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  1. Correct model driver? (We setup a separate user/pass just for Control4 use.)
  2. Did one with the Pelton-Roku link connection.... of course you may not have a TV in that room.
  3. Jesse Smith's ATV IR driver link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qwn3zp5m3bm61fq/Apple_TV_V4_EA.c4z?dl=0 It's everything you could want in an IR driver; no IP issues, software updates, lockups, more functions (press and hold wiggle, zoom scrolling, reboot), no pairing, Apple BS, change the device without loss of control..... and it's FREE!
  4. Was told the HC processors can't run/meet the security protocols that Apple's API requires, and that it's partly hardware not just software. And Control4 has stated it only build's it's drivers to conform to the vendors specifications. So there will be no 'fix' from Control4. This is Apple's doing, this is the way Apple wants collaboration to be done. As others have said; use IR there's a really good driver for that, tell Apple enough and switch brands, find an AppleTV 3 and hope Apple doesn't take those out too. But it's also apparent, if Apple doesn't update the 3 (which would break the old IP control) like they are the 4 with new software, then Apple's obsoleting all the 3s that are out there and leaving them behind.
  5. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00W8YJHK0/ref=dp_cerb_1 Supply a 12v trigger from a receiver (thus switching it to surround mode) or from a Control4 processor (thus switching to music mode), therefore when normally closed it's the opposite of whichever trigger you're going to use.
  6. The lights could be just firmware updates, they do that, normal. The TVs could have been CEC command issues, embedded control that never works right and should be turned off in menus. May have been no access at all. You won't know, until you discuss with your dealer.
  7. KD - $250, APD - $180, FD or SW - $140, KC - $200, KA - $40 US MSRP. Dealers are free to set their own pricing, does not include engravings, plates, installation, programming, etc.
  8. Very hard to find out if he remoted in. If it was, shall we say, 'lawsuit worthy', then speak with Control4. If you unchecked access remotely, and his devices are NOT listed in your my.control4. com account, then he didn't access through Control4's VPN service, assuming you had changed your my.control4.com password, cause in theory, he could 'let himself in' by changing the settings. Depending on your network equipment, there should be logs for it's VPN or WiFi access logs, mac address last seen etc, in the router and such. You'd need a knowledgeable person and passwords for the router etc to review.
  9. Four ways to access a system: 1. composer remote access controlled in your my.control4.com account. 2. portable device access with 4sight, also controlled in your my.control4.com account under devices. 3. WiFi, in range of the access points. 4. VPN through the router or support hardware. Be informed and discuss with your dealer. Besides Control4 there's also camera software and support system access possible.
  10. DMX Decoders are essentially switches/dimmers. They generally have multiple switches, proper term channels, per module. White needs just 1 channel, RGB needs 3 channels, and RGBW needs 4 channels per lamp. Decoders can be built into some devices as well. DMX came from the stage industry, so anything that can be triggered can be connected: smoke effects, screens, curtains, etc. Decoders need a transformer power supply, one power supply can feed multiple modules, based on total lamp output calculations. The DMX part, is a loop through wire communication bus connecting all the decoders in the system, and originates from a Controller. Controller in our case is typically at the rack, and RS232. What's the difference between Control4 panelized and DMX? Control4 is high voltage and centralized, and DMX is typically low voltage, with color ability. And DMX can be centralized or more commonly local/distributed.
  11. Consider a hybrid design, you'll likely find only a few 'accent lights' left over. On your prints, in each room wire the main light onto a wall keypad by it's room entry. Now at each outside door, put the primary area outside light similar. Now at any remaining room entry/exits, add another keypad (for atypical 3 way type use) and connect it to a secondary use light in the room. Typically, this is a dining room, kitchen, family etc. Now you've got keypads everywhere you need them (one per area entry/exit). What lights aren't addressed? Likely accent lights, outsides, etc. These can be panelized, or additional switch/dimmer in rooms or utility areas etc depending on counts. This way, you can setup each keypad location to have a dedicated default button for the room light for fall back, and full scene programming, with a good mesh throughout the house, and no wall clutter, depending on how you handle the leftovers.
  12. Yes. On SnapAV's site, filed under support.
  13. Software 1. New GUI 2. Non GUI end user added feature is MQA. 3. Other features described are on the programming side. Specific release notes are not released until software Tuesday. Hardware HC800 stays, no GUI. All other legacy controllers are out. All non T3 screens are out. Older Door stations are out. Speaker point is out. Drivers Older security, camera and blind drivers may need updating. iPod proxy is out Watch, MyHomePC, Legacy Audio are out. Navigator Wake/Sleep agent only on T3 OSD Navigator restricted to Watch, Listen, Cameras, Favorites, does not include a full browsing experience for Lighting, Comfort, Shades, or Security . You'll have to favorite lights, shades, locks etc and toggle them.
  14. Pretty clear 3.0 is to help dealers sell more touchscreens. Touchscreens are cool, but their 'need' and usefulness had been waning and the old GUI handicapping. The virtual D-tab, the media bar with icons below so you can adjust lights and stuff while watching/listening, view a camera, answer the door, will make for a better user experience. Maybe it'll be like a pacifier to get people's heads out of their tablets when the family's watching a movie, here you drive, but down facebook.
  15. Control4 supported those touchscreens for 9 years of system enhancements! No, they're not cheap, but they lasted, and they didn't loose functionality, and they still function just fine if you don't have to have the latest GUI.
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