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  1. You have to connect an ethernet cable. X1 uses MoCA for the DVR and the other STBs to communicate with each other.
  2. Hi @jeffh - I think its a bug in the STB firmware. I just recently migrated from IR to IP control and had the same issue. I had to jump into my router to confirm that an IP address was assigned. As the directions say, its recommended to set a DHCP reservation to ensure that the IP address assigned doesn't change and cause the driver pairing to break. As long as IP Control shows enabled/true, and you can ping the STB, your dealer should be able to identify it in Composer and pair it.
  3. I'm in the same boat. Looking for two of the Z2IR (or equivalent).
  4. If you had asked a couple months ago, I would've said yes. However, the driver was updated recently to remove linking, so all switch linking needs to be done with HouseLinc and then added to C4. I'm not sure if this makes things harder or easier as I haven't had to add any Insteon loads since my initial install. The tricky part was getting getting the load and slave switches in sync when controlled via C4. Through Composer they would not be in sync and you'd have to click the On or Off twice to get them to work, but through any other navigator (SR-260, C4 app, EA On-Screen) they work perfectly. I don't know if Houselinc changes this, but we had to add both the load and the slave to each room in the project, and then use the Set button on each switch to identify it to the driver, and then bind the switches together in Composer.
  5. Charlie is a great get for Control4. I worked with him at Microsoft as a summer intern when he ran Windows Home Server . He's always been passionate about this space. When I joined the Home Server team, one of the first things I was given to read was the vision document he drafted making the case for the product. It was clear that he had been thinking about this idea for a long time. When I learned the product's internal code name "Q", I asked what was significant about "Q." I learned that it was originally "Quattro" because Charlie had ideas about the connected home since 1999 and it took him four tries to get MS execs to buy in on his vision. It's not easy in a large company, and especially the Microsoft that existed 10+ years ago to launch an entirely brand new product and get OEM partners all over the world to commit to a new category. Charlie and a great group of people made it happen. He understands ecosystems, the importance of partners and developers, and he knows marketing. My personal favorite was the "Mommy, why is there a server in the house?" campaign. As a C4 customer, I'm very excited to see where C4 goes with Charlie's vision.
  6. @Drex Thanks for reminding me that I never circled back on this. Instead of the ISY, my integrator and I decided to use the Insteon PLM and do Serial control directly from my EA-3. You're absolutely right, the documentation wasn't quite there. My integrator kept thinking the switch bindings weren't working because when controlling them from Composer Pro, he'd have to click the on / off from the interface twice, but from any other navigator, they work fine. Only thing I've noticed is that if we turn on or off a light from a slave switch, C4 doesn't show accurate status for the light, and then I have to turn the light on and back off again from the app or SR-260 to get the light state in sync. Some of our exterior lighting loads have worked perfectly with scheduled on / off times. Very impressed with how well it's worked together, to be honest, once we got through the initial integration hurdles.
  7. Hi all, New to the forum. I'm working with a local dealer to prepare to outfit my home with a Control4 setup, and I'm leaning towards using Insteon lighting. The sales rep from my dealer was pushing hard on using C4 lights, but after talking with one of their installers to review the technical architecture, we were able to find that Insteon publishes a flowchart of the integration with C4 at https://www.insteon.com/integration#c4. The Domaudeo Insteon V2 driver at HouseLogix that Insteon links to mentions the Powerline modem, but nothing specific about the ISY, and I want to make sure I understand how to configure the ISY so I can work with my dealer to integrate the lighting into C4. Does anyone have any experience with this that can help me understand what pieces should be done in the ISY and what pieces will be done in the C4 system? Thanks in advance!
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