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  1. How about a Mini app for Roku search? That would be nice.
  2. Cause stuff changes. For instance, AppleTV pre and post 4K. Or legacy Roku controllers no longer being updated. (Or Sonos, or HC controllers, or.....) Built in will just create a headache in 2 years, and it's only $100 or less for a Roku.
  3. You don't loose it, it won't work right. Currently the output of the Sonos is fixed and you adjust volume with the receiver(control4), for music connect Sonos needs to be variable output and the receiver fixed and adjust volume with the Sonos app. If you don't involve your dealer, setup the receiver's music connect; and then use Control4 to select Sonos like you do now, you'll have no volume adjustment via Control4 remote, only the Sonos app. To have both, you have to remove Sonos from the theater room, create a new room, put in a sonos player, set it as the endpoints. And select that room instead of the theater to have control of it from Control4. If you're going to do it yourself, use a different input on the receiver than you do know to connect the Sonos to if possible. Change it to variable and setup music connect. If you don't like the result you can put it back, and if you do like it that way, and someone tries to use the Control4 remote still, it'll just go to an empty input safely.
  4. Music Connect in Sony ES receivers works great for what you want to do. Control from the Sonos app. Music Connect will turn on the receiver to the input at full output and allow the Sonos Connect to be the volume control. You would however loose the integration from the Control4 side in your theater; unless you create a different room for Sonos, as the Control4 currently wants to adjust the receiver volume not the Connect's volume, the new room would have the Sonos set as the audio endpoints, not the receiver.
  5. You don't have to go panelized to have lighting keypads. Distributed Control4 Wireless or Lutron RA can both solve wall clutter, provide keypads, and integrate with voice, apps and others. Strategically place a keypad dimmer by each entry, connect to the main lights in the room, and see how many other light circuits are left. Those can be concealed in closet dimmers, panelized, or just wall dimmer depending on cosmetics. Ecobee is an affordable replacement that plays well with others, or go all native. As to panelized and the future, tough to tell. We're certainly moving towards addressable fixtures, DMX or similar who knows. Which would be similar to panelized in that the load isn't going through the wall switch. Where the wall control is just a control point, not physically attached to the load.
  6. Did you install one instance of the Sonos Network driver as well?
  7. Recent cutter and was a charter member with Tivo. 1. No direct channel access, it's not C4 it's the services, their interface is specifically tailored to an Apple type remote. 2. Dropped ATT Now (charter DirecTV Now member when it started at $35 now $60) for YouTubeTV. a. ATT DVR sucks. Price Hikes. Dropped Channels. Poor GUI. Poor Favorite Channels Guide implementation. AT&T. b. YouTube TV has the best DVR of all of them, decent line up, OK interface, pictures been good, no dropouts. 3. VS Cable. In the end, if you fight for price with your Cable Co. The cost difference comes down to hardware rental fees and BS taxes and fees. Cutting you buy your streamers, Cable pay monthly. 4. Cable still wins with channel flipping, direct access, locals, regional sports, and most importantly, one service. There's no way to have the same lineup without multiple apps. For one, nobody has PBS, that's an app, and likely a 'contribution' fee.
  8. As long as the device is currently connected to a network, just disconnect from within composer. Than add and select Zigbee mesh to attach to.
  9. Likely the driver is missing an image file size. Different sizes are used depending on the display device. Disney+ recent add, try rebooting controller and then refreshing navigators.
  10. Ecobee thermostat. Use it's fan output through the proper relay based on your fan voltage. WiFi, Free Driver, Built in relay.
  11. Have a lengthy discussion with your dealer. Fix it first, then we'll do upgrades. Why is this that needed? Yes there are maintenance costs, UPS is certainly one. Do you have power issues where you live? Multiple items in your description relate to power. Why new surge? You have some already. Yes for the latest features and software new controllers and touchpanels are required, but shouldn't be needed to maintain a system, those are upgrades not maintenance. Audio delay at turn on could be amps turning on, that's normal and hardware specific timing, you could set them to always be on if that's the case, more energy used, heat, but a zero cost fix if that's the issue. Lighting issues are usually zigbee radio coverage, deployment issues. Not an expensive correction. Maybe a couple of CA1s and some time. Just providing you some talking points. Have a talk with your dealer, not satisfied, call another dealer to evaluate.
  12. Most likely too little wattage. The older dimmers need a minimum load of 25watts. Your 60 watt rating is equivalent output, not actual wattage, which is probably more like 7 watts LED. If you leave an incandescent in the group (if it's a multi bulb fixture), it'll probably shut off, and confirm issue. That was one of the big deals with the new dimmers, they'll handle as small as 2 watt loads.
  13. Dealer forum: they have plenty, Sold Out is a reflection of shipping (15th), not if their in stock.
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