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  1. I hate to ask this but are you able to post or send a short video clip of how I’m supposed to get this thing off, it’s driving me crazy!
  2. Thanks for the pic - I think that's what i'm doing. The way it was mounted, the stops are at the bottom and so the only direction I can push is straight up - is that what you mean by pushing away from the stops?
  3. There are "lips" along the bottom corners and bottom middle of the back plate that would seem to to prevent the actual WAP from being able to be slid either left or right The only direction I would think it would be able to slide without meeting an obstruction is straight up, but I can't seem to get it to move without the back plate starting to bend and, again, I'm afraid the hooks/tabs would then break off
  4. Hi, I need to remove a wall-mounted Araknis WAP temporarily to get a wire out that was tucked behind it and I'm having a heck of a time trying to get it off the flimsy back plate on which it's mounted. From some online diagrams, it looks like the back plate itself has some hooks that the WAP is snapped onto. My problem is I can't figure out how to get the WAP unhooked from the back plate. I've tried gently pushing straight up on the WAP from below and then gently trying to pull it away from the wall/back plate, but have not had any luck and I'm afraid to apply too much force for fear of either breaking the hooks off the back plate, breaking the back plate itself or ripping the back plate off the drywall. Desperately need some suggestions! Thanks in advance
  5. You can watch recorded footage on the iOS app if you pay the $6 in app purchase - that gets you access to "captures" (ie, the recordings) and gives you a "multiplex" view (multiple camera feeds on a single screen)
  6. Thanks Dan, appreciate the comment My Lilins are already incorporated into my C4 system, so I guess the driver would just be redundant for me
  7. I'm not. I know they have a C4 driver, http://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?q=securityspy but I'm not sure what it does or what it's for Just installed the software last night, so still playing around with it and learning If anybody knows what the C4 driver does, please chime in
  8. I've posted extensively about my trials and tribulations with my IP cams, NVR, etc In the end, I decided to have my dealer take back the Zuum NVR and just go without an NVR for the time being for my 4 Lilin IP cams Not ideal, of course, as I only could access live feeds and do rudimentary motion detection with snapshot images emailed to me when motion was detected (and I've had problems with the motion detection as I posted about recently) Anyway, someone mentioned SecuritySpy in a Mac forum I follow, so I decided to try it out I already have a Mac mini running 24/7 as my primary computer, iTunes server and Plex server, so I didn't have to worry about going the NAS route or anything like that I also had a 2TB portable USB 3 drive laying around unused SecuritySpy has a 30 day free trial and a pretty decent iOS app (though a $6 in-app purchase is required to review captures (ie, recordings) - I went ahead and paid the $6 so I could try everything out in conjunction with the free trial So far so good; I'm really liking the Mac-centric interface, the iOS app, the remote web access, etc. When I had the Zuum NVR, I hated the generic NVR interface which I found clunky and just generally lacking in "polish" - I quickly realized that most NVRs have the exact same GUI I also hated the noise the NVR's fan/fans would make...it drove me crazy - I don't have any noise issues with SecuritySpy running on my Mac mini with the external 2TB drive I know it's only been one day and I may run into issues (if you all know of any already, please post here!) but, so far, I'm loving it After the trial, a 4 cam license will cost around $90 so I'll have to cross that bridge later, but that still beats the hundreds of dollars the Zuum NVR would have cost me
  9. The problem has resolved itself, this is what I did: - Removed Pandora as a music service in Sonos - Monitored the bathroom in C4 to see that these "phantom activations" were still occurring but, since Pandora was removed, no music would actually play - Continued to monitor and, over the course of the next week or so, noticed that the phantom activations had stopped - Went ahead and re-added Pandora as a music service in Sonos - Problem hasn't recurred since I did get in touch with my dealer who said that he had heard of what he called "phantom touches" of the bezel touch buttons on the touchscreen, secondary to possibly moisture or humidity, so maybe that was the cause (the touchscreen is in our master bath) or maybe not Anyway, just wanted to report this followup, thanks
  10. No luck updating the firmware on a PC - it looks like it's updating, but after the camera reboots, it's still 1.4.58 I'm still not sure which is the later firmware - 1.4.58 or 1.4.122 Anyway, thanks for the help, looks like I may just be out of luck unless I can get in touch with Lilin
  11. I can give that a shot (my son has a gaming PC), but when I originally upgraded the firmware to 1.4.58 many months ago, I did it via my Mac on Chrome Regardless, I'll try via PC in the next day or two and report back Thanks
  12. No luck with the update Actually, I was a bit wary of doing the update b/c my cam is currently at 1.4.58 so 1.4.122 seemed like a step backwards (despite the date listed as 2018) Regardless, I went ahead and ran the update and once it was all done and the camera rebooted, the firmware still showed as being 1.4.58 So, not sure what's going on, but thank you for the link of the firmware updates you had provided
  13. Wow, how did you find this? Thank you very much, I'll try and install the 1.4.122 tonight and report back
  14. According to the Lilin firmware page, my cams have the latest firmware for that particular model (latest firmware is from 2015! LOL)
  15. Thanks, I think I had came across something similar, but found it very difficult to figure out what firmware applied to my cams (LR7022) I believe my current firmware is from 2015, but I can't tell if there's a more recent firmware for LR7022
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