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  1. Luma - because I want a brand that offers support, and they integrate well. SR260 is a good remote, not as sexy as a Neeo, but solid. Caseta by Lutron is another way to Geo Fencing, or Alexa with tricks
  2. Other means: AppleTV will link to iPhoto well, put you have to navigate the interface to select and play Cheap flash media player plugged into an HDMI on the TV, with preloaded photos. Roku and a channel app, https://www.rokuguide.com/channels/photo_apps
  3. I concur. And it's part of a larger issue. Lots of examples of pyramid schemes in this industry. Where the new buyer is paying to support services of older owners. Yet Apple, and Control4, and others, are harassed as being over priced. You either pay for services in higher product cost, or pay recurring fees, or pay with your data, or get left with a unit that no longer functions from a software dated issue. And we're a disposable society, so manufacturers are happy to take advantage, build junk and sell it to you repeatedly. (Off topic, saw an article recently for a smart COVID test. They built a one use, it shuts down after, bluetooth board with an optical sensor to read a dye line like a pregnancy test. Killing us)
  4. Don't disagree with the floor comment at all, never would use that way. But they do work well at the top of the door, and their design allows for a wide gap margin as well. Magnet L brace screwed into the top edge of the door with the sensor on the wall behind it when closed, wires dress well to the side to a ZIO or similar. Particularly with wall mounted openers where the AC is right there for the ZIO. And rail sensor are nice, and more practical when using dual sensors.
  5. 0-40C (32-104F) is typical spec. You'll hear lots of users with locations in use well beyond those values.
  6. The armored is a few feat long and has the 2 conductor typical wire sticking out about a foot longer than the armor. Splice and dress as you wish. Like this one has a picture of wire, different sensor, usually installed as 1 at top of door. https://www.amazon.com/Honeywell-Ademco-958-Overhead-Contacts/dp/B0006M1I1W/ref=pd_sbs_1/138-1764450-5871611?pd_rd_w=2ecPU&pf_rd_p=0a3ad226-8a77-4898-9a99-63ffeb1aef90&pf_rd_r=VKSV0E7DP9MBTJC91FVV&pd_rd_r=52a1d9af-a57a-4ff4-851e-1a4b376d8042&pd_rd_wg=JYXIz&pd_rd_i=B0006M1I1W&th=1
  7. ZIO can be configured as 2 contacts and 1 relay. Using 1 per door, gets you the relay to create the button press, and the 2 contacts for open and closed. Or use the relay (and contacts) in a controller if you're able and run wiring to the garage. However, there have been instances of EMI etc causing falses. Little programming, its just connections to a driver in composer.
  8. Right to repair is targeted at the item level, not integration level. A tractor is one line item on an invoice, you should have a right to repair that item without undue restrictions. Composer creates a system out of components, not the same thing at all. And Composer is used by a free market, corporate isn't dictating how much to charge, or charging their dealer network for access which would restrict access and create costs to be recouped. As to the security updates, what is a reasonable time frame, based on the speed of changes over the last 10 years? Viable discussion point. How long should manufactures maintain the viability of hardware reliant on the software it's operating on? It's not built in obsolescence. A third party certificate broke. Not like the manufacturers control the Internet or the services run through it. Lots of grey area and who's fault, and liability, and good faith, and all that. It's also become a selling point, better to use a Roku or the like for least issues long term. Until they muck it up.
  9. Cons Granted Camera integration isn't amazing, but it's solid, and usable, and yes occasionally you'll want to use a dedicated surveillance app. Not unlike most anything else, a single tool is not always appropriate for all uses. Paring knife and a chefs knife analogy. And intercom single app is coming this week. Camera integration Intercom/doorbell (also seen as pro) control from mobile is multiple app solution Camera and NVR app is slow DS2 Mini (also seen as pro) Different brand of NVR and/or cameras Intercom app C4 not security camera friendly and displays lower resolution and has a lot of issues here Leaving Neeo Remote - not a winner, but not a looser, many like it and there is a solid alternative, knowing how to set it up is important 4 gang with C4 dimmers may not fit and overheat - All dimmers de-rate when ganged. Again design is important. Not a often seen issue by any means. All in costs expensive - individual value expectations, but comparing to the other top four, pricing inline No voice control or voice passthorugh on c4 remotes - nor is there API from those guys to make use of. Josh AI is a viable alternative, different discussion, should the mic be on the remote? No integrated geo-fencing - not built in no, but couple easy options Audio hardware over priced - Control4 often less expensive than Sonos. Amps and Matrixes priced competitively. And you don't have to use theirs, many third party alternatives. With all things there are pros and cons, with Control4 you at least have the most free selection of the top four Integration Brands to personalize your choices.
  10. Bring IR emitter wire over the top, down the middle half of the box, and have the bud head resting against the shelf, stick.
  11. Did Snap say the IR would work too, or the question wasn't asked that way? AV maybe compatible as it's more of a standard, but extras like IR and Serial are typically more vendor specific add ons.
  12. Clarity? You replaced both the receiver and transmitter, only only one of those? What are the model numbers? The emitter does indeed flash, but no control?
  13. Login to each unit individually, and adjust as needed.
  14. Disconnect the communications traveler between the dimmer and the aux keypad, and test. Double check wiring and quality of nut splices etc.
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