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  1. Anybody know if integrating this new device with C4 is going to be possible? https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/16/18311894/logitech-express-alexa-remote-control-announced-features-pricing
  2. Unplugged the NVR and packed it back in the box Lilin cameras still working fine in terms of timestamps, touchscreen access and Navigator access Thanks for all the replies
  3. I may just unplug the CAT5 cable from the NVR and see what happens
  4. After all the problems I've had with the Zuum NVR, I'm thinking about returning it to my dealer and just going without recording until I find a suitable replacement. Right now, my 4 Lilin IP cams are connected to a POE switch (rather than the POE built into the Zuum NVR) and are integrated into C4 to allow touchscreen and Navigator feeds. Now, if I unplug the NVR from my system, will it mess up my pre-existing setup? That is, will it "break" the connection the cams have with C4 and so break the touchscreen and Navigator feeds? The reason I'm asking is so I don't have to wait for a time for my dealer to come out and remove the NVR. I can remove it and pack it up and have it ready for him to swing by whenever he wants to pick it up. Thanks BTW, I know I can "test" what will happen if I simply unplug the NVR from my network, but I don't want to risk doing that if it is going to mess something up which will require waiting for my dealer to have time to fix again.
  5. NVR time *is* correct and DST is configured correctly. It's only on video playback that the timeline on the NVR is off by one hour
  6. Yes it is checked off (meaning it's on) The actual time on the NVR is correct, it's just when playing back that the timeline is one hour behind
  7. Zuum NVR playback timestamp is one hour behind the actual time. For example, when the timestamp on the cam feed shows a motion occurrence at 7:17, the NVR playback timeline shows the occurrence as happening at 6:17. The cam feed timestamp is correct, the NVR's timeline is not. Any ideas what is going on? The time is correctly set on the NVR in the Setup tab.
  8. After much research and googling online the last week or two I came across a single post on an IP cam forum that mentioned a similar problem and the following potential solution: In the NVR’s System->General settings pane, there is an option to check or uncheck “IPC Time Sync” It had been checked all this time, so I unchecked it very early yesterday morning and, so far, the cams’ timestamps have not messed up. They usually mess up sometime between noon and 2 PM, so the fact that they haven’t messed up since I changed the setting early yesterday morning is a good sign.
  9. I'll see if my dealer can check if that's available and if he can do that, thanks
  10. There are two options for my time zone in the cam settings: Central standard and another one that lists a few cities, including Houston. Both of those are -600 GMT (or something like that) And I've checked off Daylight Savings time as well Regardless, I've switched back and forth between the two choices, had DST checked on and off, tried turning off NTP server sync and just syncing to PC, but nothing sticks for more than 12 to 18 hours It's crazy
  11. I updated the firmware for all 4 cams, reboot them and reset the timestamps, but the problem is still there All 4 of them seem to add about 5 to 6 hours around the same time of day, between noon and 2 PM For example, I checked them about 45 mins ago or so (maybe 1:15 PM local time) and they were fine Just checked again (around 2 PM local time) and they all say it's about 7 PM local time
  12. Changed to, no luck Also had changed the server to the ntp pool one mentioned above, again no luck
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