered. As mentioned, 2 per amp channel is typically ok. There are also passive speaker selectors that can be used and stabilize the amp load, but return mostly background levels. Or if using amp and preamp setup, then you could use a multichannel amplifier (4 channels per 'zone') and split/Y the output from the pre to both sets of amp channels for better sound and more output. Or if the porch might get used say half and half, where you'd only want parts on at a time, and then the whole thing for entertaining, then you'd set them up as 2 zones in Control4 and group them as desired.
  7. It's posted on the dealer forum..... Doesn't have the 'warnings' of the earlier driver, they're using a different service based on long/lat. Has outdoor temp which displays as current temp in the Tstat driver, a forecast text (today and tomorrow) scrolls along bottom, and you can use 'set points' for alerting to above and below temps using MODE as user control if to send alerts that were programmed. Humidity, windspeed, wind direction, pressure variables, and a couple others IF the reporting station reports and displayed on 'extras' tab.
  8. Create a specific sales flyer for them to take with explaining how's and why's. First walk they don't care about stuff, just the house. Later they can review and then it's an extra sauce for your house.
  9. DirecTV HDMI issue. Try inserting a 2x1 HDMI splitter between Matrix and DirecTV box to help establish HDMI communications properly.
  10. My point was, that 3 out of 4 of the top vendors are no longer designing new Blu-ray players; Samsung announced, Sony stale, Oppo quit. Maybe 4 out of 4, I don't follow LG
  11. Q: And the last time Sony introduced a new "Non 4K" blu-ray player was? A: 2016 Just saying, it is what is. They'll produce the current models until people stop buying them.
  12. To be clear, that's NOT what they said..... they won't be developing any NEW players for the US market. Sure it's writing on the wall, but it's not an exit, yet.
  13. https://www.snapav.com/wcsstore/ExtendedSitesCatalogAssetStore/attachments/documents/Surveillance/SoftwareAndFirmware/LumaVMSReleaseNotes.pdf
  14. Neeo built a very pretty, stylish and thin remote. My guess, Control4 was designing a new remote, and they couldn't get the style right, and it was cost effective to buy Neeo and have their designers take over the category. I'll await criticism of the product design when it gets released. Regardless, it's a welcome step forward.
  15. Cause they don't sound as good, or have the reliability and HDMI quality as Sony.
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