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  1. Dakota Alert makes a great wireless gate/universal transmitter. They recently changed their lineup, their new receiver has only 2 relay outputs, the old series had 4. Wire receiver to contacts on your processor, multiple transmitters can trigger one relay, say backyard 3 gates, front yard 1, or use multiple receivers if more than 2 outputs needed. https://www.absoluteautomation.com/re-4k-plus-dakota-alert-4000-wireless-receiver-with-relay https://www.absoluteautomation.com/dakota-alert-UT4000-universal-transmitter Great range, small, bonus of a button, maybe call for drinks (not endorsing the linked company, just first to come up in Google)
  2. One base for up to 50 Caseta pieces, based on signal range of course, (I get about 2 houses away for my car units)
  3. Anything you want. Consider them a 5 button wireless keypad, but with one way communications. Spotify presets, sure, volume yup. Garage lights, deck scene, house off, done all that. You set them up in Caseta Pro first, it assigns them an ID#. You put that ID# into the Control4 driver (in the online database) and program away.
  4. Lutron Pico. Use their home bridge pro to interface. Use them from cars, on the deck for audio, bedroom for quick lighting. They're cheap, great range, integrate easy and reliable.
  5. Contact the previous dealer who installed the system.
  6. Curious, what do you want, is missing, from the EA controllers? I'll grant you 4K resolution output. But besides that, what features, hardware options, inputs/outputs do you think would be needed that aren't today? From a processor standpoint, seems there's plenty of horsepower, so other than chip supplier life cycle availability necessitating a board redesign...?
  7. (there is also a variety of HDMI correction boxes available from Metrahometheater/Ethereal)
  8. Do you specifically mean the Yale style? or the August interface? Yale Assure Lever locks, both Button and Touch panel styles are available exclusively through Control4 with the appropriate zigbee radio. Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. The lock you linked too (which you would purchase wherever) would need an August lock driver, 3rd party available.
  9. Synology or Qnap for longterm reliability. For budget, Buffalo Terrastation if the music also has another home, and you're ok replacing every few years.
  10. Depends on is there Zigbee? Just wired keypads to a 30 zone panel, sure. But I agree with if you add in some zigbee switches, thermostats, remotes, advanced programming, net drivers; then you'll end up underpowered, then you're into a EA3 or EA5 depending on complexities. CA1 was designed for centralized lighting where there was no entertainment (HDMI, Audio Services) needed.
  11. There is a color chip sample booklet. C4-CSK
  12. Caseta vs C4 probably won't save you money until switch 3. RA and C4 switches are similar in costs. So it comes down to the range and radio coverage in your home. Since you have 2 RA repeaters, I'll assume a larger home. If you add more Caseta later, will they be in range of one bridge? If you add more C4 will they be in Zigbee range, do you have multiple C4 processors around the house already? Based on your shades deployment having 2 repeaters, RA is likely your best bet for an as you go solution.
  13. Kwikset does make a Control4 lock without a keypad, #914. Just a standard looking deadbolt from outside, with typical battery pack inside. All depends on your use and needs. https://www.control4.com/solutions/products/locks/
  14. Set a max run time maybe an option for both the light and the fan.
  15. If it's a RA interface, be sure you're using a unique user and password for the Control4 driver, not the default/main programming interface user/pass.
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