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  1. I'm in Houston and so our power/Comcast was out for a couple of days due to the winter storm Power was restored and it took a little longer for Comcast to come back online; once it did, it seemed to be working fine However, the 'internet' LED on the wattbox is a solid red rather than solid green Again, internet seems to be working okay though And, my OvrC app shows everything as connected and online According to the manual, a solid red internet LED means none of the Sites/IP Addresses are communicating with the WattBox Any ideas on what's causing this and how to correct
  2. Comcast tech came out today I'll preface this by saying that I guess I had different expectations on what he would do - I thought he would connect some kind of doohickey to my coaxials both outside and inside the house to test signal, connection, speed, etc. But, I guess everything is just app based these days as he didn't do any of that When he first came I explained everything to him and he started looking at his phone and told me that something was failing and that he needed to come inside and check the modem out So he checked the modem (by checked I mean he just looked
  3. Thank you for the additional thought - I'll have to check when I'm back home this evening Also, I was able to make a Comcast appointment for tomorrow (Saturday) so I'll see what the tech says at that time Thanks again
  4. Thanks for the additional info I will be calling Comcast to try and get them out for a service call and go from there
  5. Ok thank you for that clarification
  6. I only see the option to change DNS servers 1 and 2 Where would I enter the 3rd entry?
  7. I couldn't remember but went through that thread and it looks like they replaced the router from a 300 to a 310 at that time Not sure if they changed the DNS after that or not
  8. I'm guessing this is the tech note to which you're referring: https://www.staub.ca/pdf/sku/Araknis310DNSResolution.pdf
  9. So my dealer should have access to some info (tech note) that Araknis put out that describes the problem I'm having and offers the solution as changing the DNS servers?
  10. Thank you, but I'm confused - do you think it's an Araknis issue, Comcast issue or both? Also, the tech note to which you refer is regarding Comcast or Araknis?
  11. So technically not a Control4 issue in and of itself, but I thought I'd try to pick the brains of the network experts in the forum: -Starting maybe a couple months ago, we would all of a sudden lose internet access -Lights on all the hardware (modem, router, switch, POE switch, etc) were normal -Comcast wouldn't be reporting any outages in my area with their automated system whenever the connection was lost -Rebooting the cable modem (unplug/re-plug) would solve the issue and bring the connection back -Rebooting the network hardware would NOT bring the connection back
  12. Trying to figure out if the USB port on the back of my 310 series Araknis router is available to plug a USB hard drive into to share across my network I've plugged it in and it lights up, but I can't find it showing up as available on my Mac Do I need to go into the router's web-based setup page and 'activate' the port or something like that? And/or do I need to somehow 'connect' to it on my Mac? I've tried the 'Connect to Server' option in the macOS Finder and typed smb:// but get an error message: "There was a problem connecting to the server
  13. Thanks for the reply but I gave up on the NVR a long time ago and went all in running SecuritySpy by bensoftware full time on my always on Mac mini
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