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  1. Thanks for the additional replies (and that super close up!) - I should have some time this weekend to pull the camera down again and re-inspect those wires and maybe get a better picture Once again, thanks for all of the input, it's been very helpful
  2. Thank you for all the help and troubleshooting At this point, I would need to get my dealer out to do any actual re-terminating, testing, etc. That's beyond my scope and ability
  3. No, there's a separate unused power plug off the end of the cable (outside the house) that used to power the analog cams The Lilin cams are all being powered over the POE switch via just the CAT5 - I just don't know why the 2 wires from the CAT5 were stripped out and put into that green plug I've sent all this info and pics to my dealer and, as usual, have not heard back from them in a week or so I don't know if the 3 other Lilin cams are wired the same way (ie, with the 2 wires stripped off) or if they're just straight CAT5 into the cam with nothing else
  4. Yes but they were analog and so got power over a regular power cable rather than over POE
  5. Yes that is correct, just plugged the CAT5 straight into the switch and the other end straight into the camera and it powered up and worked without any issues
  6. I thought that's what I used already - the cable tester from Amazon that someone had recommended earlier in the thread
  7. Not the port, I tried different ports and it still didn't work
  8. Not sure what you're asking - it's simple, the camera was installed and worked for about a year or a bit longer, but now it doesn't work Camera was then removed and tested connected directly to the switch and was working fine So, camera is working and something is not working from the switch all the way out to the exterior camera mount location (and we're assuming it's the cable that's not working)
  9. Can try to do that later when I have some time to go outside, get the ladder out, etc.
  10. I can do that, but would have to be later...will have to pull out the ladder, unmount the camera (I kept it up there to protect the wires, though it's not actually connected to the CAT5 or green power plug any longer)
  11. I should clarify - the light stopped working when the feed died; when the camera/feed was working, the light was blinking green just like the other 3 Lilin cameras connected to the POE switch
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