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  1. Hi @IntrinsicGroup Have you tested your driver with tvOS 13.4? Safe to upgrade Apple TV 4K to 13.4 if my Director is on 2.9.1?
  2. Just checking here to see if there are any known issues with C4 and tvOS 13.4 before upgrading my 4 units Thanks
  3. I just received a touchscreen I had bought from @eggzlot and it was a great experience. Good price, fast shipping and works great.
  4. Thank you for the offer, but I had already bought one from @eggzlot
  5. Thank you, I received the touchscreen from you today and it is working great. Thanks again
  6. Interesting, I may need to pass that info on to my dealer Thanks
  7. SecuritySpy has just updated their blog of recommended IP cameras: http://bensoftware.com/blog/10-recommended-ip-cameras-2020/ Just wondering if anybody knows if the brands not already mentioned here would be compatible with use in a Control4 system (ie, have the appropriate driver to be able to pull up the camera feeds on touchscreens, C4 app, on screen Navigator, etc.)? Thanks
  8. @IntrinsicGroup Are you able to build in the functionality the official driver has to stop or go home on Room Off? This is to try and stop whatever is streaming when the room is turned off
  9. Ah, got it, thanks for the Amazon link, we'll definitely consider them now
  10. Thanks @eggzlot I'll consider that, but would prefer to buy locally (ie, in the US) - things are not easy to return to China
  11. Hi One of my Lilin cameras died and am looking to replace it. Just want something simple for outdoor mounting. Must have POE and be compatible with my Security Spy Mac NVR software My dealer has installed Axis and Hikvision and got it working with Control4, but hasn't installed any Amcrest Any recommendations? Thank you
  12. I'm on 2.10.something and my most advanced controller is an HC800 Not looking to put any more money into my system, but just maintain it, so just want to replace the dead touchscreen with same kind
  13. Hello Looking to replace one of my C4-TW7C0-WH which has apparently died What are my options? Only eBay? Thanks
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