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  1. Lilin cameras connected to a Zuum NVR The timestamp coming from the NVR is correct However, the timestamp (which is stamped on the camera feeds) is not correct We've gone into each cam's configuration page and tried both the options of syncing the time with PC and syncing the time with an NTP server Works for a few hours and then the time messes up again (off by 5 to 6 hours usually) We're at a loss of what is going on This all started after DST here in the US
  2. Hi Are there any consumer-level security cameras (like Nest, Arlo, TP-Link, Ring, etc.) that have Control4 drivers that would allow touchscreen and Navigator access of the feeds? Thanks
  3. Not sure why you're so angry all the time, but I am asking a different question in this thread - I'm looking for recs for soundproofing material. If you don't want to answer my actual question, I really don't see any need for you to respond at all (in this thread or any of my future threads), thanks
  4. Yeah, it's a very large space inside the cabinet, so there is a lot of room for air to flow. Also, the sound proofing is to just further minimize the noise; I realize I won't get rid of it all, especially with some seams still allowing noise to escape remaining unblocked
  5. Replacing the fans is not an option as this is a brand new NVR and as soon as I do that, any kind of warranty is voided; so, that is not an option for me in this situation
  6. Yeah, I think the NVR is the only thing in this cabinet that generates any considerable amount of heat, and the cabinet is not completely sealed off, so I think there's enough ventilation to allow that heat to escape
  7. Hi, I'm looking for sound proofing material that is relatively inexpensive and can be used to line the inside of a cabinet where a noisy NVR has been moved. Reference thread: We ended up moving the NVR to a cabinet in our family room that is serving as a "secondary" rack that contains some other components. The noise is much reduced because the cabinet is kept closed, but if there's no talking going on in the family room or if the TV or music is not on, then one can hear the faint hum in the background. So, I'd like to find something (maybe at Lowe's or Home Depot, or Amazon) that I can use to line the inside of the cabinet doors to further lessen the noise. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance
  8. It's working for me and is a *vast* improvement over what it had been for the past 8 years(!). However, I'm only running 2.9.1 so it's not an apples to apples comparison with anyone running a higher version
  9. On second thought, I think I just forgot you had mentioned that
  10. I saw that reply, but the only thing that I remember in your reply at the time I read it was, "Zuum looks like a sticker brand." Maybe you edited it later and added the other info? Or maybe I just forgot
  11. Interesting, I didn't know this is an option, though not sure I would want to go down that route
  12. Most likely - the fan noise is too much to bear - we don't have a way to isolate the rack/closet, so I'm looking for either another brand NVR that will work with my Lilin cams, or considering ditching the NVR completely and just going with SD card recording/playback
  13. Yeah, I was told by the Zuum camera people that there are essentially 2 implementations of ONVIF and they don't play nicely with each other (ie, they'll work but there will be compatibility bugs).
  14. What would be the minimum specs for the card I should be looking for?
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