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  1. Went ahead and factory reset the Connect, deleted S1, re-downloaded S1, created a new S1 system, added back all my music services and favorites and changed all my settings back to what I had before Had to go into Composer HE and redo the bindings for my 6 button keypad (each button starts a different Apple Music station) b/c, technically, all my Sonos favorites were "new" But, no issues beyond that So, now I have a clean S1 showing only the Connect and a clean S2 showing all other Sonos speakers and not the Connect
  2. LOL I typically have had Brother printers in the past and none of them have had an issue with fast roaming - in fact I didn't even know what fast roaming was or that it even existed until I got this HP printer!
  3. Just happened to stumble upon this technical bulletin from Araknis: https://www.snapav.com/wcsstore/ExtendedSitesCatalogAssetStore/attachments/documents/Networking/SoftwareAndFirmware/AN-AP-I-N_FW_1.1_TSB.pdf See the bottom of the first page: "• Does any equipment NOT work with Fast Roaming/Handoff? • Gen 1 Apple iOS products won’t work. Most newer iOS devices work correctly. • We have reports of HP wireless printers not connecting but no model numbers have been provided yet." My printer? Yup, it's an HP wireless printer
  4. So turning off fast roaming on all 4 APs worked with WPA2-PSK enabled, and even worked in getting the printer on the combined 2.4/5GHz SSID (though I also confirmed that it worked on the 2.4GHz only SSID) It's too soon to know if turning off fast roaming will effect our everyday wifi usage by our multiple network devices throughout the house Thanks again for all the help
  5. But if turn fast roaming off for this AP, I need to turn it off for all of them, right?
  6. I guess I misunderstood - you’re suggesting getting another WAP just for the printer Looks like fast roaming is a global setting for the WAP, so I can’t just have it off for the secondary SSID Oh well
  7. So let me check in the Araknis WAP SSID config and see where I can turn off fast roaming for the secondary SSID and re-try WPA2-PSK
  8. It is but reading online many people report issues getting WPA2 to work
  9. Yeah I figured, like I said not ideal Buying a different printer is not an option, so do you have a suggestion of what security method of those I listed above to try next? Thank you
  10. Finally got the HP printer on the network via wifi, but with some caveats I created a secondary SSID and first tried WPA2-PSK security - no dice So then I changed the security to ‘open’ (ie, no security, no password) and it worked Devices on my primary SSID are able to see and print to the printer without a problem Of course having the printer on an open network is not ideal, but I’m not broadcasting the SSID so I’m guessing that some hacker can’t *easily* backdoor into my network, right? Isn’t this analogous to just having an open ‘guest’ network with no password required?
  11. I'm currently logging into each of the 4 WAPs to see which one is the one closest to the printer and will figure out how to create that second 2.4GHz only network and give it a shot Thanks to all for the help and suggestions
  12. How do I do that? I have all Araknis hardware (router, switch, POE and WAPs) And would that negatively impact all the other devices that access that closet WAP? Would I need to reconfigure those devices to be able to connect?
  13. Fixed it - had to spoof my Mac's MAC address to the HP printer's one that I had entered in the MAC address filtering section of router's web page Once I did that, I was able to easily log into the router using, delete the HP printer's MAC address and turn off MAC address filtering Restored my Mac's MAC address to the original and all is good now, whew! Though I could have spoofed the MAC address manually, I just downloaded https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wifispoof/id1192126677?mt=12 and used that
  14. Thanks for the reply, but as I noted, I did check what the router/gateway's IP address is in both Terminal and Network Preferences and confirmed that it's still I also tried connecting a laptop directly to the router's LAN port and rebooting the router after making that connection, but was still not able to load the router's web page But, I was able to load any other web page, confirming the connection out to the internet is still working I'm not sure how entering the HP printer's MAC address and 'turning on' MAC filtering could have caused all this And, if turn
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