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  1. I’ve got an HC800 but I believe my OS is 2.9.something
  2. Interesting, what minimum C4 hardware and software is required?
  3. Thanks @Crustyloafer, I believe your solution may have worked I think what it does is pause the YouTube TV stream which, hopefully, actually stops the incoming stream, thus saving bandwidth The way I'm trying to monitor this is through the iOS Home app - where I can see if any particular ATV is playing or paused (since the TV is off) Your ROOM OFF command shows that the tile for the ATV w/i the Home app continues to "play" for a time before it changes to pause I'll continue to monitor to see what happens Thanks again
  4. My dealer tells me that this is basically the programming he's already done, so I guess I'm stuck for the time being Thanks
  5. Thanks for that info, I'll see if my dealer can try and do that
  6. Yes, IP driver no longer an option after upgrading the Apple TV to the latest tvOS - I don't have the Control4 hardware required for the IP driver
  7. Hi, does anyone know how to kill a currently streaming video (for example, YouTube TV) with a ROOM OFF command on Apple TV 4K with the official IR driver? My dealer has programmed multiple MENU commands on ROOM OFF (which would bring the Apple TV back to the homescreen thus killing the stream), but the behavior is inconsistent - sometimes the stream is stopped, sometimes it's stopped momentarily but then starts again and sometimes it doesn't stop at all I'm able to monitor this by using the iOS Home app which shows whether the Apple TV continues to stream something on the ROOM OFF command or pauses/stops the stream It seems that little "homescreen" button on the Apple TV remote is a bluetooth only command and doesn't generate a signal that can either be transmitted by IR or learned Thank you
  8. Anyway, I think this Plex discussion is now moot b/c the network just went down again and PMS is not currently running on the Mac (I had it turned off/quit)
  9. Not sure how to do that given the fact that we would need to disconnect everything, add one thing and then wait a day or more to see if the network goes down? If not, add the second and so on and so forth?
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