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  1. Nevermind, my teenage sons knew how to do it (otherwise I would've heard about how they couldn't skip ads during their Fortnite videos!). I should have gone to them first - lesson learned
  2. I can't seem to figure out what button on the C4 remote is mapped for skipping YouTube ads on Apple TV - you know the little right arrowhead with vertical line? I think I tried every logical button, but no luck. Any idea how to skip ads? Thanks
  3. No, I never rebooted any of the network hardware I think my dealer has the WAPs on a weekly reboot schedule, but I'm not sure about the router, main switch or POE switch
  4. My dealer never responded to my email but, regardless, everything started working again today just out of the blue Sometimes I just don't understand how C4 works and/or doesn't work for apparently no rhyme or reason
  5. Hi Is there a way for the TV to stay on briefly so that one can confirm that other commands in the ROOM OFF script have run prior to the TV turning off? From what my dealer told me, it is NOT possible. He said that the commands that run in the ROOM OFF script (including the turning off of the TV) don't necessarily run in the same order every time. I'm not sure if I understood correctly what he was telling me, but the gist of it was that the commands don't have to run in the same order each time the ROOM OFF command is sent. Thanks
  6. Messing around inside Composer HE and came up with this question: On the left side, under programming, if I pick a room and then click on the Power Off radio button (under Room Events) do I need TURN OFF ROOM (from the right side) as an Action in the Script? Or, is a TURN OFF ROOM action built-in to the Power Off event? I'm trying to customize what happens when ROOM OFF on the remote is pressed Thanks in advance
  7. Now that you mention it, I do believe that one of the Beams is wireless and one wired. I think my dealer said the same thing when he was doing my upgrade back in October 2018 Regardless, yeah, I think I'm at the point that I need to get my dealer involved Thanks again to all for the help
  8. Unfortunately, reboots of Beams/Tvs didn't fix the problem
  9. I haven't checked to see if anything changed, but I seriously doubt that my dealer (or I) made any inadvertent changes I believe they're both connected via ethernet I power cycled the controllers, but haven't cycled the Beams or TVs - that's a good suggestion, I will try that soon
  10. Yeah, I thought of that, but the issue started before I allowed the Sonos update to go through But, yeah, I guess it's still a possibility
  11. OS3 isn't an option (I only have HC800 and HC300) Not sure if I'm able to update to 2.10.6 with my current hardware (including touchscreens) Everything was fine last night, so I'm not sure how this happened suddenly 😞
  12. 2.9.1 If I'm looking up the Sonos driver in Composer HE correctly, then I believe it's version 94
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